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Indiana Fun Park -- RCT2

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Well after some time off XR Enterprises is back with a new park in scenic Indiana..... Indiana Fun Park. First up will be the preliminary and building work done.


Lastly another of the Maintenance buildings


One of the Maintenance buildigs.


Unnamed restraunt building and the Lake overlook.


Same area, different angle including the water features.


Here is a shot of another area of the park. You can see the pinic area in the left hand corner.


A different angle of the entrance area and Park offices. Also in the upper right hand corner you can see the Picnic area.


The Water Feature again.


Here you can see the entrance area. The building on the left will be information and guest services. The building on the right will be a restraunt called "Down Home Cookin'". The building behind that is a Restroom building. Behind the Guest Services building is the building that houses the Park offices. You can also see the large water feature that welcomes guests.

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I like your park a lot, especially the garden scenery. The only thing I don't find very appealing is the green and red building. I would suggest changing one of the colors on it. Other than that I think this park is looking very beautiful. Wonderful job on the waterfalls.

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TLM..... It is early yet. There is a lot more to come. One criticism from the past was I had too much space between things, so I am working on that.


Lucius....... I am trying to use some different colors. I tend to over use some colors so that was a step forward for me. I really like the waterfall ability.... obviously


.....more to come......

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Here is another update on Indiana Fun Park!


.....and another angle.....


More Blue Thunder......


Around the corner and back.........


Lift hill..... and wider shot.


First look at the coaster Blue Thunder.


Again, another angle for the Twin Towers


Next up...... The Twin Towers


Another angle


The Pendulum

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Here we are, back once again with more newness from Indiana Fun Park!


and finally since I missed it in the last update...... the Blue Thunder stats


Dive w/stats


Dive...... now themed


Here is "Dive" a splash boat ride... Pre-Theming.


Another angle.... when Look-out! is up it sits at the edge of the valley.


Here is an Enterprise ride called "Look-Out!"


Another angle....notice the berms to help keep the noise down in the surounding areas.


Here is Speedway a Go-Kart track.

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I'm sorry if it sounds harsh but I think this is a bad park, the rides are completely unrealistic, the foliage isn't very good either because you use the same tree too much and you don't even use quarter tile foliage from the looks of it, it looks like you've rushed to post it and IMO you would have been of better if you put more time in your park before posting and trying to make something different from your old wich looked exactly the same

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^I would agree with the foliage, but not with the rest of the park. Its not bgsa or thrill point but its certainly not the worse. Yes, there are blocking issues on the coaster and the splashdown looks way short on the splash boats but he is trying and that is what counts. He has a pretty decent hack in the roto drop pirate ship concept and has spent some time with stations and I think it shows. Constructively, the park could use some terrain as well as a change in foliage but besides that I think it is a pretty decent park.

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BG...... yeah it is a bit harsh but I'm old I can handle it..... Of the seven rides (Counting the twin towers as 1) four are standard RCT rides.... so the unrealistic part kind of baffles me really. As for the rushing, this is by far the most time I have spent on one park. I put in much more work early on in editor before begining the rides portion. Yes I still need work on my custom rides especially the coasters, but saw nothing in your post that might offer any advice or constructive criticism.


TPM25... Thanks! Though I am not sure about the foliage part both of you mention. The only 1/4 foliage I have is three or four flowers, the bushes adn one tree I think. I would agree that the splashdown is probably a bit short, I will look at that. I got criticized on earlier parks because I tried to enclose every station. So I have worked on mixing it up somewhat and was feeling pretty confident.......As far as terrain, do you mean elevation changes or different ground patterns?

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Might I suggest changing the name of the woodie


The park looks good so far, I really like the woodie, however I do agree with Reon on the blocking of the coaster. The easiest way to fix this (this is how I do it, you may do it differently) is to build a bit of the coaster, then have some twisted track up to some brakes and block brakes, after that, simply complete the coaster and add brakes and block brakes just before the station. Again this is how I would solve the 'block brake problem' .


themeparkman: I quite sure that Xizor_Racer didn't hack the roto-drop/pirate ship ride, it is a ride created by the amazing earl.

It's not what the scenery is, it's how you use the scenery...

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Well what can I say too help you out making more realistic coasters and stuff otherwise, check pics of real layouts, buildings, landscapes and foliage use in general, you say that some rides are from rct itself, just because they are doesn't make them realistic, and saying that is a sign of bein lazy IMO, I always make my rides custom all the way from layout to supports, to landscape and themeing. I know I'm probably a nerd on this but it takes a lot of effort to make it look good and sorry to say I don't see much effort here besides clicking the same tree very much(I bet your a button basher in other games )


Just try to spice things up a bit and think out of the standard things, go outside the box and be creative instead of just placing a ride and filling every free spot with the same tree through your whole park

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Ok.... I'm back for more abuse


Aside from continuing foliage issues...... I still am finding it difficult to not keep the trees around the rides the same.




...and a current overview.


Final Monorail station.


Another Monorail staton.


Another Monorail station


Monorail station




Another shot of the food court and restrooms.


Food court and restroom building....need to fix tree issues :)


New Landscaping near the back of the park.


Wicked Twister Clone.

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Here we are with more from Indiana Fun Park.


One last shot......


with theming


A new Rapids Ride.... Whitewater Rush.


With Stats.....


New Coaster...Hoosier Express.


Maintenance building in te back corner of the park.


New shops in the Valley.


Twin Ferris wheels. My nod to the Pavillion. I always loved them when I was a kid.

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Back with more from Hoosier Fun Park!


....and a new overview


Cool off and test your shooting skills with a ride on the Indiana Gallery.


Shot from the backside. Several underground sections in here as well.


Sunken station under glass.


Here's another new coaster.... I'm nor sure on a name yet.


New Restraunt and Restroom building.

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Back for more Indiana Fun!


The orange building is an Arcade and gift shop. The building across the path is a new pizza place. In the upper part you can see a pedal water ride.


Opening of the KidZone. Hall of Mirrors, Fun House and the Spiral Slide.


Overview of that same area.


Here is the Monorail Hub. Same style of building as the station that it is near.

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Just wondering how long you have been playing the game, I don't really mean just playing around in one but trying to make "nice" parks?


Your park looks like one of mine from many years ago right before RCT2 came out. I was just starting to really put some thought in to my parks and trying to stop the just thrown together look. Trying to make custom rides and trying to theme things around the park.


At this time the park still has that thrown together look but I can see that you are trying to bring order to it. Look forward to the download so I can really get into it and pick out what's great and what needs help.


I can tell already that some of you buildings are quite unique and look nice. Others no so much. Here's a little thing on one of your coasters. The flying coaster has a banked curve at the top of the lift and hits the roll over to flying with no speed. Try to rework it. Even rides that come with the game usually need a little help.

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