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Holiday World PTR

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I made my annul trip to Holiday World and Splashin' Safari today. And i was not let down.



The huge display walking in! The more i look at it the more i love it.



The old water tower



The park was so crowded you could barely move! (;



Nativity scene in the park



What's a Christmas section without a Christmas tree?



The Christmas section sign




The Raven was my first roller coaster, so it holds a special place in my heart! <3 The raven was running very fast and also very smooth. It is such a great coaster. Weird things that happened.... the lift hill was going SUPER slow. so slow you could walk faster than the train was going.... then at the top it sped up... so it was obviously not a mechanical reason. Then, when we got onto the breaks at the station, there was still a train inside the station. So we had to wait, ok, im used to it... right? No. We sat there 10 minutes whale they dispatched a train. They were having some issues with a car. It was fun, gave me a nice rest.



The Raven from inside the park.



Entrance into the Raven



Lines were killer today. Actually, every ride minus P.P. was a walk on.



The Raven Station and the Transfer Track



More Station



More station




The legend is an average CCI, rough, fast, and forceful. Areas of the Legend are super bumpy and other are smoother than the voyage. Despite the trains going to PTC this off season for repairs, they still are in pretty bad shape. They need replaced. Cough Timberliners Cough.... Here again, the ride ops were having trouble keeping up. Check and Go! push the green button!



Close to the ground!



The legends lift hill



With a train!



Transfer Track Slider



Lift hill and turn around



The legend's sign






Oh yeah, the lines were killer... didn't i already tell you that? ha




Wow... where do i begin?!? This coaster has its ups and downs... The airtime on the coaster is like no other. But there are sections that are a little rough. It takes alot for me to say that because i love the voyage. The voyage in easy terms. Airtime, Airtime, Airtime. woa!



Cant miss shot!



More shots



Ok, so i am sorry... i really didn't take that many pictures of the voyage...




Ok, so here is my review of P.P. Pilgrims Plunge is a kick ass ride. The ride is really fun. I like how you can load and unload whale the boats are moving. It helps. The ride is awesome, you leave the station, and you make a fast trip to the bumpy elevator. Yes, it really is bumpy. The ride down is fast. You can keep your eyes open (in the front) because water gets in your face. Then, you hit the water and you know, the splash is perfect. The water goes everywhere.


8/10 because the 1 1/2 hour line sucked.








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Glad to hear you had a good time! I went yesterday, and most of the lines were surprisingly short for a (PACKED) Saturday. Just be glad that you went to the park today...people were waiting over 3 hours to ride Pilgrims Plunge. I'm not exaggerating---the line stretched all the way back to Plymouth Cafe! It was quite insane.


We got a great night ride in on the Voyage, and three back-seat rides on the Raven in a row (without getting off) to end the night! They were fun, but I felt that the lake-turn was getting VERY rough. That part gave me quite a headache...so I'm surprised you thought it was smooth.

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^^Dbru, the lake turn is smoother than years past. But that section due to its nature will never stay smooth for very long. I know that 2 years that lake turn was bad, there was a nasty kink in it. This year (for Holiwood Nights) it wasnt nearly as bad. Especially for as insane as it was running.


itsasamccormick - Ravens lift goes that slow to start so they can run 2 trains. By slowing the lift down till the top they gain those precious extra seconds. Since Raven only takes an average of 44 seconds from drop to brake run, if they can gain an extra 10 on the lift hill it helps with blocking issues.

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supercellcoaster: It seemed yesterday it was slowing the train down but not stopping it... and one train was on the T.T... it seemed like something was wrong with it. Oh, and im fixing the pic. Thanks.


DBru: When i was riding the Raven i thought that area was fairly smooth, it was obvious re-tracking had took place because of the new looking wood. Where did you sit at?

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^Well, all of the woodies at HW are smooth compared to most others, but relative to past years, that turn is getting rougher...(and I ride the coaster at least 10 times each season.)


Saturday, I rode once in the 5th car, and 4 times in the back seat. I'm sure it is a bit rougher back there, but that is the only place to sit on The Raven!

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