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Splash Adventure (Alabama Adventure) Discussion Thread

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They eventually walked away from the contract because they did not like some of the terms of it.

And they walked away at the very last minute, as in they had the management in Birmingham ready to take control of the park that next day.

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I don't know enough about the business or the politics of the park to say what would be best for them. But I hope that the park can survive and even thrive. Rampage is one of my top 5 woodies, and all of the events I've been to at the park have been great.


If the park survives next year, perhaps TPR could consider adding an Alabama Adventure day to make a weekend out of Deep South Bash, to give the park some needed attention? I'd bet that they could get some nice local media out of such an event. And it could help highlight a great woodie to other enthusiasts, too.

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Sorry, but I do not know what a GP comment is.

I was just speaking "in general" and what I was attempting to say is that I just wish that Alabama had some great amusement attractions and was using the ones like you find on the west coast....like Knotts Berry Farm...as a example.

I do not care who buys AA...I only want it to continue to stay open and GROW!

The poor park seems to go from owner to owner and sadly those who do not seem to actually care about the park's long term life and growth. Langford almost killed the park simply because he was unwilling to turn it completely over to people who knew how to manage it. He wanted to keep control of the park and his doing so almost killed the park before it got going good.

I had hopes that the current owner, Adrenaline Family Entertainment, was going to do good things with AA. Sadly, it is now obvious that they only bought it to "flip it."

While I understand that this is a business and a nice profit is the goal...I just wish that some company would buy the park who was willing to set up a nice 1o year plan for expansion and the addition of great new rides.... and..... had to money to follow through.

Like I said eariler the park has potential and I just hope and pray that there is a company somewhere willing to invest their time and money in Alabama Advanture for the long haul!

At this point I do not even care if some company in Japan purchased the park........ as long as they keep it open...and expanding!

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That would be great if they were interested! All AA needs is a investor with money and willing to put some of that money into updating the park with a larger variety of rides and attractions.

Since the water park seems to be the main draw, and moneymaker, hopefully, it could(will) be enlarged, better rides and water features added, along with serious consideration being given to extending that section of the park's season....perhaps constructing the park so that part, or all, can be covered with a dome for year around use. Other year around water parks are doing a good business. Why not let Alabama Adventure become the premier indoor/year around water park in the USA...?...!!!

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The park has been sold back to Kent Lemasters, who owned the park from 2003-2008.


BIRMINGHAM, Alabama -- General Attractions LLC has purchased Alabama Adventure and Splash Beach Water Park in Bessemer.

The company is owned by Kent Lemasters, who owned the park for four years before selling it in 2008 to Adrenaline Family Entertainment of Oklahoma. A separate company owned by Lemasters, Southland Entertainment, currently owns 175 acres of real estate surrounding the parks.


"With over 30 years of park and attractions experience among the principal operating team of General Attractions, we are very enthusiastic about the opportunity to acquire Alabama Adventure," Lemasters said in a statement.


Lemasters said "our affiliated ownership of the surrounding 175 acres of real estate has allowed us to create a redevelopment vision for the property. This purchase is a natural fit."


Russell Kuteman, president of Adrenaline, said "given our decision to exit the investment in Alabama Adventure, Kent and his team are the logical and ideal buyer group."


Adrenaline invested more than $4 million in capital improvements during the three years it owned and operated the parks. These funding rounds included the installation of two new water ride attractions, the Upsurge (a double tube water slide ride), and BuzzSaw Falls (a 16 passenger family water attraction).


As the new owners, General Attractions will focus on the development and expansion of the water park with an emphasis on family oriented water attractions, rides, entertainment, and recreation. Lemasters said that immediate and future expansion and improvement plans will be announced later this year.


The park will open in early May.



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While the new owners state they will focus on the water park, I haven't heard them say anything that sounds like they will abandon the dry side. Has there been any more news about this, or is screamscape just wrong again?


I always thought it was weird that Adrenaline Family Entertainment owned this park. I've seen them around here before with their inflatables at various events, unless that's a different company with the same name. Oklahoma has been the unlikely headquarters for several amusement park companies it seems.

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If it was doing good, They wouldn't have waited 5+ years to add ANYTHING
Well CGA is removing rides and still saw an increase in attendance this past season. I think Cedar Fair is milking all the money they can out of WWK. Hopefull he new manangment will finally add something next year as i think the new CEO is more focused on cheaper/family additions and water slides fit perfect into that category.Heck they might be real nice and give CGA plus WWK a new slide next year
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It seems like AA just can't get a break. It has struggled ever since it first opened it seems. I realize SFOG is not that far from Birmingham but I would think the locals would like having a park closer to them. Sad thing is they just added Buzzsaw Falls last year.


I guess we'll have to keep an eye out on the used ride sites to see if any of their flats start showing up for sale.

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