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Six Flags Great America (SFGAm) Discussion Thread

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I tend to think the SFMM one is going to be safe for a while... Even when they built the ride I thought that it would be temporary to some degree. I had always somewhat assumed that the entire area back there would be eventually be revamped and a new themed area with a coaster would be put back there. I figured at the time Psyclone would come out as well as Deja Vu. Looks like I missed on the order a bit, but I still believe that the back corner of the park is eventually going to be a spot for something major.

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I just got the Deja Vu credits at SFOG and SFGAm this summer.

I can't believe something actually worked out for me. It was my first time at both parks, and I only spent a day at each of them. Guess I got pretty lucky!


Although I could care less to ride any Deja Vu ever again, besides SFMM's just for the credit... It's still sad to see them go!

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I too missed seeing DV this summer. Had planned on going to SFoG, but never got back around to doing so in the cooler weather. Had hoped to get video and stills for future stuff.


One a side note, I built DV in RCT3, but reproducing the criss-cross part came out fugly. Was close, but didn't really honor the original. I call it Deja Ew.


Well, next year this area will be much different. Kinda wierdly curious about Thomas Town and the enigmatic Mr. Topum Hat.


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*sigh* I knew this day would come fore tree reasons. 1: Generally Unreliable ride. 2: SFOG. 3: Chiller.


It wasn't until I rode Deja Vu at SFMM before I realized that all three of these rides' days were numbered. I rode it during it's inaugural summer of 2001 (shocker!), and I knew as soon as we walked up, that the ride wouldn't last.


Huge line. Outrageously loud. Visibly shaky. I knew I was in for something gnarly.


We waited in line for 2 1/2 hours in the hot sun. It was cool because we got to wait in part of Shockwave's old queue; Magic Mountain is super lazy about removing things like that, I guess. There was/are tented areas of queue, so the conditions weren't so bad. For some reason, it seemed like the line was moving faster than the coaster was loading. For every 2 or 3 times we moved up, the ride would do only one curcit. It was nice to watch in all its fury as it roared back and fourth. It broke down 2 or 3 times in line, but managed to get itself running again rather quickly each time. We eventually got on the ride and started the climb up the back spike. At this point, I realized that this would likely be the most violent coaster experience I've endured so far. The ride dropped from the tower and rolled into its loopy bits so fast, I couldn't belive it. Then we went up the second spike, which was also quite scary, and did the whole thing again. What a ride.


It wasn't rough at all. Smooth as B&M. Alas, I knew the ride was not meant to be. A lot of the other riders were either pissed about the line, pissed about the ride itself, of pissed about a combination of the two. I though it was spectacular, and easily one of the scariest rides ever. Who ever said this was anything like Invertigo is totally wrong. It felt nothing like it at all, really.


Anyways, since that experience, i've always figured that the end is near for this wicked ride.Thinking that MM's Vu is not next in line is rather naive.

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I'm glad I rode it this past summer! It was a good ride!


I agree. I went to SFGAm for a day and I hopped in line for Deja Vu almost at park closing. Got all credtis at SFGAm. However, it was a good ride. I'm going to have to settle for 2/3 Deja Vus if SFoG's really does come down.

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I always thought it was kinda redundant the way they put two inverted shuttle coasters in the same park, in the same year. I know they're different and all, but still. Maybe i'm just being over analytical.


I can't see removing this rides as being a bad thing for any of the parks. All three of those parks have plenty of other coasters with good capacities to ride (If SFMM loses theirs too)

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Awww, I like GIBS alot. I felt very lucky that The Vu was running flawless the whole first weekend at sfog this month so i got a ride in Sat and Sun. I took a butt load of stereo pair 3D photos in the park which included i guess the last pics i'll ever take of the ride.


I took three decent pics of it

Here is one half of the stereo pair of one.











Here is the red cyan anaglyph 3d pic if you happen to have a pair of red/cyan or red/blue 3D glasses. No other ones will work.


By By Deja Vu




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^Take a trip to Magic Mountain and take a ride.


Really, the concept is awesome, and so is the ride. Dunno why anybody wouldn't like these, other than the fact they like dumping all over SF whenever they have the chance...


Maybe they'll ship some of the pieces from this one over to MM so they have backup parts for the future.


Really sad to see these being taken out...however, I'm glad the one at my home parks here to stay.

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Dunno why anybody wouldn't like these, other than the fact they like dumping all over SF whenever they have the chance...


Poor capacity, incredible down time, a maintenance nightmare, rough riding, terrible seating, head banging, knee breaker.....


Do you want me to go on?

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Poor capacity - check

Incredible down time - check

A maintenance nightmare - check

Terrible seating - check



rough riding, , head banging, knee breaker.....



The last 3 i don't agree with. I never thought Vu was rough, a head banger or hurt my knees.

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^Okay, how about the ride itself? From the GP point of view.


Unique concept, insane vertical drop backward and forward, extremely intense, awesome forces, fun as hell. Can barely ride this thing more than twice in a row, sounds like thrills to me!


Now please, don't take this seriously, I'm just gonna pick out how my opinion fairs against your reasons for not liking Deja Vu. I'm trying to be sincere here, really.


Rough riding, head banging: Welcome to Roller Coasters.


Knee breaker: well, don't put your legs up there! lol...


Poor capacity: Go on a slow day, single rider line...


Downtime: Are you talking about yearly rehab? MM's doesn't have downtime. Unless you're talking that rehab.


Magic Mountain's isn't a Maintenance Nightmare.


The RIDE itself, I think, is fun as hell. Its not that rough for me. I like the seating layout...unfortunately it just takes the stupid GP more time to figure them out. Not Vekoma's fault.


I think Deja Vu's fun as hell, a must ride for people who never have been on one, hope its here to stay for good.

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