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Six Flags Great America (SFGAm) Discussion Thread

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If/when FMP liquidates SF should pick up Time Machine and plop it at SFGAM.

Ha, I was thinking the exact same thing. It would be a perfect fit for the park.


If anything, maybe they'll re-route HH's entrance so that's it's closer to the park's entrance. Although I see their reasoning, I've never been a fan of the waterpark's random entrance.

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This is life in Illinois. We're everything that's wrong with California, without the view.

Not even funny, man, not even funny.

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From Screamscape this morning:


2011 - Chang / B&M Stand-Up Coaster - Semi-Confirmed - (6/21/10) A new rumor has come up over the weekend at SFGAdv (New Jersey) that claims that the park may now be planning to replace their Great American Scream Machine coaster with CHANG. Up until now Chang has been all but confirmed for Six Flags Great America, with even a few pieces and the trains already spotted on site. The meetings to obtain the needed height variance permit are all but over... with the final approval meeting expected to take place today... Monday, June 21st.

While I haven’t seen it myself, I’ve heard a rumor that the Six Flags issue may have been unexpectedly removed from the agenda for tonight’s meeting, which only adds fuel to the fire that Chang could now be looking for a new home. Of course the online version of the agenda still shows it there, waiting to be finalized. I had been told that as soon as Al Weber took control of Six Flags, he began to made huge and immediate changes to the plans set in place for the 2011 season by Shaprio. I guess we’ll know more once the Monday meeting is over if the proposal to add Chang has been dropped or not. Stay tuned!

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I would still put a coaster in that proposed spot. I'm a rollercoaster not water park enthusiast.


I am too - but the Waterpark is a huge draw and is much better value for money than a new coaster would be. SFGAm already has a pretty great selection of coasters (ignoring Iron Wolf), we honestly don't need more. A $15 million waterpark expansion would be (in my opinion) a far better investment for the park.



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Well... if the park isn't getting Chang, and the waterpark needs expansion... DELUGE! They should get Deluge from Kentucky Kingdom. Or a brand new water coaster.


Greezed Lightning. That is all I'm going to say.

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^I would love that, and hey, Six Flags can continue the "Keeping the history alive" they have going on from this year. Sadly that won't happen.



I'm glad it looks like Chang is no longer coming to the park. As has been said, the money can be better spent on the water park or flat rides, although, if flats are added, I hope they aren't the spin and puke kind. While Chang is a good coaster, Great America doesn't need it. What the park does need(besides more room) is more major flats or a Hurricane Harbor expansion. As much as I'd like to see a new major coaster added, the park doesn't need it.


Now if we were to get a Mack launched coaster like was hoped for a couple pages back, I'll take back what I said and replace it with how the park needs it.

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It's still on the docket for tonight, so I wouldn't say that Chang isn't coming. We'll know more by tomorrow, as I'm sure some coaster geek will go to the meeting tonight. I'm not enamored with it coming, but I'm not against it either. Although if Iron Wolf goes......


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^I'm having one right now!!!!


Wait, I thought the park cancelled their presentiation at tonight's meeting?


As much as I would like Greezed Lightning to come back (heck we can call it Deja Vu ) it's just not possible. We really don't have the room for any new coaster unless a much smaller one is built. It would be nice to see new flat rides or even go through with the HH expansion. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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Here is some info about Monday's meeting. There is no real indication on why plans were cancelled.




BTW, I love how he spells the last name. It's Salemi, not "Salami". Salami is a cured sausage.



New coaster plans canceled

Six Flags Great America




June 23, 2010


By ED COLLINS Special to The News-Sun

GURNEE -- Six Flags Great America has canceled plans to install another roller coaster, according to Hank Salemi, general manager.


Salami gave no reason for the cancellation and no indication whether this might be a temporary or permanent situation.


It was believed that the roller coaster in question was a stand-up that had recently been dismantled at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom to make way for a water park.


Six Flags Great America already has numerous other roller coasters and thrill rides.


Village Administrator Jim Hayner announced the change of plans for Six Flags at Monday night's Village Board meeting. The company had applied for a zoning variance to accommodate the new roller coaster.


"Mr. Salami called and requested that we pull his roller coaster zoning request off tonight's agenda," Hayner said.


The proposal was dropped with no indication that it would return for further consideration at some later time.


Trustees had expected to vote on the proposed variation Monday night. Approval was necessary to install the new ride. The Zoning Board of Appeals had already approved the proposal earlier.


Under a 1980 conditional-use permit that sets zoning controls for the theme park, the proposed permit would have allowed roller coasters up to 151 feet in height, and a zoning variance for any higher structure to a maximum 310 feet in height.


The new roller coaster was planned to replace the Space Shuttle ride in the Space Port area. It would have been located east of the main park entrance, south of the 310-foot Sky Trek Tower, and west of Hurricane Harbor water park.

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While it's looking unlikely, I wouldn't say the coaster has been canceled. It might have been, or park management is waiting to see what new corporate management wants. I'll believe the ride is canceled when I see a statement from the park or corporate office.


I'll still ride Chang if it does end up getting built, but I'd rather see the money spent on something else. However, it's kind of an odd area for rides, so the only thing I can see going there is a water park expansion. I'm not a big water park person, but since it is always at capacity, a couple new slides could make a great addition. Sure the teenagers and thrill seekers will be upset, but is that really a bad thing?

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This actually isn't Chang, It's Riddlers Revenge. Magic Mountain is taking it out for the new 500 foot Intamin inverted floorless stand up. My amazing source told me, but I can't tell you who it is.


Just quoting what Jon mentioned earlier. Now, I don't know if we were *supposed* to get Chang or Riddler's. Personally I think both rides are too big to fit in that area, but then again I'm not an engineer so please don't quote me on that. IF we were to get a new ride, I think it would have been announced either now or at the end of this season. A lot of people were speculating that we were getting Chang just because it's being stored at our park.


Now that the plans have been pospotoned, it would be great to see a HH expansion. I think an outside gate from the parking lot leading into HH would be awesome. Let's face it, the front gate can get a little crowded at times, plus I believe it would be a lot easier to get to HH having an outside gate. Not that it's difficult now, but there are probably some people that just go to HH and not bother with the rest of the park and visa versa.

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^ Jo...you do relieze I was being sarcastic right?

Anyway I'm happy were getting Chang...not happy that it's going to GADV. Cmon Six Flags just send it to Six Flags America where it should go. I'm also not insanely happy about it being a water park expansion but I geuss it is needed more than new rides or a coaster. Although if we do get a water coaster it would make me actually want to go to Hurricane Harbor!

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Sems that unlike Shapiro who didn't cancel planned rides when he took over from Burke Webber may not be following that mold....then again since Webber spent years helping KD expand during his tenure he probably knows that SFA needs some major help after I305 was installed this year.


Not saying that Chang could be headed east but it's always a possibility as SFA is the ONLY park in the chain that hasn't installed a new coaster within the past decade.Could also be possible that the owners of KK want the ride back as it was never SFI's asset to redistribute to begin with seeing as it was installed the year prior to the Premiere parks/SFI merger of 1998.

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I actually remember seeing that sign a long time ago before I was really into coasters. I loved the Whizzer (and still do) and it's one of my faorite rides. At that time, I only went to Great America once or twice a season, so I didn't know that they left it up until the next year. Boy was I happy!

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