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Photo TR: Chuck Does It Scandi Style


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This space is still available. What are you waiting for?


Maybe for some more Liseberg?


Er, this is the "spin" not "spew" cycle. One more set of photos to come.


Yes, they'll be dry in no time.


Looks like a nice spin cycle is in order.


And here are the results. We pay our test subjects one dollar a day. They could get more selling their own blood.


Commence the experiment.


And here.


Hmm--high wetness potential here.


The most aptly named attraction in the park.


"Goodness! Gracious! Great balls 'o' fire!" (Now there's a disturbing image. It would be like the genitalia of Satan!)


They actually play these songs while the ride operates.


And now, a very well themed flat ride.


But it goes up a few points here.


There is only a mild potential for wetness here.


"Well, it's not a Vekoma. But that's OK."


Some people who are hoping to get wet. On a rapids ride. In a wholesome way. Although they probably wouldn't complain otherwise.


"Tell me the truth--do these ears make my butt look big?"


OK, I'm confused. How can southern California get water from the Colorado River if it flows through Sweden?

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OK, last chance to buy this space.


Snooze, ya lose!


One last, longing look at Liseberg.


Well, that's a wrap for now. Thanks for a great day, Liseberg!


We had some twilight ERT on Balder, too. Sigh! I miss it already!


OK, how many parks can you name that give out vacuum cleaners or meat slicers as prizes?


This is the world's safest bumper car. Kind of boxy, though.


Just "After Shave"? Do you mean Old Spice or Aqua Velva? Or just astringent facial applications in general?


. . . upp skjutet!"


"Oh, man, I gotta . . .


Yes, centrifugal force can exact a price.


Hmm--this could get very painful.


Frozen cow excretions are a very popular snack treat in Sweden.


. . . "The Emperor Needs New Genitals." Enchanting, no?


. . . "The Wizard Who Urinated in Front of Peacocks," and . . .


. . . "Return to Neverland 12: What? Hook Again?" . . .


. . . "Priscilla Pecksniffle, the Proper Prostitute," . . .


The people below are not animatronic. Just thought I'd point that out. Anyway, this Peter Pan-like ride takes you into many classic children's stories, such as . . .


First, we follow the magical trail of pixie dust! (Or are those Skittles? Kind of hard to tell.)


Hey, kids! Who wants to sail into a magical world of old department-store Christmas displays?

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When you gave the description of the park and neglected to mention the water rides, I was afraid you had no pictures of the water rides.


You didn't happen to get any pictures of the group feeding carrots to the horses did you?

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Good to see someone still updating the Scandi Trip! (Hopefully Robb can find some time to do the final update, my home park Linnanmäki, soon...)


I love Liseberg! All my favourite rides are there (well, except Intamin freefall, but Höjdsckräcken will do), and the scenery and landscape is awesome! But what made my visit stand out from all the parks I've visited, was the opening hours; 10 am to 12 pm! It was undescribeable riding the rides at night, especially the Screamin' Swing!

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When you gave the description of the park and neglected to mention the water rides, I was afraid you had no pictures of the water rides.


You didn't happen to get any pictures of the group feeding carrots to the horses did you?


Unfortunately, no--I was too busy feeding carrots to the horses myself. I did get one picture of the game with no one playing it, though.


Chapter 10: A Credit of a Different Feather--Skara Sommarland


We had a brief stop on the way to Stockholm for a morning at Skara Sommarland. This was an "iffy" park early on. Stopping there depended on whether the park's new ride (and S&S's latest prototype) was up and running. I'm referring to, of course, the goofy "bird coaster" Tranan.


Many of you may have heard about Tranan's rocky opening weekend, when its seatbelt restraints tended to unbuckle on its lifthill. Well, the park and S&S had solved that little problem, so our ERT session was on.


The group's verdict was pretty much a thumbs up, even though Tranan still has a few issues, such as an incredibly noisy lifthill (you can hear this thing running from the other side of the park) and a very abrupt, rough stop at the end (a real knee-and-shin bruiser).


Tranan's shallow, boatlike cars; small plastic seats; and reliance on just seatbelts make it a rather unnerving ride the first time out, as you swing up and over, or around and under, the track. But once you get used to the sensation, the ride's a lot of fun--S&S has a good concept for a family ride here.


But what about the rest of Skara? Essentially, it's a very nice, family-oriented water park and playground with a few rides-- a good place to wile away a summer afternoon.


Yes, I never get tired of circling inside the big aluminum warehouse full of troll statues. Wait--what is that racket? Sounds like a bunch of marbles rolling around in a giant can. Must be Tranan. More to come.


And they dang near did.


I hope they give us at least 20 laps on this thing.


You know, this looks like fun.


. . . goin' down down."


"Workin' in a coal mine . . .


"I'll have you know that I'm a Baptist, not a pagan. Please quit misrepresenting my religion."


