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The Classical Music Thread

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^^ Oh oh hemiola!! Love those, lol. My high school band did a rendition of Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra. The 2 against 3 timing was interesting to try to coordinate with marching, but it worked really well.


. Start at 5:30 for the fugue. You can't listen to the hemiola without hearing the build up to it.
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YAY! Someone did comment after all!


That one by Mackey was....strange. I've never been a fan of him (in fact I largely detest him), and I'm not especially fond of any today's big-name composers, they just don't speak to me in a way that the earlier composers do.


So, do you play any instruments then?

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I'm a young guy so contemporary music speaks to me. I can understand that Mackey's style is not for everyone. He certainly is very different in his composing. For me, I really hear the "turbine" in Turbine. The song is supposed to be his musical interpretation of the inner-workings of a jet engine during take off, flight, and landing (I think). And I didn't know he was big-name composer.


I'm a percussionist, so maybe that's why I also like it: the song's percussiveness. I'm mainly a drum set player, but I have concert percussion experience from middle and high school and I'm currently a tenor/quints (set of five tenor drums) player in the University of Maryland marching band.

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Well, between Mackey, Glass, and Adams those are a few of modern-day composers. Glass is the oldest of those three (and the one I of the three that I like most, but he still ranks low on my total list), he's in his 70s.


I'm guessing you read all of my post above, and saw that I had more music from 1830-1910 than anything else on there, and that's incidentally where most of my favorite music falls into.


I'm a pianist and currently working through Les Adieux by Beethoven and Grieg's Piano Concerto in A minor. I somewhat recently finished Gershwin's piano solo arrangement of Rhapsody in Blue. It was fun, no doubt, but I find it more difficult than the concerto-


I also play trumpet, which is only for band, I don't intend to get serious with it anytime soon.


And you're actually 5 years my senoior, aka I'm 15.


I'd like to eventually earn a doctorate and teach music at the college/university level. Most likely music history or something like that-It's unlikely that I'll be good enough to successfully teach piano.


up for chat?

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You know what? As soon as I posted I thought "crap, that 'I'm a young guy" comment probably wasn't a good idea." Lo and behold, lol.


And dang, I have to say you have an excellent taste in music. It's really impressive that you like such sophisticated and beautiful music when you're only 15. Most teens today like dubstep and the so-called "rap" on top-40 radio, as I'm sure you are well aware. I'll be honest and say I don't know much classical aside from the stuff I learned about through my high school's symphonic band.

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Love classical music but just recently began going to live concerts in the past couple of years. I believe my first was LA Phil doing Mahler's 8th. It was amazing!


One of my favorite pieces as a few have listed before is Barber's Adagio For Strings, it get's me every time! Also enjoy The Planets by Holst, Ravel, Berlioz, Tchaikovsky, Verdi, Strauss, Brahms, Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Vivaldi, Debussy, Dvorak, Wagner, Handel to name a few.


Lately I've been listening a lot to the 3rd movement of Beethoven's 9th symphony, it makes me feel a mixture of sadness and inspiration at the same time. I love it!


Just last week I had the pleasure of taking my 13 year old niece to see Gustavo Dudamel conduct Mozart at the Hollywood Bowl and she loved it!


For any of you Mahler fans that live in the LA area, not sure if you've heard but Gustavo Dudamel will be conducting Mahler's 8th with over 1,000 musicians on stage at the Shrine Auditorium in Feb. 2012. It's going to be amazing I'm sure! If you're out of state this is probably worth taking a little early year vacation. Tickets are going on sale soon, here's a link about the choirs and orchestra's involved as well as date and other info:



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