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Keep getting an error trapper as soon as I've created a track that's to be hacked. I add the part from another coaster and save, bam error trapper. Any suggestions?


Edit: It works time to time, but gets real annoying if I've not saved a particular bit.

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^once you figure this out, without the ET, I'm almost sure youll find the flyer cars wont be able to animate the corkscrew, just like giga cars cant animate any inversions. Itll complete the layout and go thru the corkscrew just fine, but I seem to think that itll look really bad going through that element.

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which in my eyes is really sad as its an element I find lacking in many flyers. But I've already scrapped that idea as I want to try a completely different thing now. Hence why I've not posted a single park yet.


Gotta find that hackin tutorial though, double station same track >.< And I've not attempted this before - ever. (or any other hack )

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Requesting a building tutorial for beginners in the H2H5 bench... I'm not sure how many buildings I've watched to then create my own and I fail over and over again. They look blocky, too small, too big and never that.. perfect fit I want.


Anyone up for it? - Mastersax?

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Requesting a building tutorial for beginners in the H2H5 bench... I'm not sure how many buildings I've watched to then create my own and I fail over and over again. They look blocky, too small, too big and never that.. perfect fit I want.


Anyone up for it? - Mastersax?



The best advice I have is expierament. And most buildings are blocky to begin with, for that is what makes them proportional and equal in distance of key elements. Take note at real buildings, and reflect on those for inspiration


Does anyone know what the different types of coasters found in rct2 are in real life? Like how the looping roller coaster is a schwarzkopf - that sort of thing. But I need all of them. Thanks!


I'll have to look in the game and figure that one out then



Edit: Here's what I come up with


Air Powered Vertical Coaster- S&S Arrow

Bobsleigh Coaster- Typically Intamin

Compact Inverted Coaster-Vekoma

Corkscrew Roller Coaster -Vekoma/ Arrow (Depeding on supporting style really)

Floorless Roller Coaster-Bolliger & Mabillard

Flying Roller Coaster- Bolliger & Mabillard

Flying Turns-

Giga Coaster-Intamin

Heartline Twister Coaster-TOGO

Hyper-Twister Roller Coaster- Giovanola (for these trains only)

Hyper-Twister Trains (wide) Bolliger & Mabillard

Hyper-Twister Trains- Arrow/ Morgan (Both used these type of track for building)

Inverted Hairpin Coaster-Concept ride by Arrow

Inverted Impulse Coaster- Intamin

Inverted Roller Coaster- Bolliger & Mabillard

Inverted Shuttle Coaster- Vekoma

Inverted Vertical Shuttle - Vekoma

Junior Roller Coaster - Really depends

LIM Launched Roller Coaster- Premier

Lay-Down Roller Coaster- Vekoma

Looping Roller Coaster - Anton schwarzkopf

Mine Train Roller Coaster - Arrow-ish

Mine Ride - Depends

Mini Roller Coaster- Anton schwarzkopf

Mini Suspended Coaster- Zamprella

Mini Suspended Flying Coaster

Motorbike Races- Arrow

Multi-Dimension Roller Coaster S&S Arrow

Reverse Freefall Roller Coaster - Intamin

Reverser Roller Coaster- Concept? Never seen one . . .

Side-Friction Roller Coaster- There is only one in exsitance that I know of

Soap Box Derby Racers - Arrow

Spinning Wild Mouse - Mack?

Sprial Roller Coaster - Anton schwarzkopf

Stand-Up Roller Coaster - TOGO

Stand-Up Twister Coaster - Bolliger & Mabillard

Steeplechase - Arrow

Suspended Roller Coaster - Arrow

Twister Roller Coaster - Bolliger & Mabillard

Vertical Roller Coaster -Bolliger & Mabillard

Virginia Reel - Not sure . .

Water Coaster- Mack

Wild Mouse - Mack

Wooden Roller Coaster - Really depends...

Articulated Roller Coaster Cars

Wooden Wild Mouse - Not sure

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I am really liking that list you put together djb and thanks for filling in some of the blanks PSi. Do you guys think you could expand on it and include most (if not all) the rides in the game? No hurry or anything, I just think a complete list would be a nice item to add on to the front page of this topic for reference purposes or just to have around in general to link people to should the question ever come up again.