My god! Vampire troll people? Or maybe Angus McNasty disguised as a druid?


. . . and kind of dark and creepy.


Skara gave us some ERT on their powered mine train while we waited for Tranan. The queue was heavily themed . . .


"Hmm--dadburn new model! Go get me a hammer to beat on this thing. Y'all come back when ya hear a loud clanging and banging."*


*Translated from Swedish. I can't vouch for the accuracy.


This dude is obviously a stoner.


The birds have distinct personalities. This one is a savage killer, as you can tell from the blood running from his beak.


OK, everybody. Here's your chance to crap on a bird!


That's pretty much the whole course.


You can buy these coaster-station kits at IKEA.* They're much nicer than the kits at Lowe's or Home Depot.


*Quip made by Larry. I must give credit where credit is due.


Tranan has a rather "industrial" looking station.


Find the bee! And win absolutely nothing but the satisfaction of knowing that the bee can't sting you online.


Hmm--OK, I thought I knew where we were.


OK, now you know where we are. Grow stronger with this knowledge.


This segment is brought to you by the Porta Smoker Cubby! Yes, the whole world can be your personal "smoking area," thanks to our revolutionary design! The Smoker Cubby can be folded up and carried in a suitcase or large purse and ready for you to light up within five minutes!

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And don't think that the makers of the Porta Smoker Cubby have forgotten about you tobacco chewers. Be sure to get the optional spittoon attachment.


Smoker, chewer, or spewer--we got you covered!


One last look at Skara Sommarland.


Thanks for a nice morning, Skara Sommarland. Next stop--Stockholm.


And they deliver! (OK, I kid. The "taco buffet" was actually decent.)


Yes, tacos! On a buffet! Is there nothing this park cannot do?


Are you ready for some authentic Swedish Tex Mex?


. . . and the "Bad" restaurant.


. . . a fairly substantial water park, . . .


There's some purty scenery, . . .


Not that it did me much good.


There was a chance to warm up for the TPR Gran Prix.


OK, what else do they have at Skara? Well, there is the MAGICAL GIANT FAUCET! How do they do it? Eat your freakin' wand out, Harry Potter!


But assume proper brace position for those brakes. ("BROMS!")


OK, relax now. Smoke 'em if you got 'em.


"Swoop" achieved.


OK, prepare to "swoop."


My god! It's become dark! Flap! Flap toward the light!


You want to get through this course, ya gotta flap.


Flap for your lives!


Flap! Flap, you fools!


I was tempted to write "NERD" here. But who is the bigger nerd--the nerd taking the nerdy photo, or nerd who takes a picture of him taking the nerdy photo?


No one was sure what to make of this ride at first.

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I know it's been a while since the pictures from the Tusenfryd trip was posted, but i haven't seen them before now.

I actually work there myself, and have done it since last year's season. I saw you were complaining about the employees of the park, and even though i do work there i know exactly what you mean. and i have to say that most of those who aren't the best workers there are new employees this season who still haven't managed to understand how much service the guests visiting the park expects of us, so you must have been visiting on a bad day after what i read in some comments.,..

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^I don't think the problem was so much the staff itself, as much as the park seemed a bit understaffed, and it was a very busy day. For example, the girl working Spin Spider was doing the best she could, be she needed some more help. But everyone seemed to enjoy themselves at Tusenfryd. What's your job there?


Chapter 11: Giving Liseberg a Run for Their Money--Grona Lund


When I mull over the whole Scandi Trip, I keep going back and forth about which was my favorite park--Liseberg or Grona Lund? Really, my mind seems to change every day on it, and will probably change again as I post this. Both parks were great, had a lot to offer, and treated us really well. My thanks to them both, as well as to Robb and Elissa for working with the parks to make our time there as good as it could be.


Grona Lund is sort of an "urban seaside" park; that is, it's hemmed in by the city of Stockholm on one side and the water on the other. So, the park's owners, past and present, had to be creative. They used their limited space beautifully, especially in how they accomodated their coasters. For example, the park's mouse ride and Schwartzkopf ride wrap around each other, yet the place doesn't seem cluttered. The grounds and buildings, like Liseberg's, are very attractive.


And the coaster selection is very good--not a bummer in the bunch:


Insane--This is the Intamin "Ball Coaster," and never has a ride been more aptly named. This thing is, indeed, completely insane! I'm not a big fan of flat rides or spinning coasters, but I really liked Insane. Sometimes, depending on the load, the seats will spin pretty freely; other times, you're staring up at the sky or straight down at the ground (pretty damn freaky). This one might make my top ten when the Hawker poll comes around.


Jetline--This is an excellent old Schwartzkopf, which packs a lot of punch in a pretty small area. The way this ride wraps around the park's wild mouse, you can hardly tell where one ride ends and the other begins. Lots of fun, and quite forceful.


