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Six Flags Great America (SFGAm) Discussion Thread

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Guess what brand new woodie didn't open with the park today... AGAIN? A security said this happens every morning with Goliath.


On a side note, what happened to X-Flights special effects? It has no mist or splash fountains anymore.

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I don't believe that demon will be going anywhere for a while. However, I do believe the Pictorium will be on its way out very soon. I would love for the big box to be turned into a huge interactive dark ride! Or could it be another Mack-in-the-box?

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The demon probably isn't leaving, but why did they take us to the ampitheatre if nothing is going on there significant next year?? Kinda pointless.
I think that they have some sort of plan with this "choose your path" thing. I guess we will see what happens. 2 weeks until announcement day!
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AND they just put the orange train back on 20-30min later... wheel replacement or what?

I don't know what the issue is, but it has to do with the orange train. I do know, however, that the exact same thing happened yesterday. It opened at 330, ran both for a bit then took the orange off, and put it back on about 30 mins later and ran fine the rest of the day.

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AND they just put the orange train back on 20-30min later... wheel replacement or what?

I don't know what the issue is, but it has to do with the orange train. I do know, however, that the exact same thing happened yesterday. It opened at 330, ran both for a bit then took the orange off, and put it back on about 30 mins later and ran fine the rest of the day.


I was in the station when the ended up taking the orange train off as there was a burning smell coming from it.

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Just got back from SFGAm-


-American Eagle - Only rode blue (I saw red running briefly, but it shut down before I got in line.) Nice ride here - classic, floating airtime and a really interesting layout. Also, ejector airtime right after the helix - I can only imagine this without the trims! 7.5/10


-Batman - Compared to a rather bad experience on the SFGAdv model earlier this year, this was awesome! It was very smooth an had the best scenery of all the B:TR clones that I've been on (SFMM both normally and Namtab, SFOG, SFGAdv and SFGAm.) It's interesting how the original is so good. For an invert, I guess this is a solid 7-8/10, although I am not the biggest invert fan.

Fun fact - The wheel covers for Batman are stored to the left of the train right before it enters the station. They kinda look like giant bike helmets...


-Dark Knight - I love the scenery on these rides. Compared to SFGAdv, the SFGAm version does not have the preshow video (well, it does, but they just queue you through it.) The upper switchback deck is identical to SFGAdv's, but the theming on the rest of the ride is better than the SFGAdv version. I wish they would apply this great scenery to a better coaster... Scenery is 8-10/10 (By SF/CF standards, it is pretty damn good), but the ride is, of course, 5-7/10 (goes OK with the scenery, but is a Wild Mouse REALLY the only thing they could think of to turn into a dark ride?)


-Demon - This blows the CGA version out of the water. As far as I know, this version does not have a neutered first drop (doesn't CGA's have a neutered drop?) and has more lights in its tunnels. Really, though - the drop is intense in the back, the loops are smooth, and the corkscrews... well, they aren't good, but the ride is a pretty great loop-screw! I love the rock formations, but I really wish that the waterfall would run, bloody or not. I'd rather still have the original Turn of the Century layout, though, maybe with the better Demon theme... did anybody ride it back in ye olde days and remember if the airtime hills compared to the one on CP's Corkscrew? 6-7.5/10


-Goliath - The new hotness is here! Also my first RMC. This ride is short, but quite intense. I was a bit underwhelmed at first, but soon fell in love. It lights a fire under El Toro's ass for best woodie, that's for sure! However, Toro has the edge with its multiple extreme airtime hills and length. I did love Goliath's large variety of elements, but I think that they should have tried add some more airtime hills to go with the unusual parts. As a short, rather overweight person, I liked the restraints - they are much more accommodating than El Toro while being as secure or more secure. Being short, the shin bar does next to nothing in terms of discomfort. Seriously, NTAG and IRat should get these trains - it would help relieve the rampant safety fears around post-accident NTAG and be generally more accommodating and comfortable. Be warned - this ride is still going through its "new ride unreliability" and frequently does not open with the park and will transfer trains off only to have them go right back on. It even may shut down early! Nevertheless, a 9-10/10


-Little Dipper - Fun large kiddie/medium family coaster. Not rating it, for we rode it only once.


-Raging Bull - I have a love-hate relationship with this ride. On one hand, it is unique and fun. On the other hand, THE F**KING TRIM BRAKES. If the ride was untamed and untrimmed, it could easily be intense. Rather, the ride is neutered, giving me the opportunity to call it names like "Sleeping Steer" and "Calm Cow." (Yes, I know "cows" are technically female, and steers are castrated bulls, if you don't know.) You have an insane first drop (for a B&M hyper, anyways - it is one of only 2 drops of its kind on a B&M hyper, guess.) The trim before the drop doesn't go off, luckily. However, the first trim ruins the first airtime hill, the MCBR turns some intense-looking hills into moderate hills, and you very well may be trimmed entering the ride's final figure-8 section. Fun ride, but it could be absolutely insane if the trims were turned off and the block brake didn't act as a trim unless it needed to. 7-8/10, would probably be 7.5-9/10 without trims.


