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The Mega Dead Celebrity Thread

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I am very sad with how many notable people are dying this year - David Bowie, Lemmy from Motorhead, and now Prince, not to mention Mike Chance. Rest in peace, you guys didn't deserve this.

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So, at this point in the year, we've lost...


Natalie Cole

David Bowie

Glenn Frey

Paul Kantner

Keith Emerson

Merle Haggard



With several others in bands, behind the music scene, etc.


Wow, and it's only April.

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...Also, former WWE star Chyna passed yesterday afternoon. Some reports are saying it was due to a possible overdose.


Yes that was a shock too. I'm not into the wrestling much, but I did know about her and all her

charity work. Sad. Thoughts go to her family and close friends.

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I just found out, that several iconic structures in the world, lit up in purple,

in honor of Prince. I especially liked this one of the Eiffel Tower...


WAIT...I thought the Eiffel Tower split in half and a Jules Verne style rocket to Tomorrowland took off from it.

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And Keith Richards just keeps rolling along. . .


No jokes in the mega dead thread please. I just opened an email that told me there was a reply to the mega dead celebrity thread and my eyes instantly latched onto the words Keith Richards.

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Alan Young just died of natural causes at the age of 96. Some may know him as Wilbur from Mr. Ed, but I think most will always remember him as Scrooge McDuck. Such a tragic loss, especially since there will be a new DuckTales show coming out.

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So it's being reported Prince died from an accidental overdose of Fentanyl.



As someone who has done more than my fair share of 'experimenting' with various substances, I have to admit this is something I've never even heard of before.


Has anyone else taken this? I understand it's an opioid, I'm just curious why it would be prescribed as opposed to more traditional pain killers.


Anyway, RIP Prince- we all have to go eventually.



More info here. . . http://bigstory.ap.org/3c35f1efbd3a4ae1add3a3d787864475

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^^ I have never used Fentanyl (nor would I), but read that it's 50X stronger than heroin (something else that I would never use). I have also read that there have been several deaths in our local area from people that thought they were getting heroin, got Fentanyl instead and OD'd on it and died.


That stuff is not to be fucked with apparently. Fentanyl is something that only should be used by people that are in severe pain and not for someone looking for a "quick buzz".


I have no clue if Prince was suffering from any type of extreme chronic pain, but in the snips that I have seen from his last show, it didn't appear that he was. But then again, if he was on Fentanyl, that probably masked any pain that he was feeling.


These are some sad times we are dealing with all of these people falling into the opiate trap. Some get hooked through chronic pain and others just because they are looking to escape the reality that is life. Not sure which one Prince fell into, but sad irregardless to lose yet another great musician at a fairly young age.

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