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What are the Coasters you have Ridden Most?

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The coaster I have ridden the most is Renegade at Valleyfair (86 laps), followed by Wild Thing at the same park (67 laps). Number three would be Kraken at SeaWorld Orlando (about 50 laps, not completely sure).

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I'm gonna have to say Millennium Force, I've gone to CP many times every year since I was a wee child. And since thats just an all-around fun coaster, we usually ride it numerous times every visit. I would approximate in the 100's, but I've never been a counter.


Second and third , sadly, go to Big Dipper and Double Loop at the once great Geauga Lake(once great as in pre Six Flags era/eventual closure). Those were my very first "big coasters", and me mum and I used to ride them over and over again overtime we went. Since we live 30-40 minutes away, this was quite often

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I don't count, but I would say most of the coasters at Kings Island like Diamondback, The Beast, The Racer, Vortex, Adventure Express, The Bat, and Flight of Fear.

As well as SFOG coasters like Georgia Cyclone, Scream Machine, Mind Bender, Batman, and Goliath.

I've been going to these two parks every year since I was a little kid. They're my second and third homes.

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I am one that lost count also. However, my eight year old daughter had an obsession with The Comet at Waldameer this past summer. I must have been on it around 60 times in 3 days. She must have been on it well over 200 since there where minimal lines. The crew actually let us ride it by ourselves during the last train our final night.

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I don't count the amount of times I've rode a certain coaster. It has to be Sierra Sidewinder at Knott's, though. Every time our family went to Knott's, even before I reached that magical 48 inch mark, I've rode that coaster the first thing we enter. Maybe it was because of its convenient location in Camp Snoopy. Since then, I've had a liking with Sierra Sidewinder, and I continue to love this coaster.

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Probably El Diablo at Portaventura. Even though it has kind of received the nickname of "Lift Hill: The Ride" it still holds a special place for me, being my first true "big" coaster, so I always try to get a good few rides in whenever I go to PA.


After that, it's probably Furius Baco, mostly due to my marathon riding of it during the closing hours of the park. Plus it's probablyy one of my favourite coaster, despite it being rough.

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I don't visit the same parks enough anymore to really have high lap counts (nor do I count anyway). I suppose I've racked up a bunch of laps on Millennium Force, Phantom's Revenge, Loch Ness Monster, Sooperdooperlooper, Leviathan, Skyliner, and Lightning Racer. Those are the only ones I can think of that I've "power marathoned" at least once.

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Easily my top most ridden overall, at least 50-100 laps on each:


Sea Serpent (Moreys)

The Great Nor'easter (Moreys)

The Great White (Moreys)

Flitzer (Moreys)


I started counting individual rides in 2014. Top 5 most ridden this year:


El Toro - 27 laps

Nitro - 18 laps

Bizarro (GAdv) - 13 laps

Superman: ROS (SFA) - 12 laps

The Great White (Moreys) - 8 laps

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Through Coaster Counter, I've kept fairly close track of rides that I've been on. The top 5 are from repeat visits to local parks.

1. Voyage - 43

2. Lightning Run - 33

3. Legend - 30

4. Raven - 24

5. Thunder Run - 19

6. Banshee - 13

7. Intimidator 305 - 7

8. SheiKra - 7

9. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad - 6

10. Montu - 6

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