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Six Flags Great America (SFGAm) Discussion Thread

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I'm divided when it comes to COVID.  If a state is going to have restrictions, at least do it right. Illinois is allowing water parks because the chemicals in the water have been found to kill CO

I’m so ready for these totally arbitrary and nonsensical covid rules to be over.  So a waterpark with no masks was fine all summer but they can’t run a coaster Or a Scrambler with a bunch of empt

Just like at Over Texas, I think that Great America may have leaked its plans for 2021! 🤯🤯🤯

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Hopefully it will open up a day early, or I'm going to miss out on a credit.


I already purchased my Gold Flash Pass for Sunday as from what everybody is saying, the park is going to be packed. Wish I had another day I could go instead. Stupid work getting in the way (during my work trip).

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Just a thought; Steve Miller's song "Fly Like an Eagle" makes no reference to anything about backwards, but it does contain the word, "Revolution" more then once. Something to chew on.


The oft-malfunctioning Revolution was placed in a pretty bold spot. I'm not acknowledging your hint, but I hope it either gets ripped out or moved, because it sucks. Take it out and replace it with a wild mouse.



We already have 2 Wild Mouse Coasters. We Don't Need No More of that.


SFGAmWorld members are really stupid. They still want Shockwave and DejaVu Back. Dummy's


Sadly a lot of the new SFGAmWorld members seem to be illiterate too, and can't seem to understand the announcement is probably about Eagle running backwards... or learn to spell the word backwards

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Official Announcement (from the parks FB page):


Here’s our big announcement:


Go Big, Go Backwards! The American Eagle will thrill and surprise park visitors once again as the blue side races BACKWARDS! Join us for this can’t miss experience. The American Eagle runs backwards August 8 through September 17.


If you liked guessing this announcement, just wait until later this fall...


Looks like I'll be missing the Blue side credit.

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Good to hear, but I still had hoped that they would announce more than just Eagle backwards. Also, is there any reason why they're not doing it through Fright Fest? Seems odd that they wouldn't just continue it. And I HOPE we get to see the entire "notes" page revealed, that would be nice


Also excited to see what they still have planned for the fall, teaser-wise

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I never rode Eagle backwards during it's first run (heck, I never went to the park during it's first run!), so this excites me! Can't wait to try it!


It's been 20 years for me! It ran backwards the entire season upon the 10 year anniversary. I never rode red side that entire season.

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Eagle Blue went backwards from 02-06.



I loved going backwards. That drop feels like it goes on forever.


I would think I would remember riding backwards as a teenager on it for a full season.


Since you obviously were too young to be riding it then, here is the video link to the first time it went backwards, in 1991, 20 years ago, as I said. It also ran backwards in 1996, the 15th anniversary. Check your sources before trying to correct someone next time.


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^It did run backwards from 02-06, although I thought it was 05. My first major coaster was riding the blue side during this time in 2002.


Yep, never denied that.

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Sorry, your post seemed to give the impression that you were accusing Rollercoaster Rider of lying.


Nah nah, wasn't intending to call him a liar at all. But a lot of people have forgotten the 1991 and 1996 backwards runs.

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I'm going to the park monday, is that the first day they will run the trains backwards?


Yep. The dates are 8/8-9/17.




Looks like Iron Wolf is confirmed as leaving September 5th!


From the park's Facebook:

After a long 21 year history at the park, we will be removing Iron Wolf. Make sure to get your last rides in – Iron Wolf’s Last Stand is September 5.
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" After a long 21 year history at the park, we will be removing Iron Wolf. Make sure to get your last rides in – Iron Wolf’s Last Stand is September 5. "

Not to call anyone out, but looks like Screamscape is right again.

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