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Celebrities and Athletes you've met...

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I've met lauren conrad and Audrina Patridge!!

They we're walking to this resturant called "Ketchup" yea, wierd name but it is sooo modern and contemporary there and the food was exceptional!

You have to take an elevator to get to the dining area!

It was 5 stars for me!=]

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I couple of years ago I was in Las Vegas at the Forum Shops at Caesars. There in front of the sports memorabilia stores was Pete Rose signing autographs. The sign said for free but what you had to do is go into the store and buy a baseball or poster for him to sign. The cheapest thing for him to sign was like $75.00

Fast forward one year. I'm with my son walking through the shops and we see Peter Mayhew "Chewbacca" signing autographs except no one was. He looked lonely at the table. I told my son the Pete Rose story and when we walk around the corner, there is Pete Rose signing autographs at the memorabilia store again. Both times people were lined up getting there pictures taken and autographs.

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Hmmmmmmm.... I've met alot.


Donald Trump- I was picked out of a crowd of over 50,000 people at one of my Dad's real estate conventions to speak with the Donald, he heard my business ideas and said he was sure that I'm going to be a "Big success someday" and that I am a "terrific young man."




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I didn't realize until last night that a man I'm in contact with a lot is quite famous. Carrie Aidele is the owner of a small theather down the street from me, and my brother has been one of the few helping to get the place going for years, with Carrie as his boss. Carrie has been in multiple TV shows, including the dad of Amanda Bynes in Moody's Point on the Amanda Show, and the dad of the kid whose dog gets eaten near the end of The Lost World Jurassic Park. It's just weird, that this is the guy that my mom babysits for, my brother works with, and I see around a lot. Just last night he was showing us to our seats at a comedy show at the theater.


It's weird/neat.

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When I was working as a bartender, I met a lot of sports celebs. One of the coolest was Greg Maddux who came in by himself one night while waiting for his friends. We had a pretty simple conversation about something on tv. I didn't even know who it was until he got up to go to the bathroom and a bunch of baseball fans sitting nearby told me it was Maddux. He was really considerate of the fans, and talked for a bit with the kids. When his friends showed up, they kept calling him dog and acting like little schoolgirls.


While working behind a bar most pro athletes are rude and extremely poor tippers, when they tip at all.


The celebrity I still get the biggest kick out of seeing is Dick Knoebel ride around in his golf cart, every time I go to Knoebels.

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Where do I start? For some weird reason, I have met a bunch.

Reggie Jackson

Steve Garvey - Cool guy

Jay Johnstone

Elizabeth Taylor

George Hamilton

Donald O'Conner

Don Johnson - Asshole

Whitney Houston - Biggest Asshole ever.

Sheik Makhtoum of Dubai - Very kind person.

George Benson

Mike Linkletter

Ben Orr of the Cars

Jimmy Piersall

Wendy O Williams

Captain and Tenille - Very nice people

Tony Bennett

Queen of England drove by my house

Wynona Judd

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Last Saturday I was on a plane with Joe Clark. In 1979 Joe clark became Prime Minister of Canada (although for on 9 months). In subsequent Governments he was External Affairs Minister.


He and his wife Maureen were returning from a week's vacation in Hilton Head, SC. I was at the same island and we were on a flight from Atlanta to Toronto.

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all members of Iron Maiden

Ace Frehley

Jack Tatum (huge Buckeye and Raider fan here)

Scott O'Grady

Bunch of NFL players, If you ever get a chance to go to Canton for an enshrinement cermoney in August, you will meet a lot of players.

Jim Tressel

Archie Griffin

Do not know their names, but was very humbled to meet several pilots of P-51s from WW2 at an air show in Columbus last September, Famous? Not enough. Heroes? Yes.

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The story just came up tonight when we were doing Voice Overs with Christopher Lloyd on a game about 13 years ago and he went into the bathroom with his mic still on.


Got some GREAT peeing sounds from that session!



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I met Tatum O'Neal in 2001. They were filming a movie near my hometown and I was in it. I even got to go into her trailer! I'd do it again!


You may remember Tatum O'Neal as the original Amamanda on the Bad News Bears.


Lacey Chabert, she played Grechen on Mean Girls, was also in the movie. Sadly I didn't get to meet her. I wish I would have meet her!





She wrote something in Sharpie, you may not be able to see it, but this is what she said:

"Dear Tatum, I love your name" From Tatum O'Neal


Tatum meet Tatum! Thanks for sharing your Jelly Bellys! I had so much fun!

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Seen in public:


-Jay Leno @ Universal Studios Hollywood

-Donny Osmond @ LAX Airport



- Cyndi Lauper

- Received coaching by US Gymnast Morgan Hamm when he used our gym in preparation for Sydney 2000 Olympics.