Sprocket Rockets - Didn't ride


S:UF - Just a normal Superman clone. Pretzel loops are still one of the most intense coaster elements. I really wish B&M could fill the middle of this ride with more than just turns, thourgh. 7-8/10


V2 - After seeing me fit on Wicked Twister with a bit of room now that the buckles are further forward (I think they were modified), I was a bit concerned about this ride's buckle, which is two "holes" further back. The belt must have been longer, for I fit on it with just as much room as the newer Twister belts. The ride is an average impulse clone in a good setting, although the holding brake does not work. I recommend you ride it at least once, because it is unusual to float all the way on the tower. 6.75-7.75/10.


Viper - Another love-hate ride, much like the Bull (steer?) nearby. It is very smooth, but the "fan-shaped" rising-and-falling turnarounds and spread-out layout make the ride essentially forceless. The double-down is only good in the back, although you get some floater on most hills in the front. Georgia Cyclone, while bumpy, is a lot more compact and intense than this. Its turnarounds are fan-shaped going up, but and with steep drops (where the double-down is on Viper is where an insane drop is on Georgia Cyclone.) Also add the fact that Viper has a rather long line (I don't know why, bad crews?), and you get a rather underwhelming experience. You should still ride in in both front and back to see if you like it. Smoothness is 8-9/10, but ride experience is 5-7/10 for intensity.


Whizzer - While it does not have airtime or knock-your-socks-off intensity, this ride was designed for a relaxing ride through the woods mixed with moments of Schwarzkopf intensity. While it has a rather low capacity. it is worth riding for its sheer uniqueness. You are restrained by a seatbelt alone, adding to the thrill. A solid 6.75-8/10, really depending on what you are looking for in the coaster.


X-Flight - Much like Gatekeeper, you can get a good ride on this or a forceless ride. While it does not have the infamous "bumpiness" of GK, it does have spots of severe bumpiness at parts. It also has locking vests and non-functional special effects. Still a nice ride, and a fairly decent capacity. It is really hard to compare with Gatekeeper - the two rides are so different, and both rides can offer completely different experiences in different seats. The theming is nice, with all the props, audio effects in the station (and some kinda-dramatic music on the lift), and ride ops dressed in ground crew style suits. If it had it's splash and mist running, it could approach Dark Knight's scenery. 6.75-8/10.


Flats - The park has many more flats than some other SF parks. These include a very intense Frisbee type ride, a good Intamin drop tower, and a Top Spin which runs a fairly intense cycle.


Issues with my visit-

-Operations were all over the place, ranging from good to horrible. Raging Bull usually ran 3 trains, but sometimes ran 2. Goliath's seatbelt checking system is sort of tedious, but does RMC require it? American Eagle almost always ran one side (blue), and I never got the red side "credit." And the story of the ride ops on rides like Raging Bull hauling ass after closing to get home sooner? That appears to be true at times, though not always.

-This is mostly out of SFGAm's control, but Goliath has a lot of "new ride unreliability." On 2 out of 3 days, it didn't open with the park. It would transfer trains off only to have them go right back on. One day, they even shut the line down early! I hope this gets fixed, as Goliath is an awesome ride.

-The park was crowded. This is not SFGAm's fault, but I felt that the park could have been more efficient with operations on these days.


Good things about the park-

-They do a good job of keeping the park reasonably clean, which the park takes great pride in (look at the signs for "cleanest park."

-The water park looks EPIC, and I wish to go next year.

-This is my "home Six Flags", just 5 hours away from me, and I can't believe I haven't been here before (although we did drive by it on our way to Wisconsin Dells a long time ago.)

-Despite being, well, a Six Flags in an urban area, the people that I met were quite nice. At the food court, I was able to have people help me hold a table while I helped my mom carry food to the table. There were a few incidents, such as a couple in line for Carousel Columbia that was cussing like sailors in normal conversation and at least one parent screaming at their young child in public, but the people there were overall a quite good group.


Verdict - A great park which could be managed a bit better. Goliath's maintenance problems give it a bad image this year, but I do realize this is mostly out of SFGAm's control. Operations could be sped up quite a bit, honestly. Despite the crowds, I was able to get all credits except Sprocket Rockets in, and I got quite a few multiple times. I plan to go next year to ride the rides I didn't go on or didn't go on a lot.

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Hey, this is my first post on here! I've been following this thread for about three years, ever since X-Flight was announced, so I thought why not actually make an account after all this time and talk about GAm!


I visited the park twice over the past week, both on a wednesday. The first day I arrived at around 9:45 to get in line early for goliath, but got a bit ill after some quick rides on V2 and Batman. The second time I tried to do the same thing (sans headaches!!) but goliath didn't open that day due to these wonderful mechanical problems we've been hearing about, and I didn't want to stand in line for 3 hours when they started running it in the late afternoon as I'd already gotten the experience. All of these reviews are over my two days.



