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Themeparkman's Summer 2009 TR's!

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Jordan's Theme Park Travels 2009


Facts for the summer:

60+ new credits

12 new parks

15,000 miles

A ton of great memories!


Click on the following links to get directed to each park


Trip 1 Worlds of Fun. View beneath this opening.


Trip 2A Valleyfair!


Trip 2B Nickelodeon Universe


Trip 3A Lagoon


Trip 3B Cowabunga Bay


Trip 4A Six Flags over Georgia


Trip 4B Freestyle Music Park


Trip 4C Family Kingdom


Trip 5A Universal Orlando


Trip 5B Islands of Adventure


Trip 5C SeaWorld Orlando


Trip 6 IAAPA 09, Vegas and Coasters. Should I post?


Trip 7 SOCAL trip. Coming after the new year!


Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy as much as I did!





After doing pretty good my first year of college, I decided to reward myself with a trip to Kansas City to visit Worlds of Fun. I flew into Kansas City and was dismally impressed with the bland airport and the huge storm that was dumping rain outside. However, by the time I got to the park the first day the clouds were gone and it turned out to be a beautiful day. I got to the park around 10:30 and stayed til 10:00, though the park closed at 7:30 for lightning. The next morning I was at the park at 9:45 and left at 4:00 to catch my flight back out.


To begin, I thought that the park was fairly pretty considering what it is surrounded by. Most of the grounds were engulfed by mature foliage and the park did a nice job with the themeing, it seemed like the Busch parks but not so perfectly executed. Overall I thought the park was well balanced with thrills offering both big thrills, moderate thrills and stuff to entertain the kids. The layout was a little spacious though and that got annoying as it took so long to walk from one area of the park to the next, especially from Prowler to Patriot.


Anyways, this is my first TR and I hope it is cool. I tried to take some cool pictures and stay balanced with what I rode. I failed epically. 32 rides on Prowler and Patriot. The next highest was Mamba with 6.


There are also some panoramic pictures, I think they look good and I hope you think the same. ENJOY! I hope I didn't post too many pictures, I don't know if there is a limit.




Tony Hawk in disguise! I caught you spinning dragons!


T wolf and mamba doing what they do. The park looked nice in this area.


Sea Dragon at night.


Bamboozer at night.


If you're going to ride, heaven forbid ride in the front. The back sucks.


Mmmm, I don't know about this ride. It had crazy hairtime but it also felt underbanked and just awkward. The 540 helix was lame too.


The one thing I didn't like about this ride is that the harnesses just kept tightening. By the end I felt like there was no blood in my legs.


Another one of my favorite pictures. I like the girls face.


The drop from the train, sorry no train on the course I didn't have a choice. It is lame that the ride rocks and the only pictures you get are either the lift or from the train.


The ride packed wicked turns and crazy airtime. It was awesome, and this section was definitely the best.


On the second morning after the big rain the night before, the entire area smelled of fresh cut wood and awesome coaster action.


GCI knows there stuff. This ride felt like it had a brick on the gas peddle the entire ride.


Someone just posted a TR of WoF, and I agree with them. It was a sweet drop, loop, blah blah blah but it just felt an element short.


This is one of my favorite pictures I took. I have big pictures of all these, pm if you want one.


Lots of supports in this area. Patriot also packed some airtime over the station, thats a different feeling on an invert.


The view from the station. The looped packed quite a punch, the zgr was smooth as butter and the immelmann was cool.


The big helix really freaked me out, I legitimately was afraid my hands were going to hit the supports.


Mamba was pretty fun, with full trains. The front provides some nice air over most of the hills, and the back only over the first two drops.

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the entire area smelled of fresh cut wood and awesome coaster action.


That is one of the best smells ever.


Great pictures - I love the one of Patriot in the incline helix with the sun flare. Looks like it was a good time to go.

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If you want to get technical, Tony Hawk is actually Spinning Dragons in disguise since SD came first.


Nice pictures, I loved the comment about Prowler having a brick on the gas pedal. I can't wait to ride it!

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Very nice pictures! That Patriot with the sun glare one is really fantastic! I'm heading down there in July to ride the Prowler. And to check out that new Schlitterbahn waterpark, anyone know if it's open yet?


