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Six Flags Great America (SFGAm) Discussion Thread

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What's the possibility that Camp Cartoon will be removed/relocated to make way for this ride, especially if we're looking at a ride 165 feet or higher and where could they move it to - the Southwest Territory amphitheater site?


SFGAm shouldn't have a problem building a ride that tall in that area of the park. It's right on the edge of the employee lot and they could easily expand the coaster there. I don't think Camp Cartoon is leaving because they recently renovated (painting, new fences) the area over the winter.

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This has to be true. Unless the mayor is lying/joking or the newspaper made it up (which I highly doubt), there is no reason this would be false. Six Flags wouldn't make this up for publicity, because I doubt they'd think we'd rather see a Full Throttle-clone than a RMC wicked creation. They wouldn't joke about putting up an amazing ride and then put up an okay (but not as good) ride.

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I wouldnt mind an intamin or even an S&S if they are still in the game. Ive never been on an rmc or gci but gg scares me. Hades is the roughest coaster ever. Pre 360 it made shockwave look glass smoothe. I dont like bruises or massive headaches from rides

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I'm sorry, but where did the 180 clue come from? I'm not seeing anything like that on their twitter. Maybe I'm just blind lol


SFGAm tweeted this photo on Friday saying it's a preview of next week's teaser. It shows 180 beside the "ADMIN_CAM".



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