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Six Flags Great America (SFGAm) Discussion Thread

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^The Joker queue is just another cherry on top.  This is all decades of poor design, sometimes on purpose; from my one summer as a Six Flags intern "it's good to make them work for it.  Then they will work up an appetite and thirst.  We have a captive audience." 

I always go back to what Will Koch used to say (paraphrasing): 'If you treat your guests and their time with respect, they will come back.  They are the best advertising and they will want to spend money at your park because the product is good.' 

Speaking of Joker, I was there Sunday and a friend and I decided to jump on the ride through the single queue.  We stood there for 5 minutes.. on one train I saw 3 empty single seats (in an 8 person train).  They kept holding the singles and letting one go in each opposite queue every few minutues (making the single rider line longer than the regular line).  He had my friend go right, I was asked to go left.  They didn't make sense.  Sometimes they paired friends who were obviously friends, sometimes not.  Pairing single riders is the job of the loader, not someone standing far from the loading area (and can't see who needs to go where.).  After that, I Just kept walking and waited for my friend.  The level of stupidity is tough to stomach sometimes. 

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