I just heard today that they are pushing the opening back until some time in july... I was out there the other day and they have a lot to do until opening day!


It was fun to read your TR about my home park! Would agree that timber wolf is terrible! My 9 year old son refuses to ride it anymore, and he will ride ANYTHING!

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Sad to hear that Timber Wolf has gotten so bad. While I have never ridden it, back when it opened it got great reviews.


Anyway, great Photo TR. Prowler looks like it has some wicked hills. One day I'll find myself in Kansas City and visit WoF.



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Awesome pictures!


How were the crowds?


This was Monday at around 11:00. Keep in mind the park has been open an hour already. See the first picture, I do not know how to make words than a picture than more words etc.


If you want to get technical, Tony Hawk is actually Spinning Dragons in disguise since SD came first.


I didn't know that, thanks for pointing it out! That is good to know next time I start pointing the finger at copies. Its just too bad that the restraints can't just lock and then stay put, it got so tight by the end of the ride.


Great report and pictures! I've never been there, but from what I've seen WoF looks like it could be the nicest CF park in terms of scenery and landscaping. The coasters look fun too, espically Prowler.


I thought it was a pretty nice park for sure, and like I said before it was nice for what surrounded it. I haven't been to all that many cedar fair parks though, only CP and Knotts so I can't deny or confirm it as the prettiest. Check out the second picture, it was definitely pretty.


^ and ^^ I wouldn't say that it was a bad coaster by any means, I did ride it more than boomerang haha. I thought that in the front it supplied great airtime and a pretty fun little ride. In the back though it still had the air but just seemed to be getting yanked around every where. If your at the park ride it in both places, but expect a different ride.


I am glad that people like my TR, I wasn't exactly sure what I was doing. And I agree, the Patriot picture is pretty cool, if I may say so myself.


I spy with my little eye..only two trash cans?



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Summer Trip #2- Valleyfair! and Nickelodeon Universe


My family made a road trip out to Wisconsin and I demanded a side trip in Minneapolis to pick up all the missed credits, and it was definitely worth it.


We got to the park at 9:30 to be one of the first in the parks, and to run to renegade. First, the park is stupid and doesn't have a drop off zone, so if you read this please skip the BS of paying $10 and then refunding it and just make a drop off lane. The entry however, is pretty pretty with Steel Venom chillin' to your left and Wild Thing looming everywhere, the buildings also had a nice feel to them. The weather was very overcast, chilly and very humid so it didn't start of feeling like the best day to be at a theme park.


After the park opened, we (my bro and I) ran to Renegade and let me tell you the coaster is definitely pretty rad. The first drop has to be one of the sweetest first drops I have ridden and has some crazy turns the rest of the run. To be honest, after riding Prowler three weeks ago, this definitely lacked in the airtime department but it made up for it with side to side turns. It carried its speed well, though again not as good as Prowler, and the station fly by was way cool. Like Prowler however, it was very difficult to photograph much of this ride. Number 2 solid favorite wood coaster.


Next up was Wild Thing, it didn't really live up to its name. The first hill after the drop is crazy in both the front and back, but then after that it is rather forceless(and I do not mean that in the sense of low g's) and boring, sound familiar? The coaster is very photogenic, at least towards the entrance of the park, and does seem to be a gp pleaser so I guess it is alright in that sense. However, IMO it was nothing special.


From there I got to be the Intamin fan boi I am and rode Steel Venom, my third impulse, and it ranks last in that category. I do not know what ____ hole decided to catch the car on the straight spike for a second and then drop it, but it is an awful idea. One might call it a sterilizer to keep it pg. I am glad they added those extra supports though, it still shakes a lot, I cannot imagine what it looked like without them.


To conclude this post, exacliber was the most interesting coaster of the trip, high roller barely made it over some of its hills, corkscrew was typical arrow loop and corkscrew at its best and mad mouse was interesting. Oh ya, and that S&S swing ride is awesome.


Overall I thought this park was pretty fun with a pretty well balanced ride selection for the entire family. It was clearly a cedar fair park as there were trash cans everywhere and the food at Coasters Diner still sucks.