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A complete list of every coaster type in vanilla RCT2 and their real-life equivalents -


Air Powered Vertical - S&S Thrust Air 2000

Bobsleigh - Mack Bobsled

Compact Inverted - Vekoma SLC

Corkscrew - various Arrow/Vekoma coasters

Floorless - B&M Floorless

Flying - B&M Flying

Flying Turns - Intamin Swiss Bob

Giga - various Intamin nonlooping coasters

Heartline Twister - TOGO Ultra Twister

Hyper - Arrow/Morgan hypercoasters

Hyper-Twister (standard) - Giovanola nonlooping coasters

Hyper-Twister (wide) - B&M Hyper

Inverted Hairpin - Reverchon Gliding Coaster

Inverted Impulse - various Intamin inverted coasters

Inverted - B&M Inverted

Inverted Shuttle - Vekoma Invertigo

Inverted Vertical Shuttle - Vekoma Giant Inverted Boomerang

Junior - Zierer Tivoli

LIM Launched - various Premier coasters

Lay-down - Vekoma Flying Dutchman

Looping - various Schwarzkopf coasters

Mine Train - Arrow/Vekoma Mine Train (RCT2's track is completely custom)

Mine Ride - Zamperla Super Express

Mini (automobile) - Schwarzkopf Wildcat

Mini (rocket, toboggan) - Schwarzkopf Jet Star

Mini Suspended - Caripro Bat Flyer

Mini Suspended Flying - UNKNOWN Caripro Creation? Anyone know more?

Motorbike Races - Arrow Special Coaster Systems

Multi-Dimension - Arrow/S&S 4th Dimension

Reverse Freefall - Intamin Reverse Freefall

Reverser - UNKNOWN Designed by Hoover? Anyone know more?

Side-Friction - various Scenic Railways and Leap the Dips coasters

Soap Box Derby Racers - Arrow Special Coaster Systems

Spinning Wild Mouse - Reverchon/Fabbri/Zamperla Spinning Wild Mouse coasters

Spiral - Schwarzkopf Jet Star 2/Jumbo Jet/Speed Racer/City Jet

Stand-up - TOGO Stand-up

Stand-up Twister - B&M Standing

Steeplechase - Arrow Special Coaster Systems

Suspended (swinging/swinging airplane) - Arrow Suspended, Vekoma Swinging Turns

Suspended (floorless) - Vekoma Swinging Turns, Vekoma Suspended Family

Twister - B&M Sitting

Vertical - B&M Diving Machine

Virginia Reel - various Virginia Reels

Water - Premier Liquid

Wild Mouse (all) - Mack Wild Mouse, Zamperla Zig-Zag, Arrow Mad Mouse

Wooden (articulated) - GCI coasters with "Millennium Flyer" trains

Wooden (standard, 6-seat, 6-seat reversed) - wooden coasters with PTC trains

Wooden Wild Mouse (all) - various wooden wild mouse coasters


That's what I have. I'm amazed I knew more than 2/3 of these right off the top of my head.


Credit appreciated, not required.

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Totally agree about the "Build 10 Coasters" as the scenario goal.


As for the money issue that is really up to you. I really like to play with money. Soaking all the guests for every little penny they have and sending them to the ATM for more makes me smile... however you you may not get the same since of satisfaction from it I do. Also with money always comes the problem of not having enough. No matter what you do you can't start with more than $10,000. Of course you can always make the available loan for a lot more but then you get killed with interest. So you more than likely will end up either waiting to make the money you need or using a trainer to put more money into the game.


I would suggest though that you keep the guests average intensity set at where the game has it. That way you will always have guest that will want to ride the calm rides and then some that like the intense one. Back on the money issue... if you want to use the guests as money makers as soon as they enter the park you can set them to be hungry and thirsty. That way they will head immediately to a food/drink vendor right away. Making you lots of money fast. Just remember to raise the prices on your food and drinks. I usually set them to a profit of $2.00 for food, $1.50 for drinks and $1.00 for junk food and yes they quit saying it is a good value but they will still buy it and be satisfied. In the mean time your making money so fast you can't send it all.

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Hey guys, i'm brand new to hacking so please be easy on me. I'm trying to figure out how to make an Intamin Halfpipe in RCT2 Time Twister on Windows 7 and to do so I would like to do a couple things. First, I want to merge giga track with vertical drop coaster track but am unsure as to how I do that because I don't know where to build the merge track. And then the next thing i'd like is to use the spinning cars from the original RCT for this coaster but they aren't in RCT2. Someone from NE was able to do it for a EuroMir recreation (http://www.nedesigns.com/index.php?showtopic=22462) but I don't know how they did it. Can anyone help me out or point me in the right direction?

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To get the spinning cars from LL, download the park that contains them, Europa Park: World Showcase, that you have in the link there. The DAT files that are not exported should be included in this downloaded zip file. Copy the dats into your Obj Data folder for RCT2. I'm pretty sure the dat for the Euromir cars is one of these unexported dats. If not, simply download the park, custom objects are installed to your game and you can use them.

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