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I went to the IAAPA Asian Expo in Korea last week. I have some photos I would like to post from the event. I do not how to post them. How do I post photos on here? There were many interesting exhibits. They had two carnival rides and several simulators. Mack, Chance, Intamin, Vekoma, S&S and several other companies were represented at the show. Mack had the best booth and visitors to the booth could pick up hats and ink pens for free. The Mack people were super nice. It is clear they were happy to be there and they like working in the amusement park industry. Perhaps the most interesting thing at the Expo was I got word from the Martin & Vleminckx booth. With the new wooden coaster opening in China, many Chinese parks have been expressing interest in adding a wooden coaster. A couple of Korean parks are also very interested in adding a wooden coaster as well. That would be a wise move for any Korean park judging by the lines at Everland's T-Express-the best wooden coaster in the world.

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The Meisho looper is going to be removed. The new owners of Gyeongju World want to turn the park into an Everland type park. I think GW is a park to be watched for the next several years. There were GW reps at the show and I do know they stopped at the Okamoto booth. My guess is another coaster is being considered for the park. I was told at the M&V booth that "a couple of Korean parks" are considering a new wooden coaster. I think GW and Lotte World are the parks that may want to build a wooden coaster.

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From what a korean friend explained, Lotte World won't be able to build anything outside, due to the neighbors complaining about the noise. That's why the scream shields were added to Gyro Swing.


That would not leave a lot of park to build a wooden coaster in Korea... Every year, I'm amazed Kumdoriland can still survive to open.

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Kumdoriland is a good park, but it is very small and out of room to expand. I read something in the newspaper very recently that Lotte World does intend to expand the outdoor portion of the park. They may have found a way to expand without bothering the neighbors.


I will have to say that of all of the parks in Korea, GW is almost a sure bet to add another coaster in the next few years. Tongdo Fantasia may also be likely to add another coaster. Maybe a new park will be built. I can't of too many parks in Korea that would invest in a new coaster.

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Uploading photos is easy:


right underneath the posting box is a box to upload a photo. The photo just has to be 800x600. Click choose file to select the file you want, add a caption in the box right underneath that if you want to, then click the "add photo, video, or other attachment box" to upload it.

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Here are some of my photos from the expo.


This was one of several ride models on display.


IE Park display.


The Mack booth. This was my favorite booth at the show.


The Intamin booth for all of your Intamin fanatics.


The Pirates Splash Battle is a near copy of the Geoge of the Jungle ride. It just has a different theme.


One more photo of the ride


Another photo of the George of the Jungle ride.


George of the Jungle ride on display at the IAAPA Asian Expo

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The shows are open to anyone who wants to attend one. The 2009 IAAPA European Expo is going to be in the Netherlands, which is very close to the UK. Maybe this will be your year to go. The shows are more for park owners-not coaster enthusiasts, but any hard core coaster/amusement park nut will find plenty of interesting things to look at. There will be plenty of free ride catalogues and publications available as well. $30 USD got me access to the expo for all three days.

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