Side note: if anyone knows how to convert .mov files into a windows movie maker format they should tell me. I have videos from this, WoF and MoA.


Renegade: The Outlaw Coaster


Renegade through renegade! Sorry for not a lot of pictures for this ride, it was well hidden and similarly graffiti-ed


I nominate this for ugliest coaster ever.


I had never seen trains like High Rollers before. They didn't fit me very well, and without the pads on the boards my knees would be dead.


See what I mean by typical loop and corkscrew. Tell me though, how does this park get away with having this as their only coaster with inversions?


When coaster enthusiasts can't sleep, they don't count sheep they count trains jumping over trains.


The figure 8 out by the challenge park offered some nice pictures.




I think this is a pretty cool picture of Steel Venom.


Intamin twisted goodness. This part is do-able, the back end not so much.


Steel Venom peaking its way through Wild Thing. These photos would be way more epic with blue skies.


De ja vu with my mamba lift pic?


Wild Thing is the first thing to greet you, it is pretty cool. What is with Morgan supports though, geez, they are everywhere.

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Summer Trip #2 Part B- Nickelodeon Universe


We left Valleyfair! around 7:30 pm and headed over to Mall of America, having not been there since it was Camp Snoopy. Because of the timing we were there, we were able to pick up twilight unlimited passes for $20, what a deal!


First thing I had to do was check out Spongebobs plunge and ride my first eurofighter. I was pleasantly surprised by the coaster, the elements and the compact yet fun nature it offered. The lift hill literally takes you into one of the pyramids of the roof (talk about a tight fit) and drops you at a pretty good angle into an awkwardly shaped loop. The loop is fun, the bunny hop following it and the horseshoe are cool but the zgr still stands as my favorite inversion. Albeit its not a b&m zgr, it is still fun and is still in a mall. The rest is pretty entertaining, but nothing memorable. Good first impression.


I then checked out the half pipe, which seemed like a completely different coaster compared to Elitches. It seemed more than "half" aka beyond 90, the cars were single pieces not three, the pods held 6 compared to 8 and you spun more. Interesting. It was fun to check out another model of a coaster very familiar to me.


Fairly Odd Coaster reminded me of spinning dragons at WoF, I wonder why? These restraints seemed to not tighten as much during the ride as SD did, which I enjoyed. Still cool how they built the thing around supports for the roof and other rides.


To my surprise, pepsi was left pretty much untouched as was the log ride, both of which are pretty fun. The Zamperla ax thing was pretty fun, though mundane after awhile and ghostblasters was cool too.


It was nice to get back to the park and check it out since the conversion. Nick has done some pretty cool things with the park and is a fun experience for everyone in the family.


Random cool flat picture.


For some reason this coaster will always be timberland twister to me.


Fairly Odd Coaster


They dug a pit, set the coaster in the pit and then made weird supports hold it up.


Nothing alike the other model I have ridden. For real, 4 years of modifications made this a completely different coaster than the one I know.


Pretty cool panoramic of Spongebob


They pushed the height as high as they possibly could.


the jist of the layout of sponge bob rock bottom plunge

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Great photo's, I really would love to get out to the MOA and VF. Just curious how do the new half pipes vary from the older ones ie.. new ride programs or different trains? Oh and I only count 5 cans in the picture, where the heck is number six?


Edit: Scratch that I got six

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As summer is sadly almost coming to an end, I had two remaining trips I wanted to do this summer including salt lake city and atlanta/myrtle beach. Being somewhat in the vacinity of utah, I decided to take a buddy from work and head out west to check out lagoon and cowabunga bay! My last trip of the summer will be THIS weekend to SFOG and FMP, I literally cannot wait.



I really did enjoy this park and thought it was a great park for the city. The entry region was very fun feeling with the classic carnival type midway while still having a modern feeling with a nice jumping fountains area. Above you saw a multi colored chairlift traversing the park, pretty! Upon walking in, to your left you would see a fairly well wooded midway that had a ton of classic games to play. To your right there was a horror house, a bumper cars, more games and finally a classic (PTC?) merry go round. It was very home-y feeling and it felt even better when you saw families carrying coolers in with food. And then of course you had Roller Coaster and all its two colored wood chillin' right there as well.


