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Six Flags Great America (SFGAm) Discussion Thread

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^They should just call it Frank, or Steve. Those are way more fitting names than David.


If you wanna ride Frank, Steve, or David, download the Grindr app.

I would go with John or Bob.

Ya know what though? I may be way off base, but then I may be spot on, so just hear me out here...



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It's looking like it will be called Goliath. It also fits in with the clues of the texts before each video smashing into the rock, the employee who keeps getting into trouble each video is named "David", and the beginning of the 3rd teaser they showed GIANT Drop. I was hoping it would be an original name but oh well. As long as the coaster is crazy awesome, that's all that matters.

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You can see Deja Vu's loop to the left of Columbia Carousel, and RMC did build Aftershock when it moved to Silverwood...

...Deja Vu is coming back!


Goliath is sort of an appropriate name if the coaster ends up being what we think it is, even if the name is lame and overused. Hey, it's still a way better name than "Flight Deck"!!

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I actually like the name Goliath for this ride because at 165 feet tall it will actually be a giant among wood coasters at the fourth tallest in the world. And if the rumors about biggest drop and fastest speed are true, even better.


Unlike some of the other Goliaths this ride will actually be... goliath.

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Hopefully their PR department is just throwing us for a loop and it won't have some dumbass name like Goliath or Titan. SF Great America doesn't deserve that!


Ahh screw it, if it's an El Toro clone, I wouldn't care if it's called Grape Flavored Chewy Money Maker.

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We're getting Revolution and Tatsu!!!?




Finally, 2 of Anton's crowning achievements in one park. I'm sure Great America will treat Revolution correctly


And Deja Vu is apparently rising from the grave!


I also enjoyed knowing from video 3 that their park president handles all employee discipline issues.

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