- Family is friends with Mick Doohan, 5-times world champion 500cc motorcycle racer

- A few Neighbours actors including the one who played Harold Bishop

(during a Ramsay Street/Neighbours location tour)

- Autograph-signing - current Australian Idol Natalie Gauci

- Attended a Writers Camp with bestselling Australian authors Jenny Wagner, Gary Crew, Narelle Oliver and Michael Donem


- In a movie with Hollywood actors Joseph Fiennes, Benjamin Bratt &

James Franco. Got to know them quite well between shooting, they were really friendly guys.


- Interviewed Australian Idol '05 finalists Chanel Cole & Daniel Labelle

- Interviewed bestselling Australian authors Bryce Courtenay

- Family is friends with local (best-selling Australian) author Hugh Lunn


- Jim Richards (Australian race driver)

- Steve Johnson (Australian V8 driver, son of the more-famous Dick)

- Geoff Morgan (Australian race driver)

- Peter Brock (ex-Australian V8 driver)


- Deceased Australian tycoon Christopher Skase

- Old childrens cartoon character Agro and show host during a taping

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I've met a few:



Kris Kross/Da Brat/Jermaine Dupri: "Totally Krossed Out Concert- at the Civic Arena, Pittsburgh, PA - 1993


Madonna: At a charity event in Harrisburg, PA - JUNE 2004


Maroon 5: Autograph signing after "Live-Friday The 13th" Concert Santa Barbara, CA - MAY, 2005


The Exies: Autograph Signing after being the supporting act at Mötley Crüe's "Carnival of Sins" Tour MAY, 2005 (The Exies made the song "Hey You" on Guitar Hero)


Danity Kane/B5/P. Diddy: Mall Signing, Chicago, SEPT. 2006


Pink: Back Stage at "I'm Not Dead Tour" JULY, 2007


Daughtry: Downtown NY, DEC 2007


Fergie: Downtown-Pittsburgh, PA - May 22, 2007: while I was walking to work..I saw her Bright Pink "The Dutchess" tour bus parked. I saw...I guess it was stage crew loading huge speakers on the back of the bus. I kept walking until I saw a crowd of people (about 20-30) screaming and taking pictures, so I ran over there (dropping my laptop in the progress) to at least see her. Somehow I got smashed in between a few people and was pushed to the front. I realized I was right next to Fergie and just stood there, because you don't meet stars everyday you know. I gave her a hug, (I just happened to have her CD in my laptop bag) So I got it signed...I was 25 minutes late to work that day lol!


There are a few more but that all I can remember.

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-Ben Affleck..my dad's cousin's family is friends with his family, got his autograph in 2005 when I was at a family reunion and they asked him to come.


The way they are is just plain wierd. The bought his grandfathers house and moved into it, and they got to know his family, as well as him. They have his grandfathers ashes on their mantle..I dont know how they got them exactly, but its realy wierd IMO.


-Tom Cruise and Dakota Fanning I've seen..I was an extra in War of The Worlds when it was flmed about 45 minutes from my house in December of 2004. I thought it would be realy cool to be able to say I was in a movie, but it really wasnt that big of a deal, and it wasnt fun at all. 1000 people were able to be extras and we had to stay up from 8pm to 6am for 2 nights, some people for 3, it was really bad.

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--Tom Cruise and Dakota Fanning I've seen..I was an extra in War of The Worlds when it was flmed about 45 minutes from my house in December of 2004. I thought it would be realy cool to be able to say I was in a movie, but it really wasnt that big of a deal, and it wasnt fun at all. 1000 people were able to be extras and we had to stay up from 8pm to 6am for 2 nights, some people for 3, it was really bad.


Yeah, being an extra is hit or miss. I did it a couple times back in the early-mid 90's. I hung out with Tom Berenger on the set of The Substitute, and was an extra on the set of Striptease with Demi Moore. For Striptease, I'm in the background of several shots, and had it not been for an idiot P.A., I would've been in the place of the Asian guy in the opening sequence. Had that happened, I could forever say, "I was once between Demi Moore's legs."


As for the rest of the celebs, etc., the list is too long to mention. There's one in particular who's in the spotlight right now though....Jason Taylor.

Back in 2001, I was working for a yacht brokerage, and tried to sell he and his wife a private yacht. I helped take them out for sea trials and stayed in contact for about a week as we attempted to wine and dine them into the deal. Unfortunately, another broker weaseled his way in, and the deal fell through in the 11th hour. Missed a nice commision on that one, but I'm still a fan. They're both REALLY nice people.

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