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Six Flags Great America (SFGAm) Discussion Thread

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Wow, I like that shot with the snow. Amazing how fast this ride has come since they finished the lift and drop. Testing sometime in March I hope.


Count me in as one who also likes the use of the darker red/blood red colors parks are using (Diamondback and Firehawk at KI) over the traditional red like on Superman.

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Interesting how the Swarm looks enormous in pictures, but X Flight looks quite small, even though theyre very similar in size.

But this ride is looking fantastic and is the Wingrider with the best looking layout IMO, and that keyhole near miss on the inline twist looks insane.


Probably due to all of Swarm's pics being taken up close with nothing nearby that's bigger to compare to scale. I'm sure if Swarm was next to Stealth you'd think it looked smaller too.


Man oh man, is it May yet? I can't wait to ride that monster!

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^^ Those photos look great! I have never seen a better picture of a Theme Park in the snow... I hope they finish X-Flight on time so I could ride it this summer, ugh I can already imagine the lines... By the way (sorry for asking) what's left that needs to be completed of X-Flight? I'd like to see it... Thanks if anyone replies!

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I don't understand why B&M can design their looping coasters so well and make them look amazing but their hypers/giga look like something designed in RCT. Does B handle the loopers and M handle the hypers or vice versa??? Imo it looks like when it comes to their Hypers vers their loopers they seam to be designed by different people.


Anyways X-flight looks beautiful and I can not wait to ride it

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Ten years ago, I visited Six Flags Great America and had a rough visit. The year was 2001, I was on the second week into my road trip, and the driving was H,E,(double hockey sticks. I arrived at the park late, only got to stay seven hours, and rode several coasters once and a few flat rides (Yep, it was also very crowded that day).


But in 2012, I shall be returning to that park with one thing on my mind, REVENGE!!! This time, I won't be spending a few hours, but several days. I'll make sure I'll get plenty of rides in before I go. And as for the X-flight - "Bring it on!"


"Hey, if you miss me while you're on vacation, don't cry on another pillow!"

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