In the south section of the park you found roller coasters such as Fire Dragon, Wild Mouse, Spider and Wicked as well as rides like an enterprise and the chairlift terminal. We headed that way first! This area seemed to have lost its densely wooded characteristic when all the coasters were put in, every one of them (for the most part) was a wannabe Scream!. Though the rides were not sitting atop a parking lot, they were sitting on top of slabs of concrete and couldn't quite pull it off like a gci. The park still carried the carnival feeling to me for this midway with just its general feel and layout.


In the north section of the park there were attractions (both regular and up charge) like the Rocket, Samarai, Top Eliminator Dragsters and a huge ferris wheel. This midway was much better wooded in my opinion and felt more modern compared to the south. However, this section was mostly up charge with the catapult (slingshot), sky coaster, go carts and the racers which kind of pulled it down a little. Regardless, it had a mondial topscan which I have to say, is now my favorite flat ride ever, so that pulled it back up. The ferris wheel was gigantic (see pictures) and offered a great view of the park, the great salt lake and also slc (salt lake city, not hang n bang).


In the middle of the park was the kiddieland, a general assortment of flat rides, a ton of terraces, pioneer town and a zoo? Kiddie land was nice, though nothing unique and then of course it had typical flats like a chance turn of the century and a huss ship ride. But the thing that took me was the zoo! You hop in this tiny train (for real, I am 6' 3" and I barely fit) and cruise around the pond, which is really dirty, and see all sorts of animals. Pretty cool, though it is no BGA.


Overall, I thought this was a really enjoyable park that had a nice selection of rides and had a very classic theme park feel to it. The only thing I really didn't like about the park was its pricing. It was 42 dollars for one day which just seemed really steep for a park of its size.


Next up: Cowabunga Bay!!


To conclude, a pretty cool dragon! Next up, CB!


Of course, its the typical flat ride at night picture! Jordans favorite!!


It definitely could have taken my hands off though if you held them up. All you NL fans, see the pump in this track? The kid is in his friends lap!


Colussus the fire dragon! This was a fun coaster for sure.


It was a pretty coaster though.


I gave vekoma the benefit of the doubt and thought that mini slc would be better than big slc. I was wrong.


Through the trees. Have you noticed how perfect the weather was?


I am a ferris wheel fan, especially really really big ones!


Whizzer > Jet star but it was still a fun one. We got stuck on the lift!!!


I enjoy these coasters, and this one was definitely a fun one. It was named Wild Mouse.


The launch over the hill was crazy and offered some nice airtime. This coaster was awesome!


Wicked was a fun coaster with a lot of airtime, a fun zgr and some overbanked turns.


I think this picture is cool. This was my first maurer spinning coaster and it was pretty enjoyable though I think I still prefer gerstlauer.


It was sitting on top of a former parking lot, I love that themeing.


Classic coaster with a lot of history behind it, I enjoyed this coaster.


Roller Coaster through the trees from the chairlift.


This is what you walk by when entering the park.

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SUMMER TRIP #3---Cowabunga Bay


To start off, I want to send Shane by greatest thanks for his hospitality and to continue, a congrats on this park, it was truly awesome.


We got to the park shortly after opening and was quickly greeted by friendly staff, an inviting atmosphere and the worlds biggest splash bucket! The pricing was very reasonable for tickets and offered many options for entry. Upon entry, there was a hearty helping of chairs and shade which was nice in the hot utah sun. Enough with the boring stuff though, on to the play structure and other amenities!


So after a good 4-5 hours of running around in the structure, I still feel there are levels, bridges and attractions I did not get to experience. This place was HUGE. All the bridges and platforms had guns and hoses and dump buckets everywhere which was really fun to start a little battle with other people. The slides had buckets you could dump above them which made both riding and watching more fun. On top of that (literally), the two dump buckets were fun with constantly dumping water. Overall, I have to say it was probably the most fun play structure I have been in, even above aquatica.


Besides that, the park offered delicious food, private cabanas for rental, an enjoyable lazy river, a wadding pool and again a very inviting atmosphere.


If you have the means to check this place out, by all means DO IT! Not only are you supporting another TPR member, but it was honestly a lot of fun. Thanks again Shane for your hospitality.