Goliath: As I've literally never been to a theme park outside of GAm, this is of course my first RMC, and MAN does it deliver! The first drop is absolutely insane, and you hit the airtime hill at what must be close to 50 MPH. I knew it was going to be short from the POVs, but this thing is criminally too short. I used to think X-Flight was too short, but after some consideration, it's just about the length it needs to be. Entering the brakes at practically full speed is unacceptable. Anyway, the second half of the ride really blew me away. The dive drop was surprisingly amazing; I was only expecting a quick turnaround but there was plenty of hangtime. The zero g stall is, of course, indescribable and totally amazing. I can't wait to see this on more rides. The action still doesn't let up, and there's even a pop of air in the brake run!


V2: What can you expect from this? It's a pretty standard LIM coaster, and it's nice, but after this recent experience of whiplash I might take an extended break from it.


Batman: It's sure one hell of a ride, but I've never been able to tolerate that much intensity. If it were up to me the ride would behave a little differently after the two loops, which I only this time discovered have some serious forces behind them, but for those that like this kind of ride there's nothing like it.


Dark Knight: It's not worth a long wait, but it's quite frankly not that bad of a ride imo. They've completely repaired every bit of themeing this year, so it's not just a senseless dark ride and actually has somewhat of a purpose now. Still angry that you don't get to see the video, though...at any rate, I'd take it over rajun cajun any day. The drops seem to be better positioned.


SUF: I'm here for the pretzel, and the pretzel delivers. Does the rest of the ride? No, but you all already knew that. I went in with a group of friends in the SINGLE RIDER LINE, though, and we were on one cycle in 7 minutes flat. Takes you right to the bottom of the stairs, and the single rider restrictions are...pretty lax here. Pretty ridiculous, and completely changes my view of this ride from a torturous, slogging wait to a quick adrenaline fix.


Whizzer: Still has some of the best interaction with the environment in the park, though somehow the line is longer than raging bull at times...


Viper: They should have never stopped running this thing backwards, imo, but it's one hell of a woodie. Ran it once near the front and once in back, and I can say that you feel a lot more speed in the back, especially going down the airtime hills, but much less of a pop going up them. I'd personally take the front for a slightly more consistent ride, but it's almost like this ride is hidden away in the corner when it could be a frontrunner anywhere else in the world.


Raging Bull: Single. Rider. Line. I went on this three times in 50 minutes, and I could have ridden it all day if I wanted to. I usually stick to near the front on rides, but made a concious decision to ride in the back row this time, and it was one crazy experience. The almost suction-like feeling of getting drawn in by the train is something else. I've read hundreds of posts on here about how terrible the trims are, and I've never understood why; I barely feel them. But that's because I'm in the front every time. Until this time, I didn't even know there WERE trims in the final helix! I have to agree that this ride should lose them, though, but I can see why they're there due to more "experimental" B&M designs at the time.


But yeah, raging bull has a single rider line. It's amazing, and it makes a great ride with a minimal wait even better. I know GCG will like to hear this!


X-flight: I don't know why this is viewed as such a mediocre ride, cause it's pretty amazing. First drop rivaling goliath and bull, and whoever said this thing was too smooth was crazy. There's quite a bit of force on the turns, roll, and helix, though it is a shame that the effects no longer work. What made up for this was the stellar crew work. I timed them, and they were constantly ready in around 60 seconds, which I've NEVER seen them do before! I made sure to give them a compliment in guest services, because we need more crews like that here. Probably the best thing I saw was somebody measuring a kid, then giving them a wristband right there to show that they were tall enough to not get measured again. That should be standard procedure! I rode this twice, and I can say that after comparing the front, back, and mid, I say my favorite seat is the right 2nd row. Don't know why, but I like it more than the front, but I always prefer the right side. Something about the turns makes it better for me...




I've definitely noticed that the park has gotten a lot more crowded, probably due to goliath. If it weren't for the new single rider lines, it would have been a lot worse days for me. The "yolo crowd" has definitely shown up more. A big group of crazy people behind me on sky trek tower of all things were swearing like mad and kicking windows and turnstiles in front of 5-year-olds. I would have spoken out against it if I knew that something good would come of it, but me confronting them would never have ended well. It's a shame, because it's putting a big damper on a great park...

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Interesting concept of mine - Dark Knight should be an El Loco. It has a more adult theme, so why not a thrill coaster? If you had a taller building and underground trenches inside the building, you could pull this off. Imagine - "WHY SO SERIOUS" followed by a beyond-vertical drop.

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I'm seriously wondering if that means Demon is leaving as well. But I mean, the park has gotten two major coasters in the past three years, so I'm doubting whatever is coming is going to take up that large of a footprint.

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