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Six Flags Great America (SFGAm) Discussion Thread

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TPR will be on site at Six Flags Great America on Monday for a construction tour of Goliath! We'll have photos on our Facebook and Twitter as well as a full report on the TPR Forums once we are back!


It's going to be hard for me to resist the urge to look at the updates while I am work on Monday.

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It's going to be hard for me to resist the urge to look at the updates while I am work on Monday.


Couldn't have said it better myself, but then I remembered that I'm in Sweden, So I'll be home before those photos are up

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I find it interesting as to where they started the vertical construction. I expected them to start with the lift hill.




At least it hints the Glow in the Park Parade is returning!


Hopefully it also comes back to SFSTL as well but I'm not betting on it



It would be great to get it back at SFStL! I never got to see it!

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A beautiful sunset right behind a beautiful coaster being built. Gotta love those.


They really are great. Makes the construction look majestic as hell.

If it's already this photogenic with just a few bents in place, I can't imagine how nice it will look when it's completed.

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I find it interesting as to where they started the vertical construction. I expected them to start with the lift hill.


I thought the same thing. Maybe they are starting in the middle and working out so they equipment can get out? I know it sounds stupid but it doesn't seem like there is much room on either side of the ride.

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TPR was invited out to the park this morning for a delightful construction tour of Goliath - and when someone says "take photos of Goliath woody erection", we say "YES". Goliath will be the tallest, fastest and steepest wooden coaster when it opens in "late Spring" of 2014. It's still just a baby, but they grow-up so fast.


We also got a few inches of lovely snow yesterday, which makes for some rather pretty photos..


The train engineer will be treated to this lovely view each time he pulls into the station.


Small panorama of one end of the site. The frame from the Iron Wolf station will be reused, but the platforms will be expanded. I suspect we won't recognize this station once it's done.


Some wood. Goliath is a wood coaster :)


The old Iron Wolf queue will be reused too (although the snow will be removed before opening day). Additional queuing space will be created on the midway where the karaoke booth currently stands.


This "box" is sunk below grade and will house the lift-hill motor and other machinery.


A little snow won't stop these guys .. I mean that makes for some crappy headlines "SNOW-FLAKES DELAY WORLD'S TALLEST FASTEST AND STEEPEST WOODEN ROLLER-COASTER".


This bent was being actively worked on - the construction equipment was dropping some beams into place.


The tunnel - into which the first drop plunges. This tunnel will be 15 feet below ground, and is what will give us the 180 foot drop.




For the wooden-stake enthusiasts (don't be shy, we won't judge).


An American Eagle car being worked on in the maintenance shed.


I stood by this crate of harness parts for over an hour, but no-one jumped out of it :(


I see cute little Whizzer cars over there!


Goliath thanks to Brandon Bruce and the rest of the staff at Six Flags Great America. We know these little tours can be a bit disruptive, but we really appreciate getting a glimpse of all the hard work being done. The excitement is growing as quickly as the ride itself!

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Thanks for braving the cold and posting this Goliath update, great to see it go vertical. Nice shot of the future drop tunnel too, it will be fun to compare it to the finished product. Did they share any information about Goliath that you didn't already know?

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Very happy to see the Iron Wolf station house & queues will be re-purposed. I've spent a good chunk of time traversing those paths over over the years. My favorite part of Superman Ultimate Flight a few doors down is maneuvering through Shockwave's comically long queue. Unlike SUF, luckily, odds are good that the ride itself (Goliath) will serve as the focal point of the experience.

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