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Beech Bend Discussion Thread

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With how much people comment on Beech Bend's aesthetics, thought it'd be interesting to post a picture from what I think was 1996, the year before the park reopened (or at least, the old water slides and the swimming pool.) While I'm not exactly sure of the date since I found this on a now long defunct site years ago, Beech Bend Hall can be seen in the area where the old dancing pavilion was, which also was demolished in that very year, so this may have taken between 1996-1997. They added a brand new picnic shelter as well, which can see below. Pretty much almost anything you see in the picture, otherwise, is what remained untouched from when it closed seemingly for good in 1984. The lake really was more of a lake before it was partially filled in.


Fun thing: I didn't realize until I was looking at the picture while typing this up, you can actually see a ton of evidence of the rides from the Garvin days: The old footers for the Tumblebug's loading platform where Scat 2 is today, the footers for the Wild Mouse where the Dragon coaster is, and incredibly even the old ferris wheel still standing in its original location (originally it was in the spot where the Tilt-A-Whirl was today.) Hard to believe it managed to last another 14 years, even if the last one was only while in an SBNO status. 77 years old, pretty impressive for a typical Eli-Bridge.




This is a really cool picture of the park. I had always heard that there were waterslides where the Wild Mouse is today, but I had never seen a photo of them.

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I am wondering about this because I am planning to go to beech bend in the summer of 2015. Is the power surge really going away? How much fun was the power surge? What do ya'll think about them getting an air race? Are you happy that they got an air race? Thanks for any feedback.


SCAT2 and Kentucky Rumbler are my favorite rides at the park. An Air Race is a good addition.

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Rumbler is definitely the best ride. As far as flats go zero g, their Larson drop tower, is the best. Vortex and Sea Dragon are extremely fun and very re rideable. They also have a pretty good log flume if you are into those. Anyways, you should have a great time. This being my home park I can tell you it's a nice little park with a pretty good collection of flats and one kick ass GCI woodie.

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Air Race Has Arrived!

Not only has it arrived, but we got to take a test flight on it today. Our test pilots raved about Air Race. Air Race is a brand new ride experience that replicates the experiences and sensations of an acrobatic airplane flight. Banks, loops, dives and weightlessness will test even the most experienced thrill seekers. The action takes place up to 30 feet above the ground and “pilots” experience accelerations of almost 3G’s.


New Swing Ride is named Bluegrass Breeze

Beech Bend is also excited to introduce a beautiful carousel swing from Italian ride manufacturer, Bertazzon. “We had been thinking about a new swing ride for a couple of years. The swing we ordered is a gorgeous ride with very intricate, hand painted panels and beautiful lights", commented Park President, Dallas Jones. The Park asked for help from the public to name the new carousel swing and choose the name "Bluegrass Breeze". Congratulations to Angela Sanford for submitting the winning name. It was a tough choice as there were a lot of very clever names submitted.


Breaking News - Friday Night Lights Announced

For the first time ever, enjoy Beech Bend Park in the dark. You'll be amazed by the dazzling lights that create a whole new park experience. Conquer the unexpected twists and turns of the pitch black Kentucky Rumbler or be amazed at the spectacular light displays of Air Race or Vortex. "We have been purchasing rides with beautiful, LED light packages for the past few years, but we have not been open past dark to show them off. This year our guests will get to enjoy them on Friday nights in July as we celebrate "Friday Night Lights", commented Park President, Dallas Jones. Enjoy all the rides in Beech Bend Park for the family-friendly price of just $12 from 5:30 to 9:00 pm every Friday night in July.

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Just a random thought, but I think a small eurofighter like rock bottom plunge or untamed would make a great fit for beech bend.


That would probably be the upper limit of what the park could afford in terms of a "new" steel coaster.

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Visited the park Saturday for opening day. Air Race definitely is a hit with the crowd here, and I found it to be really awesome! Should be attracting more people to the park since it's a ride not too many have encountered around these parts. Bluegrass Breeze isn't set up yet, but the ride pad had already been poured over where the old Tornado ride was (the new Tornado is located over next to the Rockin' Tug), I'm assuming they are assembling it over the week right now.

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Well, this is a bit unexpected. The Jitterbug ride toppled over today.




A ride at Beech Bend Park collapsed early this evening, injuring up to 10 people.


The ride, which has seats that swing on the end of metal arms, appears to have toppled over, based on a bystander's photos.


Scanner traffic indicates four to five people were transported to hospitals by Emergency Medical Services and several more were going by personal vehicles.


Vince Willingham of the Warren County Rescue Department tweeted that there was "stellar response by staff, lifeguards, EMS and the doctor and FF/EMT who assisted the injured."


I figured it was going to be retired at the end of the year since Bluegrass Breeze was finally up, but I guess now it'll finally head into retirement. Or the scrapyard. The latter more than likely.

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It seems like Air Race would make a lot of people sick.

I rode a couple weekends ago for the first time. Very kooky, but very fun ride! Had many laps on it, and even once beside an older lady who seemed like she would've hated it but was surprisingly chill the entire time (she did say she was a thrill seeker )! I didn't really get disoriented on it.


Edit: Totally missed the post above me somehow. That is very unfortunate, and I definitely hope everyone hurt recovers well.

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Bummer. I hope all involved are going to be okay.


I want to say I've heard of other Jitterbug rides toppling over, I know for a fact the Lollipop Swing by Zamperla has toppled over on at least one or two occasions. Sounds like a balance issue.

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Another article




Tracy Fox/iStock/Thinkstock(BOWLING GREEN, Ky.) -- Eight people were injured on Saturday night when a children's ride at Beech Bend Amusement Park in Bowling Green, Kentucky fell on its side.


"We have seen eight patients that have come through the emergency department at The Medical Center," said Sandy Faria, a spokesperson for The Medical Center, Bowling Green. "Those patients are still there. They have not been treated or released, and at this time none are in critical condition."


According to Stephen Harmon, of the Warren County Sheriff's office, EMS, fire and emergency management personnel responded to the incident. The ride involved was a swing ride, and Harmon said it tipped over. He also confirmed that children were involved in the accident, but did not say how many of the injured were children and how many were adults.


Beech Bend Amusement Park, according to Harmon, contains camping grounds, a raceway, the amusement park and a water park. Those features, he notes, make it popular with residents of the area. - See more at: http://www.610kvnu.com/national/3c40b0cf6e6573e38ca2c01c74893e7a#sthash.WmJpL4oE.dpuf



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