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Six Flags Great America (SFGAm) Discussion Thread

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I think theirs no chance of that happening for a long time if ever, i wouldn't be against topper track in the helix's if it meant brake less rides could be the standard. Of course a synchronized lift hill and way to determine a winner of the race would be great Ala lightning racer, of course that is asking WAY to much...

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RMC take over American Eagle soon


After building a custom RMC coaster at the park. I doubt they will do a take over of American Eagle. I could maybe see them do some work to it but I doubt we will see a RMC hybrid of American Eagle.


why not something along the lines of the Texas Giant or Iron Rattler? It's a comparatively cheap way to put new life into a ride, although I agree that topper track is more likely.


The reason "why not" is that Goliath is going to just be a few steps down the midway. If it wasn't for Goliath, sure, but having two crazy extreme RMC rides almost right next to each other seems really unlikely, at least for a really long time.

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Plus even after 32 years American Eagle is still the fastest,longest and tallest racing coaster in the world. Not to mention its the fifth fastest wooden rollercoaster right up there with its young hip grand son El Toro also by Intamin! To end this post random pictures yay.


And a failed shot due to unfortunate skycoaster placement


Blue side helix of shuffles


That's how you tease a ride no 5 part video lay it all out on the table... Err banner.

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I'm all for keeping American Eagle close to what it is now. As someone else mentioned (probably me!) many times, topper track the helices, turn the brakes off and you have a top ride.


For us locals who've caught the ride when it's running prime, we know what it can do


Oh yeah, and get rid of the side "wings" and headrests. But that would be an expensive project...

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^Why do you say that I can see the wings being nessecsary due to clearance issues, but the headrest are pointless on all woodies nobody puts there head back unless you wanna get smacked. I hate to say this but I kinda like the look of the wing headrest combo it's just such a distinctive train design even if its unnesecary.


Nice clean 2 bench PTCs


All safety mods added

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Due to the landlord from hell and the move from hell I haven't been able to go at all between the end of backwards Batman and 2 weeks ago. I'll do a couple trip reports. Both were 5 hour days I think. It's tough to get a good ride on Roaring Rapids. It starts and stops a lot. And I hate facing backwards for much of the ride. There wasn't any real line for it a couple weeks ago. Rode Yankee Clipper for the first time. It feels longer and smoother than Log Jam-which I rode today a little before 6 after waiting almost an hour. The park closed off a lot of rides around 4:30 when thunder started sounding. Accuweather said everything would be clear til ten. Log Jam definitely has a more intense drop. But I got soaked more on YC. Both times I went we didn't get on rides til after 5.


Demon was stuck on the lift today around 5 and never reopened. I don't really think it's any rougher than the other coasters. None of em is really all that physically comfortable for me to ride. Except Batman maybe. Rode that today in row 7 middle, immediately followed by row 8. The seatbelts are easier for my wife in row 8. She didn't fit when it was namtab, but fits now. The buckle looks different in row 8. I swear row 8 was about 50% more intense than 7. Maybe different train. First time I've had Batman smack my ear on the OTR when it was going forward. It was a pretty violent, but smooth ride. Sat on the right outside seat. There was some adjustment for me a couple weeks ago. I think the ride is better if you've built some resistance to the forces. I also noticed the seats in row 8 are higher up than 7.


On RB today the trims barely kicked in. The train didn't stop anywhere near as much as earlier this year or last. I like the ride more and more. I'd take it over Eagle red or Viper. Eagle red was real good. Gets some pretty extreme speed and can be a bit shaky, but no real bad spots. Blue sucked the last time I was on it. No line for Eagle. RB took maybe 20 min because they had some tech issues. X Flight right side row 4 was good as usual. Line was maybe ten min. Viper feels almost forceless after riding ER and RB. It also feels smoother than it did before the backwards stint.


East River Crawler is one I like more and more. I don't have any prior riding experience to compare it to. Whizzer is always consistent and a lot more forceful than people probably think.


Demon still is a bit bumpy a jerky, but it's not smacking the back of my head on the headrest during the loops anymore. It's not as smooth as Canyon Blaster but I don't feel it stands out for roughness.


Goliath sounds like it should be pretty awesome, I have passes and stuff to hit Silver Dollar City when I reschedule my Branson trip. I hope the lap bars feel ok. I still hate how my torso can get slammed around on those lap bar rides. It would be cool if they had backpack straps to put on if you wished. The biggest hit I took was at the end of Roaring Rapids right before the lift. It hit the wall and if I didn't have a seatbelt I would've been launched out of the tube.


Maybe all my complaining about lack of bins got someone at Six Flags to listen as they now have Cedar Pointish bins on Eagle, Whizzer, and Viper. I've also noticed that they added a locker system more like CP's as well.

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I was at SFGAm yesterday and got a picture of the Goliath site-nothing really to see, just some landscaping going on. There were obviously a lot of advertisements and signs around the park, and a few of the ride operators were even saying "Come back next year for Goliath".


In other news, I rode Raging Bull 10 times yesterday, which is a personal best for me!


Goliath site on 9/8/13

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^^ You see the guy holding it down, right?


Oh, of course. I'm sure Starlight Express there is the only thing restraining what appears to be a full grown German Shepherd.


I'm guessing the old Iron Wolf spot will be used.


You've seen the previous 23 pages of discussion, right?

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