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Advice on Six Flags Great Adventure this Sunday.


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Tomorrow I'm leaving on a week-long coaster trip and Six Flags Great Adventure is really the only park I have questions about. I will be at the park Saturday evening and all-day Sunday.


Saturday I'm not going to have a plan. I'm just going to go in and ride whatever I feel like. But Sunday I'd like to see the whole park. Although it is getting into the meat of the season, I'm not expecting extreme crowds. Is that about right? If that's the case, then should I skip on the Flash Pass? If for some reason the park is packed, is the Gold Pass worth the extra money?


When I visit a park, I like to make a complete loop, riding pretty much everything. Then when I'm done with the whole park I go back to what I want to ride again. Would this strategy work at Great Adventure? Where should I start and what direction should I take through the park?


Where is a good place to eat? Saturday I'll eat before I get to the park, but for Sunday is there anywhere notable in the park? I know the park's kinda in the middle of nowhere, but are there any places in the area I could leave and come back to for dinner?


Finally, some driving questions. From Bristol, Connecticut I'm planning on driving I-287 around New York, to avoid driving through New York. Is that a smart move? Google Maps (and probably my GPS) route me on I-87 and I-95 through the city.


Since I'm going to be on the New Jersey turnpike for a little stretch. How much does it cost? As bad as Pennsylvania or New York? Worse?


And how is driving to the park from Princeton (Plainsboro) through I-295 around Trenton? Can I expect pretty heavy traffic? From my experience (DC and Virginia), traffic in Ohio is nothing. Is New Jersey similar to those areas? And if you're wondering, I'm staying near Princeton to both avoid paying $100+ a night and to be closer to Dorney for Monday.


Thank you very much for the help!

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You lucked out, Saturday was a buy out day for Pfizer which got cancelled.


Now you just need to worry about the rain. If the rain does hold out , you can catch the brand new Fireworks show !


With the rain , I'd play Sunday by ear with the flash pass. It wouldn't hurt getting one since you only have a day to do the park. Unless it's ultra packed, I would than get a Gold.


I always do Sfgadv counter clockwise. Start with the Dark Knight, B:tr, Nitro, Skull Mt, Blackbltt, Bizarro, El Toro, Rolling Thunder, Ka, Gasm, Supes. You also have Saturday night to figure out which way would for you as well.


Supes, Ka, Toro, Bizarro and Nitro will have decent size lines anywhere from an 45 minutes to an hour. This was yesterday and most schools aren't out yet. Rolling Thunder is the slowest line in the park, Try and ride Saturday in the rain. Should make for a better ride anyway.


Best of the West hands down is great inside the park. They also do have a new eatery complex on the boardwalk. I haven't been so I couldn't tell you, sorry. Plus run of the mill things like Nathan's, Johnny Rockets and Papa John's


Outside you can find pizza, mexican, wawa, Kfc , Dunkin, Mc Donalds, and Burger King all within a mile of the park.


Going around the city seems fine , NJTP is either 14-15 dollars for the whole thing. I know from exit 3 to 7a is $1.60 and to go to exit 14a is only 5.50 from exit 3 . It's not that bad compared to Pa. Look to spend $6 from Nyc to 7a. Might even google that to check.


295 and 195 are pretty much normal roads with pretty much light traffic. Nothing like the loop in DC.

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Thank you very much for your help. The drive on 287 wasn't bad at all and I'm glad I took that route. Across the Tappan Zee Bridge as opposed to the George Washington Bridge.


I got to the park at about 6pm and the downpour on the way must've emptied it out. Everything was a a walk-on. It rained for only a few minutes when I was there. I was able to get a ride on every coaster (except Blackbeard's and Road Runner) including rerides on El Toro and Nitro. So I'm going to just relax tomorrow and take it easy.


And El Toro was just absolutely ridiculous. However, I don't like it better than Boulder Dash. That ride was amazing.


Thanks again!

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