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Knoebels Trip Report!

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This is my first Photo Trip Report on this site so I am going to try to get this right!


I went to Knoebels on 6-16-09 to 6-17-09 and I am going to have to agree with what most everyone says, Knoebels is awsome and unlike some other parks I could have stayed much longer then the two days I was there!


After our three hour drive from Maryland (and almost losing our brakes on that hill into Elysburg!) we arrived into this place that I could rightly say was in the middle of nowhere. We headed into the camping entrance and there was Twister waiting to greet us! Well first we had to set up our tents so me and my friends set ours up as fast as possible just so we could get into the park as Twister was taunting us, it was almost directly across from where we were camping. Yes the park is that close to the campground!


After everything was set up, we headed into the park and after spending 15 minutes trying to find the place to buy wristbands we got one. The Sundown wrist bands are a very good value, $22 for one and they last from 5PM to 11PM. First coaster up had to be Phoenix, and at first I rode in seat 4 which was not bad but not great. Then I decided to ride in seat 3 and.... It was the best ride on any coaster I have ever ridden in my life and I have ridden El Toro! Tons of Ejector Air! We rode that 3 more times before I pulled my friends away and headed for Twister.


Twister, what can you say? It is the best wooden twister coaster I have ever been on but it is in the same park as Phoenix so really it is not as good but still it is fun and a nice coaster all together will great laterals and good airtime in the back seat. We rode it 2 times.


Then was the Flyers.... What the heck? It was powered by an old tractor and got shockingly close to the trees but still fun. Then one of my friends dragged my other friend onto the Looper. I did not go on it. He proptly got sick and had to sit out on our other rides on Phoenix (In the front seat! Even better then seat 3!) Then we rode the paratrooper, then had some of the best amusement park food ever! Then went to bed.


The next day was wet. Very wet. It rained but did you know the Knoebels keeps all their rides running in the rain? Well first we ate breakfast, I walked off to take some pictures (They let you in the park before the rides are open). Once the park opened we got our Wristbands and were on our way. First was the Paratrooper then the Tilt-a-Whirl and my friend got sick again! Then Phoenix 2 more times. Twister was next and it was better then ever and then.... Bumper Cars..... To tell the truth I really do not see what is so special about them but they are still very good! Then the Italian Trapeze (Their Wave Swinger) and then the Whipper. The Whipper was an old and to tell the truth not very good whip but still it was fun!


Then my friend went on Power Surge and he said the head did not spin enough, I said that would have gotten me sick anyway! Then it started to rain... Oh joy


We then went on Cosmotron and it was really horrible! The cycle was less then a minute long! I guess they were trying to cycle guests though fast because it was pouring outside. We then went back to our campsite to eat and we did. Then we took down our tents and put them in the car so we could ride coasters some more! Phoenix in the rain was better then ever! Best ride! Twister in the rain was awsome! Though it felt like pins and needles were hitting you! Back seat all the way on this ride!


Then was Downdraft, we got on it and as soon as we strapped ourselves in it started pouring! We were soaked when we got off that ride! But it was still a great ride made great by the getting soaked and the fact my friends shoe was about to fall off!


Then Fandango (Not me!) and Wipeout and OUCH! That thing hurt! Then Phoenix and Twister 5 more times before we ate at the Alamo. Then we rode Phoenix 5 more times before we left in the back seat and the airtime on the first hill in the back seat was so extreme I landed on my seat divider! (They have no seat belts on Phoenix or Twister) I still prefer the front seat however!


In all this park beats everything any park I have been to has! It just has a type of charm that most parks lack, it is like traveling in a time machine to a park from the 1920's and it really blends the old and new rides in well! The park is great and I really suggest you visit it if you are ever in the area! Also never think that you will go there just for a credit run as you will just end up there all day due to its charm!


Ride Reviews


Phoenix This ride is just plain awsome! Great airtime in the front and great airtime in the back! To me this even beats El Toro. 10/10!

Twister Really good twister coaster with great laterals and good airtime in the back seat! 9.2/10


To top it all off, Roller Coaster Tycoon 2?


The Paratrooper of 5 minute cycles!


Roto Jets.... I did not ride them.


Supposedly the only looper left operating in the United States.


Ok three pictures, the station.


The funny thing is that it is my favorite ride in the park but I only took two pictures of it!


Phoenix=Best Wooden Coaster... Ever. Other then Balder but I have not ridden that yet.




More Flying Turns that I hope is open by next year.


The Looper! It looks like Hamster Wheels for Humans!


Flying Turns.... Is not open yet...


Tractor powered Flyers!


Twister is almost impossible to miss!


Roller Coaster Tycoon?


Power Surge


Downdraft/Water Ride when it is raining! Good ride though!


Mini Himalaya, it was not open yet as it was new (I think...)


Sklooosh! Whoever thought of that name needs a reward! (All these photos were when the rides were testing)


I missed getting the money shot! Dang....


Yeah they are testing! Only one train however it was like that the whole time we were there on both coasters and the waits were 2 minutes max!




Twister from the Campground!


Same here.


For those water slide pipe system nerds.


Water Slides!


Yes it is green.


This is really how close the campground is to the park!

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It was not really that empty, I was just taking pictures before the rides opened (the park is open just the rides are not). Granted though when it started to rain it emptied really quick!


As luck would have it I found 4 extra pictures of Phoenix on my moms phone. The quality is not the best but still.




I'm on that one, I am in seat three or the back seat... I am not sure which time she took the picture.




More Phoenix, It was raining.

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First post, but I'm more into the twister. I love the Phoenix but I'm just more into the "Out of control coaster" that the Twister is. Totally agree with everything about Knoebels though, an awesome park that anyone can enjoy! Cant wait for the Black Diamond, should add to the dark ride of the haunted house .

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Great TR, Glad to hear you liked Knoebels. The Phoenix is a great coaster and still packs quite a punch. One of the great things about it is that it hasn't changed much since it was relocated to pa back in 85. It still rides the same and has aged very well. The only real thing to change about it is the trees around it have gotten bigger.

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No reference to the Bumper Cars or The Haunted Mansion??? Did you forget about them.


Shame to hear about Cosmotron, it ran a much better cycle when i rode last year. Maybe they did shorten the cycle because of the weather.

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I loved Knoebels when I went for the first time a month or so ago. Phoenix is a very close second on my favorite wood coaster list for now (right behind El Toro).


How much does it cost to camp? I'm thinking next summer I want to stay up there for a night or two rather then drive 3.5 hours from Virginia two times in the same day.

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^ Thank you!


^^ It costs $37 a night for tent camping, and the campsites are right behind the park. I do suggest camping there, its good and if you get a tent pad (Giant wooden tent pads) they let you nail your tent right into it! They give you the nails!


^^^ I don't know why I did not like the bumper cars, I mean they looked awsome but... They were not as good as I hoped. Still they were nice.


^^^^ It must have been the rain because one of my friends went there when it was not raining and it ran a 5 minute cycle! I'll be back there next year to find out!

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