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The Mega Dead Celebrity Thread

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Ali was such a huge figure in American culture during my lifetime. I can honestly say he influenced my opinions on race, class, war, politics, the media. . .


Of course none of that would have happened if he had not been such a great prize fighter. He was so fluid, so instinctual, so fast, so smart in the ring. The fact he was banned from fighting for 3 1/2 years in his prime and he still accomplished so much makes him the greatest heavyweight champ in my book.


I'm sad he's gone, but I'm sure his quality of life wasn't good and he lived a hell of a life- it was time for his journey to end.



Ali went from shy gold medalist to annoying clown to shocking champion to hated to respected to beloved, and I feel blessed to have been alive while he was.


RIP Champ; we'll never see another like you.

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I did some further reading on the death of Prince, and some things I found:


-While no time frame is given, it's reported that he did suffer from chronic, debilitating hip and knee pain.


-The fentanyl he took was prescribed by a doctor, maybe more than one.


-Prince's plane made an emergency landing coming back from his last performance in Atlanta when he was found unconscious. He was given given the drug Narcan, which is an antidote for opiate overdose.


-He was 5'3 and 112 pounds at the time of his death.


^^ I have never used Fentanyl (nor would I), but read that it's 50X stronger than heroin (something else that I would never use). I have also read that there have been several deaths in our local area from people that thought they were getting heroin, got Fentanyl instead and OD'd on it and died.


That stuff is not to be fudged with apparently. Fentanyl is something that only should be used by people that are in severe pain and not for someone looking for a "quick buzz".


That's pretty much what I was able to find out. . . it's not a popular street drug because it doesn't produce the same 'buzz' or 'euphoria' other opiates do. It's strictly a powerful pain killer mainly prescribed to cancer and burn patients and certainly nothing to get 'high' on.


Seems like an odd choice to give someone for knee and hip pain.



These are some sad times we are dealing with all of these people falling into the opiate trap. Some get hooked through chronic pain and others just because they are looking to escape the reality that is life. Not sure which one Prince fell into, but sad irregardless to lose yet another great musician at a fairly young age.


Well said.



I would think that the doctor(s) that prescribed Fentanyl are going to be heavily scrutinized by everyone from the rabid media, fans and most likely family and friends. I would be surprised if any friends or family had any knowledge that doctors were prescribing something that strong and dangerous for his hip and knee pain. It's like we're reliving Michael Jackson's death all over again.


112 pounds....wow.


And it was sad to hear of Ali's passing, although it certainly didn't look like his quality of life had been good for several years now. When they showed him on TV the day before he died (although I don't think that the photo was actually taken that day), he looked really bad. Sad to see anyone have to suffer through something as horrific as Parkinson's, Alzheimer's or any type of cancer - especially over a slow course of several years.

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That sucks. I wonder if they'll replace him with another actor in a sequel. I hope they don't. I always find that kinda weird.


um. .you do realize that he is already a "replacement actor"


the original Chekhov is Walter Koenig . . so while it's terrible that this young actor has died, they absolutely are going to re-cast for the next film (the one about to come out is in post production, so they won't refilm any scenes, but likely will dedicate the film to him).


but bottom line? a Star Trek film (based on the original series, rather than Next Gen, or Voyager, or DS9, or etc. . . ), simply can't have no Chekhov on the bridge.

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Charmain Carr, the original Liesl from the film "The Sound of Music" just passed away, last week.

She was the last of the Von Trapp children to be cast. The one who sings "16 Going on 17."


In the film's main poster, Carr is between Andrews and Christopher Plummer, there.

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Terrible day in the world of sports. This morning, the news broke that 24 year old MLB star Jose Fernandez was killed in a boating accident. Tonight, word has come out that golf legend Arnold Palmer has passed at 87.


Very tragic loss with regards to that young man - and with a pregnant GF to boot.


And Arnold...man, enough can't be said about what a class act he was and what he did for the game of golf. The true meaning of a legend, right there.

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Some biggies over the past few days for me (including Steve Dillon, the co-creator of "Preacher" comic), and Kevin Meaney.


but this one hits hard, as I am a huge fan of Pete, and his attitude of "no F's to give"


R.I.P. Pete Burns:



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