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Six Flags Great America (SFGAm) Discussion Thread

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So, is this going to be an ongoing problem, with the coaster shredding wheels? Was it just a bad wheel? It is a potential safety issue, with riders getting hit with pieces of the wheel, not to mention will cause downtime for the ride. Are steel wheels the solution?

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Can't wait to check it out next month! So would you say that if you can ride El Toro and Outlaw Run, the restraint can accommodate you? That is pretty much the biggest question I have about it and with what happened with Texas Giant, it wouldn't shock me to see them being more restrictive.

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Rode it twice today (Middle row and Last row) and I was amazed by it. I'm torn between it and Raging Bull for best coaster in the park. Also met Alan S. who's a really down to Earth dude and got to hug Jim Reid Anderson who is also a cool dude.


Why did you hug Jim Reid? Just wondering.

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Cool! Glad people like it. For those that have ridden it, would you say it's the best ride in the park? Superior to raging bull?


Without Goliath, the park already has about 5 coasters that are superior to Rating Bull

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Yes its most popular amongst GP but in most enthusiast circles RB is a respected, but low rated ride. So for a discussion here, it is not a good bar to measure up to. B:TR, Viper are definatly better rides than RB.


I think that's a pretty bold statement. For what it's worth, the Mitch Hawker poll has Raging Bull as the best steel coaster in the park at 76 overall. Some others are:

Batman 87

X-Flight 112

Superman 149

Whizzer 222


But I'm not in the business of telling people which rides are good-everybody has their own favorites, which is great for discussion! Personally Raging Bull was best in the park for me, but Goliath takes that spot, as it's such a unique and awesome ride.

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Amusement Today's Golden Ticket Awards have had RB in the teens 12 of the last 14 years.


People (Enthusiasts) have differing views over the Golden Ticket Awards and their credibility. A more accurate Coaster Poll is Mitch Hawker, which takes into account ride experience (# of coasters someone has been on), as well as mutual comparisons. Raging Bull has still done alright, but has fallen in the rankings; this year it finished at 76.




Not saying Raging Bull isn't a fun ride (though it's trimmed as hell), but I have a feeling Goliath will blow it out of the water.

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