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Kings Island June 9&10 PTR

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I left my house around 10am. and got to my home at about 11:30am. As soon as we got to the park we rode Diamondback 4 Times, it was running 3 Trains and the line was just a little out of the lift area. Than I think we rode Beast, it was a 5 Minute wait. Went to Red Racer and rode Twice, while on it we noticed Vortex had a station wait so We went to it and I always ride 7-1, but Everyone says 5-1 is best. You people are wrong, try 7-1 it's way better! Than I rode Adventure Express Twice in a row, I love that coaster! Than went to Drop Tower and rode twice, only waited 10 Minutes which is long compared to tomorrows lines! SOB had a station wait so we rode it once in the front seat, Asked some of my friends there to turn the MCBR off but they didn't. Than I bought a ticket to Xtreme Skyflier cause it was $5 all day, but ended up not riding it due to not enough time so we got our money back. I think We rode Top Gun real quick than went to meet up with Nick (Dar to Fly) and Adam (pkiboy.) We rode Crypt since I haven't ridden it since it became a Ferris Wheel. It sucked, so We went to Diamondback to find the queue blocked off for some reason So I rode the log flume. Than We decided to ride Son of Beast again, it was great as always! They wanted to do Drop Zone, but since Delirium had a rare short line I rode it real quick than went to Drop Zone and rode a few times. Adam and Nick left, so we went to Racer again. I think by this time it was a little after 9pm. so We got in line for Beast. It was going to be our last ride of the night but we got off at 9:55pm. so we were going to Ride Firehawk. But it was closed as always so we rode Flight of Fear. Than we walked to the movie theater down the street from KI, and said hi to Zach by the drop off zone.


I woke up at about 8am. and took a shower, than went and ate some nasty food at the hotel. My mom didn't want to go outside since it was pouring rain so I pulled up the car. We got to KI at 9:25am. so we made it on time for ERT. Diamondback was testing but never opened cause it was pouring, Beast was closed too. So I filmed and just enjoyed the atmosphere at Kings Island. At 9:50am. Crypt randomly opened so we got a ride on It and exited during the national anthem. We went to Flight of Fear and expected a line but only like 2 People were in the station. So we rode 3 Times. Than Racer opened so we rode it a few time than went to Adventure Express to find an empty station so we stayed on a few rides in front seat than switched to back seat. Than the best part of my visit to Kings Island happened! Drop Zone had no line, and so We stayed on for 10 Rides! It was the best thing Ever! I was all by myself facing towards Vortex! It was super foggy so midway through the way up you couldn't see anything, than at the top you could only see the very top of Eiffel Tower. Once you dropped you couldn't see anything til you hit the brakes the park appeared. And that is what happened for the next 30 Minutes, nonstop Drop Zone! Than I rode Son of Beast really quick in front seat since no one was in the station, than Rode Drop Zone more! Invertigo had no line at all So, why not? After Invertigo I went back to Drop Zone again and rode a few times. We were going to Beast but Delirium ride Opts. Were on the intercom asking people to ride, so we got a quick ride on it and got seats with new restraints. Than We went to Beast. I thought it would be a quick ride since the line was just the station but they were running 1 Train so a train only came every 5 Minutes. We waited about 30 Minutes than met up with Brian and got Rivertown Pizza. After that we went and rode Diamondback twice in a row since it had a station wait! Than I wanted to ride Drop Tower some more so We rode once than rode Son of Beast once in the back than rode Top Gun in the back. Next we went and rode Adventure Express again than rode Blue Racer. Next we went to the top of Eiffel and noticed Diamondback closed so the line was empty. Than it all the sudden opened with 3 Trains and so we got in line and about 2 Minutes after we got in line we were going up it's lift hill. We rode 3 Times than My Mom said we're leaving early cause storms are coming so I rode Drop Tower 2 More times and I believe Son of Beast once than called it a day and fell asleep in the car.



Diamondback's splashdown and Flowers.

Diamondback's lift seen from Rivertown Junction.

Diamondback's splashdown with Eiffel.

Love how the Helix looks from here, sorry I didn't get a train in it.

The airtime hills look cool from in front of Rivertown Restrooms.

Vortex's first inversion.

I could of sworn this billboard was new, but I guess it's been here for a while.

Top Gun's Overbanked turn

Into the brake run!

Random crane.

Diamondback's transfer track from International Showplace.

Flashback Totally 80's!

SLC and Boomerang's child.

Someone tour Firehawk's beak off...

Photo everyone has...

I kinda like this photo.

Honestly, I have never noticed this...

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Top Posters In This Topic

Racer at Sunset.

Looking up.

Red Race>Blue Racer

I can't ride this.

It's sign is hidden.

Beast at night is just amazing.


More X-Base.

Atmosphere of Coney Mall.


International Street at night is beautiful!

The only people at Morning ERT.

The sign got shifted.

Kings Island, Where else? Cedar Point....


Yeah my photos weren't really that good this trip, but This was one of the best times I've ever had at KI especially Weds. When it rained! We'll I'll be back Sunday!

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What do you mean your photos weren't really that good? I thought they were! I loved that Racer shot looking up underneath the track through the structure. That was really interesting. I also enjoyed the X-Base night pic. Great PTR and pics! Can't wait until August!

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Nice pics & TR. I might be going to KI for the first time in 2 weeks & can't wait. If I go it will be on a Wednesday so hopefully the lines won't be crowded.

Thanks! The lines shouldn't be bad on a Wednesday. And if you can, go on a cooler day or a day it may rain and the park will be empty.


I think you took some nice pictures. Thanks for the report and pics



What do you mean your photos weren't really that good? I thought they were! I loved that Racer shot looking up underneath the track through the structure. That was really interesting. I also enjoyed the X-Base night pic. Great Photo TR and pics! Can't wait until August!

Haha, thanks! Compared to my recent PTRs, these photos kinda suck. And I'm glad you like em'!

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