To the MODS- I am not sure what the size of panoramic pictures are, so if these are too large please just tell me. They were the only real way of showing how cool the place as and I want to share that through the pics.


Next trip: SFOG 7/27 and FMP 7/29


I apologize that this picture is not straight, but it is of the back end of the structure...where the big bucket dumps.


From the back end of the park looking at the lazy river, the bug and everything else.


Entry midway. The park is really colorful which really invites people inside.


You can't say that doesn't look inviting. You would be known as a liar.


Worlds biggest splash bucket. There is definitely a lot of water that comes crashing down when that thing tips.


This slide was fast, dark and full of water. You can also see places where the park could expand.


Cool angle of the structure. It was cool finally seeing this place besides pictures posted on here.


Cool sign.

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This park looks a lot better than Irvine's Wild Rivers(my current employer) If I ever do a california coaster road trip(which is in the works) I will try to add a few days in for Utah.


These TR's have been great.


Once again, congrats to Shane. The park appears to be thriving.

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If anyone is going to be at SFOG on monday (7/27) or Freestyle Music Park on wednesday (7/29), you should let me know. I couldn't find anybody to go on this trip with me, so I am going stag and everyone knows a little company makes it more fun. Even if it is for just part of a day.

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To conclude my summer trips, I worked my way out of a huge bill and wound up at six flags over georgia as well as freestyle music park with bonus family kingdom! This trip was the one I was looking forward to most as well as the one that would cost the most. Anyways, onward we go!


I worked at Elitches all day sunday and caught a 1am flight out of Denver into Atlanta. I did this in order to save a nights worth of hotel, I am a broke college kid! I arrived in Atlanta around 6:00 the next morning, only a 3 hour flight and then similarly 3 hours of sleep. With nothing else to do, I headed off to the park and was at the park at 6:30am, it opened at 10:30. Out front, park services had just started mowing and cleaning and the sun was just cresting, making for a beautiful rise above the looming goliath. Being completely exhausted, I passed out beneath a tree for a couple hours and woke only by the roar of Georgia Scorcher waking up for maintenance runs. The time was around 8:30 and I decided it would be best to get in line, had to be first! Eventually I met up with some ACEr guy and another enthusiast and we waited patiently to run straight to Goliath.


I was at the park from open to close, and left the park to go back to the airport to spend the night in a hotel and catch an early flight out to myrtle beach the next morning.



The rides I thought that the rides were fairly well kept, they ran smoothly and were overall a lot of fun. All the steel coasters supplied nice thrills and each offered a unique element, the only one I was impartial to was ninja. It wasn't rough really, but just typical shaking on vekomas and fails on the reach envelope, it still wasn't that bad though. On the other end of the spectrum, Goliath easily roars in as my second favorite ever and even had me a little spooked cause of the airtime. The wood coasters were decent, but nothing above par. Great American Scream Machine had some nice air but could use some lovin'. Georgia Cyclone on the other hand was very rough, heavily trimmed and just not a very good coaster. Besides the 10 coasters the park offers, it really didn't offer ample amounts of flat rides which I kind of found to be a let down. Life is all about coasters, but there is definitely other things to ride out there and sfog lacked some fun flats.


The grubbin' For lunch I enjoyed a nice hamburger and fries at some restaurant, though I do not remember its name. The food was pretty decent, and way better than coasters diner at WoF, so that was a plus. However, it was not cheap which kind of sucked a little bit. I never purchased a drink, so I kept having to get cups of water to stay hydrated, annoying but it is what I asked for. Towards the end of the night as well, I did purchase a lemonade simply because I was crashing and needed a pick me up.


The atmosphere The park was very pretty IMO with a lot of large, mature trees in the midways and outside the park. Goliath out front was well groomed and was a great invite into the park. I also liked the terrain because like rct, flat landed parks are kind of boring! So to conclude, it had a fantastic feel for a park atmosphere and it was built well around it, though it was a very large park.