Vilda Musen--This is actually a Gerstlauer Bobsled masquerading as a mouse, and it's a damn good one. The layout lacks the huge series of hairpin turns you see in your average mouse, and throws in a lot of drops and sweeping, banked curves. Why aren't we seeing more Gerstlauer Bobsleds in the States?


Kvasten--This is a Vekoma suspended coaster themed to witches and broomsticks, and it's a winner--an excellent family ride that swoops past the park's haunted house. It even has the thing that makes any ride better--fire!


There's a ladybug kiddie coaster that I didn't get around to riding, but that's OK (I was probably having too much fun on Jetline or the park's ghost train to worry about it).


Grona Lund has two great walkthrough attractions, as well. The haunted house, although it's more cartoony than Liseberg's Hotell Gasten, is great, with plenty of surprises and a good cast of scareactors. The park also had the best funhouse of the trip (it's quite a workout to get through it).


One more thing--the city of Stockholm is absolutely beautiful. I'd love to visit it again someday and explore it in a bit more depth.


Shall we walk through the tunrstile now?


"See? I'm a ghost! And I have a . . . whaddaya mean you've heard it already?" Stay truned for more Grona Lund.


This is the fastest ghost train ever. It just hauls ass through the building.


I always look like this first thing in the morning.


But it gives Dave great joy!


Now here's a sign that won't make Scottish Steve very happy.


OK, why is the pterodactyl with large hooters giving birth to a baby dragon?


"We get it! We get it! Give it a rest!"


"See? We're ghosts! And we have a train! Get it?"


When Satan hocks a big loogie, it looks like a ghost train!


And here's something that makes Chuck very happy--a ghost train!


Hearing Erik say "octopoos."


You know what else makes Larry happy?


This is an index photo. Index photos make Larry happy.


Any questions?


This is your brain on Spokhuset.


Look how high Larry can reach now! He's become a big boy!


"I'm gonna scare so many people tonight that the resulting sales of new underwear will revive the world economy!"


"Which way Larry?"




Everybody good and boozed up? OK--let's check out Grona Lund! How many rides can you find in this picture?


They even give away free babies! This park is awesome!


But don't worry parents--we have unlimited soft drinks for the kiddies, too!


Unlimited beer and wine? Even better!


But you know what makes any good park better? Unlimited beer!


The park actually does a good job of living up to its logo.


This chapter is brought to you by Dirt. Yes, that stuff you walk on every day. Dirt has finally gone corporate--and will charge you accodingly for its use.

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When I mull over the whole Scandi Trip, I keep going back and forth about which was my favorite park--Liseberg or Grona Lund? Really, my mind seems to change every day on it, and will probably change again as I post this. Both parks were great, had a lot to offer, and treated us really well.


I still struggle with this as well. Liseberg has Balder and excellence in every imaginable area. But Gröna Lund has character, the best park setting I've ever seen, excellent rides, and big ambition. I really loved how Gröna Lund seemed to be a bar/hang out joint for adults at night, instead of being just full of teenagers as most parks are.


For now I'm giving a slight edge to Liseberg, but I think Gröna Lund might win in the future if their expansion goes well.


Both parks are excellent and I want to go back RIGHT NOW.

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Dirt would like you consider, well, dirt. You came from it and you will eventually return to it.


Not getting you down, are we?


Back to Grona Lund.


"Heh, heh, heh! I tend to have that effect on people."


More to come from Grona Lund--if you dare!


"I admit the deed!--tear up the planks!--here, here!--it is the beating of his hideous heart!" (Hey, we all went "Insane" at Grona Lund and have the t-shirts to prove it.)


"Villains!" I shrieked, "dissemble no more!"


"Was it possible they heard not?--Almighty God!--no, no! They heard!--They suspected!-- . . . they were making a mockery of my horror!"


"My head ached, and I fancied a ringing in my ears. . . . It was low, dull, quick sound--much such a sound a watch makes when enveloped in cotton."


"I smiled,--for what had I to fear?"


"I heard many things in hell. . . . Hearken! and observe how healthily--how calmly I can tell you the whole story."


. . . not destroyed--not dulled them. . . . I heard all things in the heaven and in the earth."


"The disease had sharpened my senses-- . . .


. . . but why do you say that I am mad?"


"True!--nervous--very, very dreadfully nervous I had been and am; . . .


Hmm--there's a lifthill you don't see every day. More on Jetline later.


I wonder if they serve a good chicken-fried steak in Jetline's station?


We had a bit of Jetline ERT before we went Insane.


Once again, this is EXTREME!


I wasn't ready to get "extreme," but the Brits are always game.


This ride is "extreme"--like some forms of "championship wrestling."

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Remember this folks: Dirt--it's not just for a toddler's afternoon snack anymore!


Ready for some more Grona Lund?


