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Temple Of The Lost [NL]

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Temple Of The Lost is an awesome Intamin accelerator but with a bit extra


This is the first coaster I've added objects into and the first time I've ever even used object creator , Overall I'm really pleased with the outcome of the track, it's really forceful , fast paced, lengthy .I'm quite pleased with the objects and scenery but the supports aren't great.


Overall I think it's awesome but its your opinion that counts


So , enjoy and any feedback is welcome

Track+supps complete only obj.nlpack

This is the track with objects and stuff :)


Track+supps complete only obj.nltrack

This is just the track if I've uploaded right

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Cool ride. The 3ds were cool too, they did make the ride look better. Just a bit more smoothing and you've got it.



Sorry for double posting


Heres a picture that shows of the coaster a bit more rather than my cruddy objects which I think must have put some people off downloading or commenting , come on guys


Not that the double post was really an issue, but if you don't want to double post and then appologize for doing it, just go back and edit your original post.

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