The operations From what I have heard, nothing has changed with the sub par operations, occupancy and attitudes of the employees and park. Most of the operators couldn't have cared less about stacking of trains and efficiency. Case and point, superman! Every single train sat out on the transfer track for minutes because the staff was too busy worrying about hats being left on the side than getting restraints checked. Which brings me to another point, I do not understand why you cannot leave a single thing besides shoes inside the station house. The operators had a fit, and definitely showed there lack of patience with articles left behind. I don't get it.l


Overall I did enjoy this park regardless of the employees or not. I had a great time on the rides and wish the park stayed open later to keep running laps on the rides. If you are in the area, definitely check the park out for the rides and the atmosphere, not for the services.


A full 100 picture gallery can be found on my

Next up: Family Kingdom and Freestyle Music Park


The full album can by found on my facebook!


To conclude this park I leave with a picture of Goliath. This coaster is one of the best I have ridden and it sure put on one great show.


Again, should have waited for the train but it still looks pretty cool I think.


Coming out of the pretzel. For being the first flyer it ran fairly well. I mean, put in some decent operators that ran at capacity and it wouldn't be such a ridiculous wait! GP sure loves it.


Um, I don't know why so many coaster enthusiasts bash on the flyer, but I love them. Even if they don't offer much or are lame, they pack one huge punch in the pretzel and offer a feeling you can't get anywhere else.




The only fail of the ride, it was purchased in whole by got2b hair care. Literally the ride line, entry, train and queue house were covered top down in banners, stickers and paraphernalia. Schwarzkopf gel though, I would by some.


I was running out of time, so there is no train. Probably should have waited so I apologize. Mindbender totally rocked though. It was pretty smooth and had an awesome feel to it. I am glad they decided to fix her up and keep her kickin, it is a winner for sure.


Georgia Cyclone. Cyclones destroy things like houses, cows and crops. This cyclone destroyed at least a few million brain cells. Over trimmed, rough and old hunk of junk is what it is.


Scorcher had an awesome layout for being a rather small coaster, being only slightly taller than Iron Wolf and obviously shorter than Mantis and R Revenge. It made up for this though in tight swoops and running loops in itself. I also liked how it participated in the entry midway, or the beemer roar it makes.


joyous shot! Goliath jumping scorcher! If only I had the scorcher train in the frame, then it would be e.p.i.c.


Georgia Scorcher! Fourth standup and though its not the best, it was still a really fun, compact little coaster.


See what I mean by pretty. there were a ton of beautifully hand carved horses.


The riverside carousel, very big and very old and very very pretty. I love old ptc carousels.


Batman number 3 for me. Nothing out of the ordinary here other than that the infield was trashed with trash, it could use a paint job and Geico bought the lift hill.


I don't think I have ever seen a rapids ride look so legit ever. I wish I rode it, but I only had one day at the park and didn't really want to wait hours for it.


Wild E Coyote Canyon Blaster was a nice kid coaster, though it still wasn't really a kid coaster in my mind. I enjoyed it though.


Afterall, this is a themeparkman TR, and it wouldn't actually be mine without a side lift hill shot.


Great American Scream Machine! Though they ACEr I was with did not like this one, I didn't think it was half bad. It was fairly rough and could use some (gci) lovin', but it did offer nice airtime and a overall fun ride.


At elitches we have the standard drop tower, and I really enjoy that ride a lot. In fact I think S&S tower rides are lame because they feel so controlled compared to the intamin version. Anyways, the way they tilt you forward really puts a new spin (no pun intended) on the drop tower. Awesome ride!


I think this is a pretty cool shot.


Pretty tightly compact ride, would definitely fail a reach envelope so I dont know what HRRRRRRs problem is. I didn't hate the ride nor did I love it, it was pretty average.


An average vekoma looper. It wasn't too rough or anything and the butterfly loops were pretty rad.


Up skirt nerd shot!


Pretty cool picture outside the park looking at Goliaths helix supports. Hottt.


Goliath through Scorcher. Goliath was the first ride in a long time, probably since TTD in 03', to give me a little scare. I love airtime and all, but I have never experienced anything close to it. You don't just float over the tops of the hill, you are thrown out of your seat on every hill top to bottom. I love this ride.


Cresting the lift hill. I think it is pretty cool the second drop is longer than the first.


This was shortly after I arrived at the park, at least you could see in this picture the light of day. The entry with Goliath looming behind you is legendary!

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