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Hey everyone. If you didn't know, this is EuroTre. My old computer keeled over and I lost everything. I had to get a new account here, upload old files, etc...


Sorry there's no POV or pictures. My new computer sucks 'cause I can't find either of them.


Anyway, here's the backstory:


Applewood Park was a small picnic groove in the small town of Cassville, right on the Mississippi River. Because of s string of successful seasons, the management decided to see if they could build a thrilling wooden coaster for the 1953 season. However, there were unable to get a company to agree to build the ride, so Tornado became an in-house project. The ride, while only 75 feet tall and having a top speed of only 47 mph, was a very popular and profitable ride. It was never considered a top ride, but it was one of the better ones built. The ride had airtime, tights turns, and is probably my smoothest ride.


Ride and comment.



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Good job. Very smooth and quickly paced, with airtime and *some* laterals. Only complaints:

-Needs some extra bracing with crossovers.

-The quality of the trackwork got a bit sloppy near the end.

-Some of your valleys were a bit too abrupt, and bunny hill shaping was weird for an old woodie, which is what I assuming you were basing this off of.


Overall great job though!

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