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Splash Adventure (Alabama Adventure) Discussion Thread

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The Golden Ticket awards will be held here in 2021 . . . so you know what that means .


They're gonna get alot votes the next year?



Doesn't mean they'll get a new coaster, Let's do a comparison


2000- SFOT

2001- Holiday World

2002- Kings Island

2003- Schlitterbahn

2004- Cedar Point

2005- SFFT

2006- Holiday World (Coaster)

2007- Dollywood (Coaster)

2008- Give Kids the World

2009- Legoland California

2010- Busch Gardens Williamsburg

2011- Holiday World

2012- Dollywood (Coaster)

2013- Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

2014- SeaWorld San Diego

2015- Coney Island, NY

2016- Cedar Point (Coaster)

2017- Lake Compounce

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Is anybody going to Alabama Splash Adventure for opening day? I'm interested to hear some reviews on the park this season. Of everything that is being added across the amusement industry in 2018, this is probably the expansion I'm most looking forward to, and it isn't because it is my home park (SDC is). It just makes me happy to see such a small park that was practically closed make such a large investment. Plus I love the three major flat rides that they are adding, and I always think it is wonderful to add new kid rides. I just bought a new car that gets forty-two miles per gallon, I'm seriously thinking about taking a road trip with my closest friends down to Alabama Splash Adventure.

Also, does anybody know anything about the Freefall slides? I remember they had a speed slide a couple years ago on the tower with the bowl slide, but it was removed. The new park map has the bowl slide as being removed and two speed slides in its place with the caption "coming summer 2018."

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It is not "fast" or 'spectacular" or anything- but- I really admire the approach to rebuilding this Park. These Owners are building the Park for the long haul. Grow your attractions, grow your customer base, grow your operations and be good and consistent- Then go for the "Splash". All this and not go "gazillions" into debt. Makes perfect sense.

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Also, does anybody know anything about the Freefall slides? I remember they had a speed slide a couple years ago on the tower with the bowl slide, but it was removed. The new park map has the bowl slide as being removed and two speed slides in its place with the caption "coming summer 2018."


They had several segments on a local news show this morning. One of them talks about it. It's a new freefall slide from Proslide and it will be opening later this summer.




In another segment they talk about adding beer and wine to the park this year which of course has brought out the "Think of the families" idiots.

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I love that Dan Koch is sticking with the classics when adding to the park right now! It is wonderful to see the Scrambler and Tilt-a-whirl  now at the park and I have no doubt that there will just as many adults as children enjoying those two classic rides.

This got me to thinking about what other classic rides I would love to see added to Alabama Splash Adventure as time passes. So I decided to list my favorites here and please add your own favorites to the discussion.

Naturally, I would love to see a Grand Carousel....one that  was fully restored and would make the other amusement parks envious!

Next would be....

a fun "dark ride" like the classic "Ride the Pretzel"...

a large adult size "Flying Scooter" ride like the one that used to be atKiddieland Park at the old Alabama State Fairgrounds,

along with "The Looper" ride and"The Caterpillar" with it's closing canopy!

A well themed "Log Flume" would be refreshing during those hot Alabama summers!

IMO,  ASA should add a giant Wonder Wheel-Ferris Wheel but of the "eccentric wheel" style! I think that those moving passenger cars would provide plenty of thrills to those park guest brave enough to climb aboard!


Also, I would love to see the park add a big Carnival Games section! One with all type of carnival game of skill that one could play to win prizes.

Those are just the few I could think of ..I am sure there are many many more classics ride that many of you would love to see added to ASA as time passes....

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Does anyone from the area know how the park has been doing ever since coming under Koch management? I've always rooted for the place's success and have been wondering how their changes and additions have helped turn the park around, if at all.

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From following along on their FB, it appears they had their best year yet this year. They got the new speed slide open in August, but that was in addition to the rides and other things they opened up earlier this year. Park definitely looks like it is coming together and this was a big year for them.


Anything up your sleeves for next year Dan?

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I was there on the Saturday before Labor Day weekend and the water side looked packed. On the ride side, nothing was a walk-on and the midways were decently busy.


That’s great to hear! I’ve also been watching from afar since the Koch family took over and I really hope they see continued good results. As someone noted in this thread I agree with family friendly additions and classics like a scrambler you can see them building the foundation for this park to have long term success.

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As a reminder, Dan posted this about a year ago. The dynamics have not changed there will not be dramatic changes to the dry side for years. Baby steps, baby steps in the form of classic rides first.


Hi friends, been a long time. Yes, the little experiment in Alabama continues. In order to drive this park into the future, we must increase length of stay. How is that done on the less expensive side? Answer? Water park attractions and slides. So, here is the basic 5 year blue print, kids slides in 2018, other more thrilling slides and play structures in 2019 and 2020. Add a collection of dry park rides as market offerings allow, looking for classic pieces. Longer term, say 10 years, get a real cool steel coaster that is not even yet designed. For the near term, we must build for the general population with some thrilling elements and increase length of stay. In the next three years that means water park pieces. A scrambler is a 2 minute event. A kids slide complex is a 30 minute plus event. This park is going to take a long time to build out. Candidly,the rebuild of the infrastructure has been depressing and it doesn't drive attendance in any way, but it had to be done to save the park. But we have made enough progress that the future is bright although not growing as rapidly as I like. But it continues to grow in attendance and sales, so here I type away, looking into the best years that are ahead of us. I like to build big stuff. We didn't come here to build a little park, but we gotta take baby steps, then walk and then run. Life is good and the future is bright. Thank you Theme Park Review Family and Friends, we are humbled that you haven't relegated us to a footnote in history! LOl and see you at the park! Regards, Dan and The General.
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