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Photo TR: Dollywood, June 15th, 2009

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I was at Dollywood on Monday and Tuesday, I took pictures on Monday and then filmed on Tuesday. It was pretty awesome! We always go during Kids Fest, so the crowd was very... kiddy. But it's all good, the lines weren't too bad, I got to reride everything I wanted to. The key at Dollywood is to stay as late as you can, because around 5 or 6 everybody leaves to head for the gravy buffets on the Pigeon Forge strip, so you're left with a GCI and a Euro-Fighter that are waiting to be ridden endlessly! It was an excellent two days, Dollywood cannot be outdone!


Oh yeah, someone in the park told me that in 5 years they'll be getting racing wooden coasters behind the County Fair on that hill (I'm guessing across the service road). Take that with a grain of salt but they've been right before!


Onto the pictures:


The crowds are beginning to die down! Time for re-rides!


This is my favorite part of the ride after the second drop.


Timber Tower was up and down most of the day, I don't like spinning so I skipped it.


Here's the first half of Mystery Mine. The second half is actually alot better.


Hey, the Village Idiot wants its Village Carousel back.


I'm always scared to venture into the County Fair area, it's basically a giant dead end. Between the layout and the scooter breeding ground that it is, I find it difficult to get out.


I got drenched on this ride. So much so that I was told my boxers could be seen. Awesome.


Yeah that's right.


It might be short, but it's definitely sweet!


Now this is what I consider to be the best steel coaster at the park!


Ah, the Grist Mill...


With this new Wilderness Pass area comes new views of Mystery Mine!


I was surprised with how many people were riding SkyZip!


Haha gotcha, it's River Battle!


Now what you've been waiting for... FREE PIE!


River Battle is a pretty cool ride, everybody gets drenched!


This is probably the worst part.


And now a word from our sponsors... this trip report is brought to you by LARGE CLAW MACHINE GAME.


The problem is all in the restraints! There's too much room for upper body movement. Basically, if you're not a fatty or Pamela Anderson, you're gonna get knocked around. It also hurts another area... But other than that, it's an awesome ride!


I want to love this ride, but it hurts like hell.


Oh God...


Those folks over yonder just got PWNED by Thunderhead.


It doesn't look like a 100 foot drop from here but it is... IT IS.


I've found that the playground next to Thunderhead gives you the best photo ops. Only downside is that everybody looks at you like you're a terrorist or a pedophile.


I've been riding more wooden coasters lately, but nothing can knock this ride of my #1 spot.


Yeah, this is more like it!




Well, I reckon it's time to head back. Another great trip to Dollywood in the bag! Thanks for reading.


Hang Time!


Mystery Mine and the sky, that's about it.

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Great PTR!


I completely agree about Mystery Mine...it has lots of potential.


Any idea why the first row wasn't occupied in those pictures of Thunderhead? (Best seat on the train!)

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I absolutely love thunderhead. Its got to be one of the best wooden coasters ive ridden. How it hasnt gotten the award for best wooden coaster is beyond me, it beats anything ive ever ridden.


Timber Tower doesnt have much spinning, it spins most of the time but its just a slow spin. Its another great ride i wish we had up here.


I never got to ride mystery mine due to the fact it was in construction so i would really love to go back and ride it, it looks great.

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I loved the trip to Dollywood I took last Sept. It was great fun! I will say that the Dizzy Disc in the County Fair section was a fav .. I had never ridden anything like it before. Also the Misty, Mystery Mine (joke for anyone who has ridden it) gets a bum rep for being rough .. you just have to know how to ride it (which way to position yourself and turn on certain parts). Here are a few pics from my trip.



This was the park at mid-day! It never got busier than this really .. there was some older folks eating at the food places and the longest line was to tour Dolly's tour bus! Everything else was a walk on, so we got 5 rides on M.M., 4 on T.H., 3 on T.T. maybe more on each, who knows ... but everything we rode was walk on or no more than a one train wait.







This is not at Dollywood, but it's another attraction in Pigeon Forge called Zorb. I highly recommend it .. it was A LOT of fun!


Last but not least ... our cabin! I recommend anyone getting one of these instead of a hotel room, was much more fun!

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^I know it's random...but has anyone ever told you that you look like Seth Rogen? lol


ZORB! I remember reading about that a while back, but never saw anything about it since them. How was it? (I'd love to see a description of the ride experience.)

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Oh yeah, someone in the park told me that in 5 years they'll be getting racing wooden coasters behind the County Fair on that hill (I'm guessing across the service road). Take that with a grain of salt but they've been right before!


Here's a secret:

The train conductors spill the beans about any new rides in the works and rehab work going that will be going on.


I went to Dollywood a few years ago and the train conductor told us about a Mystery Mine a few months before the thing was announced.

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