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100 reasons you love TPR

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84. We can e-mail Dan for any reasons, whether you are asking for some "fun" with him or just cursing at him.

85. There is a picture of Robb licking a fat naked guy adoring Robb.

86. there's actually a word "fun" on the banner, not "a site dedicated to determine the person who knows more about roller coasters and theme parks"

87. Free photo uploads!

88. Free censored previews of porn in some photo updates for 18- posters!

89. donkeys

90. Nice coverage of donkeys, Dorkings, horse boners (or was it a donkey?), boobs that are divided by the stateline, porn (like I said), a sardine-sized fish on a plate, restraunt menus, underwears of the Roman Gods, good ole' gay times, and coasters.

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Even though I have been delayed by stupid steam trains in Holland, stupid cones and stupid cars (lots of them) in England, Robb and Elissa will still be patiently waiting for when we meet up! Thanks for putting up with me!


Next time I'm gonna leave 12 hours early cos I'm fed up of being screwed over just trying to get places. By the way, the journey home took half the time that it took me to get down to Chessington - that's how bad it was. :shock:

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#102 - TPR trips get me out of the house, at least once a year now.


Depending on the count, this should be the right # - but who's counting now, eh?


(Edit: Maybe the title should be changed to 100+ Reasons...?)

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