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Celebrities and Athletes you've met...

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^ I'd say quite the contrary. From everything I've ever heard or read about him, away from the course, he's actually a pretty down to earth and friendly guy. For someone as high profile as he is, my impression is that he does a pretty good job with balancing his life. Just my opinion, though. And heck, I was never really a fan of his as he was starting out on tour.

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Cody Runnels/Rhodes, from the WWE went to my high school and graduated the same year I did. His father was Dusty Rhodes, the famous wrestler. I stopped watching wrestling years ago, so it was shocking to turn it on and see someone from my HS. I looked in my yearbook and found some funny pics of him. He was also in theater (which makes sense for wrestling).

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I was at the Cavs game tonight and we had some court-side seats across from the Cavs bench. Brandon Roy, the star player on Portland, fell on me when he was trying to go for the ball. It was pretty cool.


He said sorry and stuff. He is a nice person and a phenomenal basketball player.

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I've met Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest because their daughter was a friend of mine in college. I've also seen Josh Brolin (I was friends w/ his son) and Annette Bening.


It's funny. I grew up in a major east coast city and never saw any celebrities until I went to a small liberal arts school in Ohio. Oh, I also saw Denise Richards in LA, which was entirely unexciting.

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I forgot if I mentioned it previously, but I met former First Lady Barbara Bush (in 1994 at the premiere of her autobiography) and Delta Burke (from the Designing Women TV series) at the Ventura County Fair in 2007.


We weren't allowed to take pictures with Barbara Bush, but Delta posed for one with me.




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