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100 reasons you love TPR

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61. Admins constantly striving to make the site even better even though it seems almost perfect already!

62. Instantly makes you cool just by signing up! (gotta love those perks for registered cool people!)

63. Gives everybody a chance to experience the theme parks of the world from their own home!

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82. All the fantastically written trip reports on this forum.


83. The mods (OK, Robb and Elissa) being willing to put a swift end to any flame wars that might start up around here. I really like a place where everyone at least gives each other the time of day.

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Email Dan ( MrT0aD13@aol.com ) with a explanation of why you should be allowed to join SPO VIP. It's best to write out a lengthy essay style analysis with multiple bullet points and MLA formatting when necessary. Better yet, create a Powerpoint presentation with lots of slide transitions that outlines why you should be allowed in.


Send it multiple times. Dan's not good about checking his email, so if you send it 3-4 times he'll know it's important.

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Dan also enjoys large movie files of animals doing wacky things (cats running into walls, dogs chasing their tails), so if you attach one, he'll probably be more inclined to look at your application.

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