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Road Trip to Carowinds

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I have two questions.


I'm making a (roughly) 9 hour solo drive to Charlotte, North Carolina to meet up with my dad and his girlfriend. Since my dad is there for meetings, his girlfriend and I plan to visit Carowinds and any other things Charlotte has to offer.


First question: I found an awesome deal for a one way car rental from Tampa to Charlotte. (a little under 60 bucks) Seeing as I am under the age of 25 are there any extra fees they tack on because of my age? I know that I have to have a credit card in my name and a valid drivers license. (I have both) I just want to make sure the low price is going to stay pretty low even though I'm only 23.


Second question: Since I know nothing about Carowinds...how is it in late June? Should I get there early? I also noticed they have some sort of twilight pass for the evening. Is it worth it do go that late in the day? I plan to either go the 27th or 28th. (Saturday or Sunday)


Any help would be amazing.


P.S. I plan on going to Dorney Park as well as Six Flags in Jersey...so any relative info on those two parks would be radical too.

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You don't have to get there early Carowinds is hardly ever crowded.

The lines for Nighthawk and Carolina Cobra fill up ,but their not bad.

May I recomend Afterburn (Top Gun) It's a B&M Invert that is 144 feet tall.

Best ride in the park by far.

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Afterburn is 113 feet tall, not 144.


As far as info on the park, it usually isn't that bad except on weekends, and even then its fairly light compared to most parks weekends. The only advice is do Nighthawk first thing in the day. It WILL get a long line and it WILL move very slowly.

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Afterburn is 144 feet tall!



Everybody thinks it is 113.


here is proof.


when they announced Carolina Cobra they said it is the secend tallest

coaster in the park and saying afterburn is 113 feet tall is the same

as saying that Nighthawk is taller then Afterburn.It's on the Carowinds

website. One last thing the coaster data base is wrong about afterburn

being 113 feet tall to. Could somebody fix that. Even the guy checking

seat belts told me it is 144 feet tall.



Sorry it's just that I hate it when people make mistakes about my

favorite coaster at my home park.

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Afterburn is also my favorite coaster at my home park as well. And I am saying there is no possible way it is 144 feet tall. The last thing I would trust in facts and figures are stats from a parks official website. They are FAMOUS for being wrong.

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Okay to set everyone straight, Afterburn's first drop is 144ft. The point it reaches it's highest speed is actually around 160ft from the top of the lift. It doesn't reach the 62mph until after the loop. The 113ft is the height of the lift from the station. The station itself is set about 30-40ft off the ground.


Now that I solved that argument, It's nice to hear that you have decided to come visit us. About the crowds, as long as you come on a weekday, you have nothing to fear. Everything will be walk on except for Nighthawk with an average 15 minute wait.


If you go on a saturday though, it's a whole different beast. We normally have 1+ hour waits for both Nighthawk and Cobra. Vortex will normally be around an hour, and the rest will be 15-30 minutes at least.


About the ticket, if you are going on a saturday, pay for full day and be there at opening. If you are going on a weekday and you don't want much in the way of re-rides get the twilight. For the best time in the park though, do full day and just enjoy riding the 34th best steel coaster in the world many times over. It's almost like all day ERT.


EDIT- OOps, forgot to tell you that you can go to the Bojangles on Carowinds Blvd. and get a $10 off coupon for admission to the park.

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Thanks for the info.


I've got my car booked for the 26th and I'm stocking it up with like 2 gallons of sweet tea for when I head up to New Jersey after North Carolina.


If anyone happens to see a girl with those ridiculous tattoos pictured to the left (yeah, they're real) walking around in Carowinds, Six Flags Great Adventure and Dorney park say hi! I'm nice, I promise.


Oh, and I plan on taking a bunch of pictures with my 1965 Polaroid camera. Be on the look out for those too.

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I'll probably be working when you're there. I probably won't be there until after 2:00pm though. If you see me though, I'll be the blond headed kid in a red shirt and blue shorts with a name tag that says Andrew. Just say hi if you see me. Oh, and don't forget to stock up on Cheerwine too while you're here, and if you've never tried it, you haven't lived.

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