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Six Flags Great America (SFGAm) Discussion Thread

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Mini TR of Sunday during Opening Weekend:


Great time for spending only 3 hours at the park;

Goliath x6

American Eagle x2

Raging Bull x5

Viper x1

Hometown Fun Machine x1


It was really great to get back to the park after so many visits to Dollywood and then a Spring Break Florida Trip during the off-season. Though after riding Mako 19 times just under a month ago, Raging Bull really feels like a lower tier ride for me. Still, Goliath provides some great thrills but still compared to my two favorites, Lightning Rod and Storm Chaser, it falls short quite a bit. Overall though crowds weren't too bad but food stalls were packed. Otherwise great trip and can't wait to make it back before my prom next weekend!

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Was there today as well. Crowds were surprisingly light for opening weekend, almost weekday in May light. Weather was decent too, mid-fifties and sunshine. Hangover looks absolutely massive in its location, I personally am really excited to ride. It may not be the ride many people were hoping for, but its a fun, classic thrill ride that will probably be even better than the rest given its size. Managed 1 ride each on Raging Bull, Giant Drop, Demon, The Lobster, Viper, Chubasco, American Eagle, Batman, V2, Joker, Superman, and X-Flight.


Looking forward to a great season

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I was there yesterday as well and like Saturday had a very good visit. Only coasters I didn't ride either day were Eagle and Whizzer. With that my next visit to the park will be in May for Mardi Gras Hangovers season pass day if there is one.

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Wait, There's a Sprint store in Six Flags Great America?

It's only a matter of time before a quick loans/check cashing place opens up. After that it will be a convenience store that wreaks of cigarette smoke, while offering single cigarettes half pints of cheap liquor for sale. I wonder if there will be any demand for a used tire shop near the parking lot.



Such a vivid picture you painted there.

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Here's my first ever Mini Trip Report -


First noticed the Member Entrance is to the left of the flag poles. It's a dedicated group of metal detectors then opens to the ticket reader/finger scan entrances with half dividers. Whizzer was not running for opening weekend. There is a nice display ad set up near Sky Trek for this year's first Holiday in the Park event. X-Flight was running one train as was American Eagle. Goliath and Raging Bull were running as awesome as ever and using two trains. Superman Ultimate flight was up with two trains and was practically a walk on toward the end of the day Saturday. Mardi Gras Hangover actually does look quite massive. Looks like it would be worth a spin.


The crowds weren't bad, lines for rides were manageable even with one train operations. The lines seemed to be all at the food places. Capone's kicked out stragglers that came in after 7pm on Saturday. Big Lou's has a sign pointing to Italian Beef, but I didn't see where it was or it was closed on Saturday and Sunday.


My pics aren't the best but here's a few from the trip.


Big Lou's


Where's The Beef?


Firehouse Snacks




Still Hungover

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This doesn't look that much bigger than any of the other Larsen loopers.


I thought the same thing at first but when you actually see it, it does look larger than the loops at the other parks. I tried to get a shot of the ride vehicle on the track to put it into perspective but my group was running off to catch another flight on Superman without me so the shot didn't come out the way I wanted it to.

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Just pulled into the parking lot and holy cow is it packed. I’ve heard a lot is shut down and everything else is one train. Deep breath. Good thing I love Demon.


Yup it’s bigger. Not overly interested but I’d like to ride it once at night.

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Hometown Fun Machine

Wait, has that always been the name of their Scrambler? How did I not know this? New favorite ride name.

It was originally the Saskatchewan Scrambler, but I agree, the new name is awesome.


New name as of 1977 I believe and it's a good one. I have only ridden a few scramblers, but Hometown Fun Machine seems to run differently. It feels like most of the ride is spent gradually building up to top speed. The other scramblers I've ridden got to top speed much sooner. Maybe it's just me . Still a fun fun ride and the location is nice too.

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I've always wanted to hit SFGAm for Mother's Day, and this year I finally made it happen. It was a great day for me. My 11 year old daughter, Molly, is afraid of heights, so not too keen on coasters unfortunately. With the short Mother's Day lines I'd heard so much about, I was able to get on several big coasters I hadn't been on for a while. I waited less than 10 minutes each for Raging Bull and Goliath. I hadn't been on Goliath since 2016. Having only been on twice before, I kinda forgot how much fun it is, even though it's a tad short. It really makes me want to get to Cedar Point!


Again taking advantage of short lines, I got my first spin on Joker this trip! I thought it was fun, but I don't think I'd spend too much time in line for it. 5 minutes was all I had to wait this time. American Eagle was the longest line of the day for us at 20 minutes. I also grabbed rides on Superman, Batman, Viper and Demon, and Little Dipper with Molly. I'm hoping they'll be done painting Whizzer before we go next time.


My daughter likes the spinning flats, so we did multiple rides on Hometown Fun Machine, Lobster and Fiddler's Fling. HTFM really seems to be feeling it's age. It takes forever to get up to speed these days and it feels like they've shortened the cycle. Lobster on the other hand is running great. I liked Orbit, but I'm so glad they decided relocate and keep Lobster. We ended up leaving around 5:00, due to the 3 hour drive home and having school and work today. Next year I'll take the Monday after off. lol


Here are just a few random pics.



Here's the remains of Pictorium from STT




A couple random shots from above. Hangover looks pretty tall from this view I think.



Pictorium from the ground



Whizzer support poles on the right were recently painted. We saw them priming this area 2 weeks ago when we were at the park.



I've always enjoyed the area by Whizzer and HTFM




I love Arrow corkscrews, so had to grab these shots.



I was surprised they ended up opening Yankee Clipper and Roaring Rapids.



I do like the colors they picked for Hangover.



Classic "I visited SFGAm" pic. lol

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