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Photo TR: Disneyland Resort 9/19-9/23

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It had been a while since my girlfriend Amanda and I had visited Disneyland so we decided to plan on going a couple times this past week before training for my next attraction would start and I would be too busy to go. Mandi and I actually met at the park so its always fun to go back to where it all started... I still enjoy coming to Disneyland as a guest even though I work 5 days a week, for me it will never lose it's magic... Anyways, I decided to sign in my girlfriend's cousins as they hadn't been in years. These pictures are from over a few days and they are in no particular order. (She's a passholder so we go for a few hours a day when we visit)


Some notes and news...


New (well.... expanded old) Mexican Restaurant is open at DCA


Electric parade is featuring a "new" Pinnochio float in place of Snow White


Walls are stretching up past Golden Dreams theater for Little Mermaid past Dinosaur Jack's, Souvenir 66 and Corn Dog Castle. This is going to be one big show building folks... with a new gift shop and hopefully a new eatery.


Lots of new trees were put in around the cosmic waves fountain in Tomorrowland but the walls are still up!


Fantasmic is still dragonless for now...


"Magical" firewors are VERY well done, I still prefer the 50th show but this new show is more of an emotional presentation and there are lots of new shells!


Yeehaw!!!! Thanks for checking out the pictures, see you at Disneyland!


Told ya...


I start working here tomorrow! (6/19)


Still need that bumper sticker...

[My other car is an EMV]


I have to go visit my Indy crew, this is Bob, one of the nicest CMs you'll ever meet


Sometimes I visit the boss, even on my days off!


Can't go to DCA without taking the fall...


Toy Story Midway Mania


The line for TSMM was about 25 minutes so we jumped in, nobody has beaten me yet!

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^ Cool, what do you do there? For the person who asked me about applying at Disneyland... I would suggest applying at Team Disney Anaheim in person rather than fill out an online application. Many people get interviews right away! I work 40 hours a week at three different attractions and sometimes, but rarely I work fireworks and parades.


I have a few more pictures of BTMRR to show from my first walk around the mountain, please keep in mind: these photos ARE NOT taken from backstage therefore are perfectly ok to share. Any rider could technically get these views however picture taking while on a roller coaster is never a good idea, IMO. Enjoy some photos of my favorite ride at Disneyland. Yeehaw!


Hop out of the main peak


Rainbow Ridge, one of the only surviving elements from Mine Ride Through Nature's Wonderland.


My favorite part of the ride, the hippity hop! Yes that's what it's really called...


View from the top of the second lift




The wildest ride in the wilderness!

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