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The Mega Dead Celebrity Thread

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I'll be the first to say that I'm tired of hearing of his death, but I do think that his music - not his death - should be recognized.

I really do think that you have to respect him, even if you don't agree with his lifestyle. Coming from a musician's standpoint, his music was legendary compared to what's aired on the radios today. I was listening to the radio and jamming along to one of his songs, then some rap song followed and it really made me realize that his music was really very special. I just can't think of any other artist that compare to his style.

I certainly did think that he was creepy and a bit 'out-there', but his music and style is timeless and has made an impact not only on music, but our culture as we know it.

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I first heard about his death in class. A whole bunch of students came in talking about his death and just about everybody jumped when they heard the news. I didn't believe it until I read the articles on BBC, CNN, and Fox News.


I totally agree with everybody else here...


Although he did do some really insane things in recent years, you've gotta admit, his music is amazing.


His music videos and his dance moves were revolutionary for their time and he did a lot of humanitarian efforts. I'm pretty sure he will be deeply missed.


RIP Michael...

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^ I think his death is probably the biggest in regards of to any celebrity alive right now. I really have no clue what that man's life was so I can't judge him, but it's sad to see that even with all the money he had it couldn't erase all the scrutiny surrounding his life.

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I was so sad to hear this news today. Captain EO was one of my favorite Disney attractions, and probably what I most associated Michael Jackson with. I grew up watching it at Disneyland, and have always missed it since they took it out. To me, the movie epitomized the "magic" in the Magic Kingdom. I'll never forget the awe I felt seeing Captain Eo as a kid - being transported to a futuristic world with a talking elephant, a flying fuzzball, and a hero in a glowing neon shirt. No one could have brought the quality of music or dance to the film that Michael did, and for that I'm really grateful. Captain Eo was a hero to me... and there was possibly nothing I loved more as a kid than spending 17 minutes watching that film with my dad at Disneyland. Michael may be gone, but I will never forget the happy memories he's given me.

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He was just the artist of this century, and that's just my opinion.

I love Michael Jackson, and I'm so sad that he left this world.

I'll listen to his awesome songs forever, because he was my favourite singer and dancer so far.


God bless Michael Jackson.

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One of my favorite MJ songs. Just a beautiful song. I didn't think I would, but I got choked up listening to it again.


The song fits his life and death perfectly. Especially the end of the song when Jackson speaks the following lyrics as an angel flys behind him, embracing him at the end.


"In Our Darkest Hour

In My Deepest Despair

Will You Still Care?

Will You Be There?

In My Trials

And My Tripulations

Through Our Doubts

And Frustrations

In My Violence

In My Turbulence

Through My Fear

And My Confessions

In My Anguish And My Pain

Through My Joy And My Sorrow

In The Promise Of Another Tomorrow

I'll Never Let You Part

For You're Always In My Heart."


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My condolances to the Jackson Family and nothing more.


But being British...1 small joke can't hurt can it.


What the difference between Michael Jackon and Alex Ferguson...


Alex will be playing Giggs in August!






NB: if any members or mods find the joke disrespectful, PM me and I'll delete the post.

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I'm usually unaffected when celebrities die...but MJ made me shed a few tears.


I feel like I grew up listening to his music and trying to dance like the zombies in Thriller...and I always felt sorry for him b/c of the crazy stuff...he grew up in a wacky house and who knows how any of us would behave under those circumstances.


Hope that his soul is in a place where he wont be judged and he finds peace.

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Is it freaky that I went to RCDB tonight and this is what came up?



RCDB is my homepage and it comes up everytime now. RIP Dragon Wagon. I'm not exactly sure how I feel about his death... His music was the only thing I listened to for the first 10 years of my life (That and Vanila Ice) but there's the undead looking boy toucher.

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Some people will have this conception that he was a bad person, a pedofile, etc. But I honestly blame the media and his upbringing to why he was portrayed the way he was. I will always see him as the performer he was then and now regardless of what media says. I was watching the Earth Song video (one of my favorite songs) and surprisingly got emotional, almost shedding a tear. I guess it really hit me that he is gone. And I'm really sad with what he had to endure the last years of his life. May you rest in peace, good sir. You wasn't an icon, you was THE icon.

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Very sad shocking news indeed. Even though he turned into a wackjob after Thriller, my best memories are of the old school MJ. Grew up with the Jackson 5 and saw him and his bros on their 1981 Triumph tour, was completely blown away! Still far and away the best performer I've ever seen, no one since has ever come close.


Unfortunately a few years later he came out with Thriller and all the plastic surgery and weirdness began, so thankful I was able to see him perform live at his peak, such a tragic loss of a great talent.


Trippy video and amazing song they opened the 1981 show with:

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I have merged all of our "dead celebrities" into the Mega Dead Celebrity Thread.


This is a good place to discuss dead celebrities since it's the The Mega Dead Celebrity Thread.






Now they can all have their own special place in TPR to live on forever.


You know, because it's SOOO much more of a tragedy when a famous person dies, as opposed to just a normal person.


Justin "I agree with Ed" Saxe.

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