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Six Flags Great America (SFGAm) Discussion Thread

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First of all want to thank Robb for getting up so early and posting all the info!


I can't believe SFGAm is finally building something so big! I can't wait to ride Goliath!! It looks sorta like I-Box track in the videos. Is it I-Box, or just topper track painted orange?

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Rocky Mountain never disappoints. With the dive loop I say they are half way through the development process of the inverted wooden launched aquatrax we keep asking for .


Not sure if it will top Outlaw, but we'll see!

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This ride looks incredible. The "inverted zero-g stall" is insane. Congrats to SFGAm for getting a major coaster so soon after X-Flight. But Six Flags sure is fast and loose with the "record breaking" superlatives. Tallest wooden coaster? No way. Fastest wooden coaster? Probably, but debatable. Reminds me of SFMM calling Full Throttle the tallest looping coaster. Anyway, I'm not complaining - the ride looks amazing, and the marketing people are doing their job!

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