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What are the Coasters you have Ridden Most?

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Since I am one of those coaster dorks who actually keeps track of how many times I've ridden a roller coaster (I use my notes in my phone & each time I ride a ride put it in) today I opened up my binder & did some calculations. I started doing this in 2005 so I've obviously ridden Nitro & Steel Force a lot more. Here are the top 8 coasters that I've ridden most & their count. Oh & I AM 100% accurate:


1. HellCat=134x


2. Nitro=82x


3. Phoenix=78x


4. Kingda Ka=70x


5. Great White (morey's piers)=68x


6. El Toro=53x


7. Skull Mountain=52x


8. Steel Force=41x

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On another board someone claims to have ridden Expedition Everest over 2000 times,he's apparently at Animal Kingdom 5 or 6 days a week riding it 20 times or more a day.It's a good ride and all and I've probably ridden it 70-80 times but with all the other parks and coasters in the area why limit yourself to just riding this one to that point.I myself can't think of which coaster I've been on the most,probably between Montu,Kraken and Hulk each probably over 200 times.

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I've ridden Silver Bullet at Knott's the most, but I only have 25 rides on it. I've also ridden Xcelerator at Knott's 20 times, and Cobra at SFDK about 22 times. I've only been riding these coasters for a year or less though.

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Afterburn for me, I have probably ridden it over 500 times. It wouldn't surprise me if I'm closing in on the 1000 point. I usually ride it at least 20 times every day I'm there normally as a guest. My maximum number of times on it in one day was 60. Thank you no crowds.

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For me, it would pretty much be most of Hersheypark's coaster which would be: Comet, Great Bear, Lightning Racer, Wildcat, and sooperdooperLooper, followed by Wild Mouse and Trailblazer. Sometimes on my visits to the park, I don't always get down to Trailblazer to ride it.


The next ones up would be Space Mountain and Big Thunder Mtn at WDW, followed by Rock'n Rollercoaster and Exposition Everest. Even though I've been to WDW twice since I first rode Rock'n Rollercoaster, the second time I was there since my first ride (2007), RR was shut down for rehab, so I added Everest to my credits during that trip tying them both up for one.

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My top 5 are:

1. Talon, 136 rides

2. Hydra, 98 rides

3. Steel Force, 91 rides

4. Nitro, 85 rides

5. Laser, 60 rides (Skull Mountain is right after that at 59 rides which will pass Laser into the top 5 since I doubt I will ever ride Laser again).


I started keeping track in 2006 and have my ride numbers for every coaster at Dorney and Great Adventure but don't have accurate numbers for Rolling Thunder, Runaway Mine Train and Thunderhawk as I rode those a bunch of times before I started keeping track of rides.

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Do people really keep track of how many times they ride each coaster? I understand the idea of keep track or your credits but this may be a little overboard!!!


Not everyone keeps track on how many times they ride a certain ride. I'm just that dorky when it comes to coasters At ert sessions with TPR on each run I hold a finger up on how many times I ride that coaster during the hour. After 10 runs I put it in my phone or if we have to walk around the entrance to get back on I just do it each time. Surprisingly being this organized with my coaster counting actually helps me keep organized in school. I even keep track of the theme parks I visit each year & the order I visit them with the date & I give a little summery of the day next. For example I go under my 2009 Amusement Park section & write: 6/12: Clementon Park: 1 coaster/3 runs. Then I will go to my 2009 Roller Coasters section, find HellCat, & write 3 tally marks. It is a routine after every trip I do. Here are some pics of my coaster binder:


My coaster binder. Unfortunately that is the best I can draw


The coasters I rode most.


Amusement parks that I visited in 2009 with dates.


The roller coasters I rode so far in 2009 & how many times & the order I rode them. I have 2 pages already!

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I've been on Raptor at Cedar Point 1,143 times. I don't have exact counts on anything else there except Maverick (57 times). I think I have more than 400 on Millennium Force and probably around 300 on Magnum XL-200.

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