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Six Flags Great America (SFGAm) Discussion Thread

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^^That's not concept art, that appears to be taken from Google Sketchup being used to design the theming meaning the ride is quite exact within the program. You can even see the virtual clearance tests being used to ensure the theming is safe for riders.


The rolls on these need to be slow because the people sit so far apart. Each side of the train has a completely different heartline meaning there is no way to actually heartline the ride. Therefore any banking transitions must be taken slow enough to not create excessive forces for the riders.

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Yay. More self proclaimed experts!


And their reasoning is accurate. The farther you place riders from the center of the track, the higher the discrepancy in forces. Think about a typical four-across B&M coaster hitting a zero-G roll. Which seats whip you around the most? The ones on the outside edges. It's a noticeable difference just moving from one seat to the one right next to it. Now imagine moving another three or four seat distances away to the outside wing seat. If the roll snaps like a normal B&M, the forces applied to your body are very uncomfortable, to say the least. So either the train hits the rolls high in the air and slower than a typical B&M, or it hits them lower but much less snappy than usual. Unless you want to walk off with bruises and broken limbs, then go ahead.

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...It's not though. If it was just concept art it wouldn't be being used for virtual clearance testing. It's a rendering of the final product, not just a drawing an artist did.


As for the forces, you don't need to be an 'expert' in order to understand them and understand why heartlining doesn't work on a ride where riders are placed where they are on the wingriders.

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Again, it's an artist's rendering.


But it's not. It's the ride modeled in a computer program (looks very much like SketchUp) with clearance testing being done. It's also the exact same ride whose layout has already been released. We know exactly what this roll is. I don't understand why there's even a question here.


Note the GIANT roll that stretches across the entire layout at the end.


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