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The Mega Dead Celebrity Thread

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I best remember Gerald Ford in Chevy Chase's SNL impersonatations of him, where he would inevitably knock the podium over. Classic stuff.


Then there was Beverly Hills Cop 2, where Axel cons his way into a nightclub by saying that Taggart is Gerald Ford. When Taggart asks Axel if he really looks like Gerald Ford, Axel says, "Y'all both look like Gerald Ford." Haha.


That's pretty much the extent of what I remember about President Ford. After all, I was born during the Carter administration, and don't remember a thing about that.

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I just knew he did something to do with 'Watergate' case but after I saw

his death on the box I started to see he was a great president who did

the good deeds for all people including US citizens. I've also got to know

he was the only president who was not voted in President Elections.

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I just heard this on CNN. Apparently she died after collapsing in a Florida hotel.


It's kinda sad and tragic. I feel really bad for her young daughter, who now has no mother and no one is really sure who the father is.


I think Cheney did it as a distraction from the war. I should go sell my Trimspa stocks now...

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I just saw this as well!


Although I'm not totally shocked as she always seemed so drugged up, barely one step above unconsciousness.


It just proves the old stereotype right once again 'You can take the girl out of the trailer, but you can't take the trailer out of the girl!'


Should we start a pool on what drugs were in her system at the time of death?

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I'm going with some sort of prescription antidepressant and/or sleeping pills mixed with alky.


Antidepressants aren't likely to make you fall over and die like she did. Unless she was on one of the old tricyclics, like desipramine. Those were quite cardiotoxic, and could kill with ease. Croakers, however, have learned not to prescribe those drugs as a result.


I think she's going to be another River Phoenix, and have a cornucopia of illegal drugs in her.

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She was on Stern a couple of times, with the best moment being when they wanted her to get on a scale, and she said, "I'm not getting on your stupid weigh machine". Good times.




It gets worse than that. I watched a few episodes of that crazy show she used to have. At one point she claimed to have not known about the September 11th attacks, a few years after they took place.

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How did she die? Something tells me she killed herself. She was having a bunch of crap happening to her.


Basically all her life....Parents divorced when she was little, dropped out of high school when she was a Junior, married a 16 year old, got pregnant....the list goes on

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