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The Mega Dead Celebrity Thread

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That's too bad. I got to meet him back in 2000 when I was working my first job at McDonald's in Springfield on Highway 65. He and his crew dropped in for some ice cream on the way back to Branson. Very nice guy, especially considering I was just some random high school kid working for minimum wage after school.

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That's honestly the most heartbreaking news I've heard this year. I had just learned about David Cassidy not through the Partridge Family surprisingly, but rather the old and very obscure Las Vegas show EFX. I knew he was suffering through dementia recently, but this came as such a shock. It's a real shame I'll never get to meet him now.


Since I originally knew him through EFX, I think it's appropriately fitting to use this song from the show in remembrance (which ironically was in a scene where he played a spirit):

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Rose Marie passed yesterday . . surprised that didn't make this thread


she had the longest running career in showbiz - from age 4 to 94


here's a wonderful Obituary from her friend Mark Evanier (a well known writer of comics, and animated shows):






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^ Saw that, too. Sad to hear about. She was great, and was definitely given great

dialogue to keep her level with all the guys in that series, including Van Dyke.


Her and actresses like Eve Arden and Rosalind Russell are all time faves of mine.

Basically female sidekicks, but amazingly well written ones.


And "Auntie Mame."

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Donnelly Rhodes, an awesome Canadian actor, who's appeared in a huge number of (mostly) U.S. tv series (incl. Soap, a retro fave of ours),

and several films, has passed away at the age of 80. He also did some live theater locally, which means here in Vancouver, so I got to see

him live in a few plays. Great actor. We'll miss him.


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Hugh Masekela, South African Jazz Giant, Dead at 78.


Quote: Renowned trumpeter scored Number One hit with "Grazing In the Grass," fought apartheid with song for Nelson Mandela, "Bring Him Back Home."


One of The Best Jazz Trumpeters I have ever heard.

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