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Splash Adventure (Alabama Adventure) Discussion Thread

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11 hours ago, LegendLover said:

I didn't even think about that! I was also thinking about the cancelled wooden shuttle coaster that Gravity Group was gonna build for Dorney Park! I think I like the idea of the Raptor more. I mean who knows? This may just be a major thrill ride, but I wouldn't rule out a roller coaster. 

My gut says the Dorney coast is irrelevant for two reasons: 1) I am not ruling out Cedar Fair delaying the coaster a year or two rather than outright canceling it and 2) I don't think the costs for an abandoned wooden roller coaster project are nearly as high since there isn't the same level of track fabrication. There is the design costs, of course, but at the end of the day you order lumber and supplies as needed and build the ride. I'm not sure there would be some huge discount for this park to take advantage of in a case like that. 

I like the South Dakota RMC Raptor suggestion a lot better. If RMC had any of that track actually fabricated, there would be a heck of an incentive for them to try to get it up somewhere at a discount. Plus, it would just be an awesome addition to a park like this one.  

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I just love how everyone speculates that the never-even-confirmed wooden shuttle for Dorney is now "cancelled."  You can't cancel something that was never necessarily planned to begin with LOL.

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I was thinking about the teasing going at at Alabama Adventure, and I'm starting to think that there are too many coincidences going on...

The park produced a video (https://www.facebook.com/AlabamaAdventure/videos/580119943318299/) of Dan Koch standing in an open area next to a large object under a white sheet, with Rampage in the background. It's windy, and despite his best efforts (maybe?) you can kinda make out what looks suspiciously like a Gravity Group Timberliner car. Also the video was conveniently released on Halloween. Recently, in response to a question on Instagram the park said that they would "be revealing more" on Thanksgiving. (Image ripped from Reddit because I'm too lazy to go get my own screenshot, and this one works just as well)


And gee, I can't think of any other independent family (whose last name starts with a "K" and ends with an "H") owned park in the US, that heavily features the holidays, and has a collection of great wooden coasters one of which happens to be built by the Gravity Group that is located in an area themed to Thanksgiving... :lol: (Oh yeah...and that certain coaster notably does NOT run Timberliners...)

This is all purely my speculation, but it just all seems a little too coincidental...

This leads me to believe that they are gonna get a Gravity Group wooden coaster of some kind for next season. I don't think this is the resurrected shuttle coaster from Dorney, I think it might be more of Dan Koch and Co. sticking it to the rest of their family...

Like I said this is just me coaster enthusiast guessing, so take it with a grain of a salt. No matter what it turns out to be we don't have too far to wait at least!

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An overhead construction shot of the 2022 construction. Alright I'll say it, I think we HAVE to admit that this is definitely going to be a big project this time. This is a LARGE construction area. This is the former site of Zoomerang so it is too far away from the waterpark to be a waterslide of some sort. Also with its placement on top of a hill, it is kinda obvious that whatever this new attraction is is going to have to be a marquee attraction since they will need to be able to get visitors to want to go up the hill. I'm thinking either a Gerstlauer Eurofighter or a Gravity Group woodie. I will say, I do hope that it is a steel coaster, preferably one with inversions. I love Gravity Group woodies, but with their coaster selection being so small, I really think two woodies in the same park might be a bit... silly. That is unless this could potentially be a shuttle woodie. But above all, I do kinda really hope it is a Eurofighter or any coaster that inverts. 

Alabama Adventure 6.jpg

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8 hours ago, LegendLover said:

 I love Gravity Group woodies, but with their coaster selection being so small, I really think two woodies in the same park might be a bit... silly. 


So you are saying that it would be silly for the  same people that have presented the world with 3 top tier wooden coasters in one park to up the count to 2 in this park. . .  


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Wooden coasters have lower capital costs initially, and the park already has experience and technical capabilities for taking care of their existing wooden coaster. From an operations standpoint, I could see it being very appealing to buy another wooden coaster rather than something completely different. 

Plus, the junior timberliners have proven to be pretty popular and crowd pleasing. Quassy and Kentucky Kingdom seem to have done very well with theirs. 

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That's a good point. I'd be happy with a Gravity Group woodie and I'll definitely be excited to go down to ride it if that's what it is, but it would be nice to eventually have a ride that goes upside down at the park. I mean I feel like this new attraction will be a roller coaster, but I also wouldn't be surprised if it is a large-scale flat ride like a Zamperla Discovery or something. But with the site being so big and with it being in such a high-profile location in the park, I guess it would make most since that it is a coaster. I just can't believe that they are getting two back-to-back large additions. 

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23 hours ago, SteamedHams said:

Well, we have our next teaser

Official announcement on Christmas day, but confirmed not a water slide. (whew)

Also, the gift is not to size, was worried about that for a second.


My guess is a Gravity Group shuttle with a barrel roll. 

I think a Gravity Group with a barrel roll will be my final prediction as well. I am just hoping for anything upside down at this park. Someday though, I would love to see a Gerstlauer Eurofighter where the old Shoot the Chutes used to be. I’m glad that this addition isn’t a water slide as well, but I’m willing to bet the next expansion after this one will be a water coaster in 2024. 

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