It might end up being my favorite Schwartzkopf--we'll see. One more set of pics to come.


I like this ride a lot.


Speaking of Jetline.


Just look at how the mouse interacts with Jetline.


How was that, gents?


This is one mouse with a fair amount of air.


Sheesh! Look at this thing!


And welcome to my 400th credit.


You even get to crash through the witch's cottage. Excellent job Grona Lund and Vekoma!


"How about a little fire, scarecrow?"


What? No howls of pain or groans of anguish?


"Ready, my pretties?"


Yep--the theme is a witch's broomstick ride.


Time for a little "Vekoma goodness." (Really--this is a very good Vekoma.)


Ta-dah! Now that's what I call a men's toilet! They even have "trick" mirrors.


Prepare yourself for the most amazing amusement-park restroom you've ever seen!


Insane doesn't look nearly as freaky in broad daylight.


Thanks for the look behind the scenes.


The presentation was quite interesting. Grona Lund has some ambitious expansion plans involving a parking lot they own across the street. (Here's a hint--the plans don't involve parking.)


Hmm--Ryan looks a little irritated in this shot.


We heard a bit about the park's history and future plans that morning.


Back to Grona Lund.


As I said earlier, Stockholm is a beautiful city--even in a slightly cockeyed picture.


We stayed here, in case you're curious. It's a very nice hotel and an easy walk to IKEA (where I had some great meatballs for dinner the night before).

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The next time you see your child eating Dirt in the backyard, just think this: "At least it isn't lead-based paint."


One final look at Grona Lund.


Here's the park from the other side of the water. Thanks for reading.


Well, that's all, Thanks for great evening and day, Grona Lund!


This ride made Steve feel headachey and sad.


That is one big nymph. I think.


If you were an ant or cockroach, the world would look like this.


This house is full of hobbits or elves or something, I guess. I dunno.


Plenty of time to check out this goofy boat ride.


After a nice lunch (very good salmon), we still had a few hours to spend.


Personally, I prefer this guy. He has food.


The freakiest pair yet.


What's wrong, Lou?


And now, freaky face characters! "On your knees, peasants! Scratch that! We couldn't see you from up here if you were on your knees!"


Many TPR members nearly died in the tilted room.


This is probably good for the glutes, or something.


You could work off five or six pounds in this place easily.


Here's the "never in America" conveyor belt.


OK, Ron and Dave--work it!


Right, Dave? (Make those mechanical stairs do the work for you. I nearly tumbled off this thing myself.)


This is tougher than it looks.


And now, the Grona Lund Workout.


They actually converted their old observation tower into an Intamin sit-down or "stand-up" drop ride. This sucker is tall.


. . . Grona Lund has two towers of their own.


Not sure what this tower was across the bay, but . . .


Once again, Stockholm is beautiful.


You can get to Grona Lund by land or by sea.

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The hospitality at Grona Lund is unrivaled...totally amazing! The park owners were very cool...they even gave us free Insane t shirts. How cool is that?! Grona Lund is seriously one of THE greatest parks I've ever experienced...probably my most fav on the trip along with Liseberg. I definitely would love to go back here again. When's the next TPR Scandi trip?!


By the way AWESOME photos Chuck. I'm amazed at how much you captured that I totally did not even take in..so many cool, quirky things to see, do, touch, etc. all packed into one place. Oh and yes Ghost Train is seriously the fastest haunted house ride-through EVER. VROOOOOOM! How did I miss that little boat ride? Where was that?


Thanks for this TR Chuck...it really rocks!

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I work in the restaurant where you, after what i saw in the pictures ate.

I work in the kitchen there, but had my last shift of this year's season yesterday. kinda glad as well, because working there this year is nothing like it was last year...

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By the way AWESOME photos Chuck. I'm amazed at how much you captured that I totally did not even take in..so many cool, quirky things to see, do, touch, etc. all packed into one place. Oh and yes Ghost Train is seriously the fastest haunted house ride-through EVER. VROOOOOOM! How did I miss that little boat ride? Where was that?


Thanks for this TR Chuck...it really rocks!


Thank you, Mark. It was tough getting any pictures at all of that ghost train at the speed it was moving. The camera just couldn't focus in time.


As for the location of the little boat ride, I want to say near the fun house, but I'm not entirely sure.

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I had to carry KT through that Fun House!!! That was a workout for sure!


It was totally worth it though for the Conveyor Belt of Hot Death and the Slide Finale!!!


Great TR Chuck, I totally am ready to do a TPR Scandi trip every year!!!

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Great TR Chuck, I totally am ready to do a TPR Scandi trip every year!!!


I agree with the above quote, Chuck. Great TR as usual. I am 'almost' hesitant to post my own TR, eventually. But - I will, you know that, heh - and where do we sign up for ongoing annual TPR Scandi Tours???


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