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Walibi Rhone Alpes Discussion Thread

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  • 1 year later...

According to RCDB, the ride will have the following elements (not in order):

- Vertical Chain Lift Hill

- Top Hat - Outside

- Dive Drop

- Zero-G Roll

- LSM Launch

- Switch Track


So I guess the special feature is the Switch Track? You can see it in the video multiple times. Here are some screenshots.






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I love reading about these somewhat obscure parks making big additions like this and it seems Walibi Rhone Alpes is on a roll, pardon the pun, first with Timber last year and now this new ride for 2019.


This is one of the parks I've been intrigued with because there isn't much known about it and seems to be a decent mid-sized park that is finally getting some love.

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Walibi Rhone-Alpes has announced that EqWalizer (formerly Boomerang) is getting a new theme and name as Generator!



One of our flagship attractions is changing its identity this season and will now be called Generator. What attraction is it?



The EqWalizer becomes the Generator and is now part of the Explorer Adventure area. The rails and the train therefore change colors and adopt a steampunk style so that the attraction is based on the theme of its new environment.

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  • jedimaster1227 changed the title to Walibi Rhone Alpes Discussion Thread
On 3/19/2021 at 11:04 AM, KarlaKoaster said:

I hope I don't get banned for saying this, but I think Boomerangs with the new trains are actually OK. 

I agree that the new trains and restraints are an improvement and make Boomerangs more rideable.

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^^That was my first impression of the new logo & sign, too. :classic_blush:

(But without any shame, I would ride it, and suffer through it, for the credit.)

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Edited for the "non-shameless" part.
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