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Knott's Halloween Haunt 2009

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Alright, so Knott's finally reached 1000 tweets, so the juicy 'Haunt goodness' has finally been released - and it keeps on coming! Here's what has been released so far, with the newest 'tweets' at the bottom... I've bolded the 'points of interest':


-The new maze behind Mystery Lodge is "Terror of London" - a journey through the fog filled streets of Jack the Ripper's London....

- http://twitpic.com/9jeid - Check out this behind-the-scenes picture of brand new HEARSE for Halloween Haunt! This one will be a 4 X 4!!

-The Asylum Maze at Knott's Scary Farm's Halloween Haunt will be undergoing a change this year....

-The Asylum is now Lockdown: The Asylum! A high security penitentiary for the insane. THERE IS NO ESCAPE FROM LOCKDOWN.

-Terror of London: Step lively or you'll fall victim to Jack the Ripper's blade or Dr. Jekyll's twisted experiments! BRAND NEW FOR HAUNT 2009

-Lockdown: The Asylum will be a lot more than just an updated version of The Asylum. It's more like a brand new experience. VERY DIFFERENT!


Now for my opinion. The names are kind of 'meh', I admit. "Lockdown: The Asylum" just sounds like a name for a lame movie sequel and Terror of London doesn't exactly roll off the tongue. Names of mazes don't really matter to me however, it's how they're pulled off. I do realize that HHN has used the 'Jack the Ripper' theme in the past, so I'm glad that Knott's is taking that theme and expanding upon it with Dr. Jekyll and hopefully more 'legends'. Lockdown: The Asylum pretty much sounds like it's going to be The Asylum... but on steroids. The Asylum is already amazing as is, so I can't wait to see what they'll do to make it "VERY DIFFERENT!". Haunt '09 sounds very promising so far.


What are your guys' thoughts?

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Totally agreed, but the london maze will need impressive theming. It will need to make people think they are in london. Also, I would be surprised if Sweeney Tod is not in the maze.


Yeah, the London maze might be a little hard to pull off, but we'll see!

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