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Photo TR - Dania Beach Hurricane

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Today, my sister and I went down to the Dania Beach Hurricane. As usual, there were no lines. The price of an unlimited rides wristband was bumped up to $12 (but it's still a great deal; a one-ride ticket is $6). She and I went on 15 times from various seats. The coaster seemed to be running a bit rougher than usual, but it was still a complete blast. I found that the middle few cars were running the smoothest. I got some great pictures and video (which I will upload to CoasterTube eventually as both a raw POV from the front, a raw POV from the back, and a compilation video set to music). For now, here are some pictures.


All videos and pictures were taken with permission.


A reverse view from the top of the lift hill.


The lack of lines pleases everybody, except for maybe the park owner.


The sweeping curve into the first drop. It's all up to physics from here!


What you see from the station.


The bunny hops.


It was surprising to see a full train.


A reverse view of the break run for all of you track enthusiasts.


Although I don't have long hair, the bunny hops still provided some great hairtime.


A view of pretty much the entire ride, taken from the first turnaround.


The lack of riders didn't bother me.


The station and spare train.

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I'm going to Hollywood FL in August to see Kathy Griffin... and one of the plans is to ride the Dania Beach Hurricane... I'm so glad you enjoyed it... My boyfriend and I are very excited to ride as neither of us have up to now... always drove by without stopping... now we have a chance... cannot wait...

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This was my first real roller coaster. I've always had a special place in my heart for it. I highly recommend riding this bad boy. There are never any lines, and there's a great ice cream place (they serve lunch and dinner, too) a few minutes down the road on Federal Highway. It's called Jaxson's.

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Thanks for the information... we might have to try it... as for the Hurricane, glad to hear that the wristband is $12... from their website, it didn't seem that the wristband included Hurricane, but only the other attractions... we were going to just buy 3 separate rides... but now we'll make a couple of hours out of it... that is if we can handle more than 3 rides... (I still have nightmares about riding Gwazi... even though I WANT to love that woodie... I don't know if there is ANY saving that coaster... )

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Maximo37 - you have to buy the tickets at a booth in front of the roller coaster; you can't buy them from Boomers. You'll be able to get an unlimited roller coaster riding wristband there.


BeemerBoy - I have no desire to order a Kitchen Sink at any point in my life, and any sane person would agree with me.

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Reminds me that I really do need to make the trip down there. One of these days I'll make it down to South Florida, one of these days. The Go Kart track behind it looks like one of the craziest I've seen outside of Mount Olympus.


GENTLEMEN. Couldn't resist.

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BeemerBoy - I have no desire to order a Kitchen Sink at any point in my life, and any sane person would agree with me.

That advice was actually meant for maximo........ and does this now make me "insane" for ordering a "Kitchen Sink" with friends once?


Also, the go carts are part of Boomers. They're just at a separate location across the access road. Oh, and they're nothing special. It's just a looong course, that's all.

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Although my boyfriend and I love icecream, we will probably order separate "human" size portions... neither of us are necessarily on the small side... (not huge either...) but we don't really want to get any bigger either... but lunch at Jaxsons (along with a "normal" size portion of icecream) is certainly in the plan now... can't with until August for the Kathy Griffin show... and my many rides on Dania Beach Hurricane... Thanks for all the advice. I'm REALLY looking forward to it!!!

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Just got back last night, from my quick get-away to Hollywood FL to see Kathy Griffin... She was outrageous!... Also to ride the Dania Beach Hurricane, which was only 6 minutes from the hotel we stayed in (just a coincidence?!... certainly not!!!...)


The Hurricane was AWESOME! We didn't hold our expectations too high as there was NOTHING else in this area ride wise... so when the Hurricane provided us with some incredible fun, speed and little surprise pop's of airtime, you could say we were plesantly surprised! We were laughing the entire time, everytime we rode... Rode 4 times, as we still had a 4 hour drive ahead of us to get back home, and wasn't up to driving home with a potential headache, which I could slightly feel coming on from our final ride (could be the de-hydration from the noon day Florida sun, mixed with the several beers consumed the night before...)


Oh, and we sadly didn't make it to Jaxsons, which was suggested by several people in prior posts... but not because we didn't want to... I forgot to bring the name of the joint with us on the trip... so we didn't get to dine there... maybe next time!... Thanks for the suggestions though!


Bear crossing... scary or funny... Hmmm... I'm sure there is a joke in this here bag of tricks somewhere... Not being sure of what may come running out of the woods... A giant hairy man or a little black bear, we didn't wait around to find out and sped off towards home...


Oh, and because we were in Hollywood to see Kathy Griffin, we saw this highway sign right near the coster... a random coincidence...


On our way home we wave bye to the Hurricane... You were such a surprise to us and will speak highly of you to all who ask...




Some pictures from the other side of the street in the go-kart parking lot...


My partner, Jonathan, thinking why the hell are we waiting in the SUN for this to open! Can't we find some shade... okay point taken and we did rest in the shade for the next 10 mintues before the ride opened...



Train done testing and ready for riders...



A little info to read as we await the coaster to open for the day...


Boomers... Great, we are here!


"Turn on Bryan Rd"... Oooo... That's MY name! QUICK take a picture!...

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