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TPR's Scandinavia 2009 Trip!

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So... I'm going to S. Korea for the month of October (assuming there aren't any nukes being flung around) and I hear that Everland has a pretty good Intamin woodie. How is it?

I've heard that Balder is better. I've also heard that El Toro is better. However, a few of you also say that T Rex (or whatever it's called) kicks butt on the other Intamin woodies.

Please enlighten me. I need to plan how many days to spend there (Everland). I've never been on any of the Intamin woodies.


(I already know the Arrow suspended is supposed to be A-#1, so I'm really intrigued with the prospect of an Arrow coaster finally doing itself justice (besides X or X2))





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I feel like such an idiot. I saw the nail art, and i was like WTF is TAK!

I then realised it said "TPR"


I need help. Hahahah. Great update Robb. Have fun on the rest of your trip.




Well, "tak" means "thank you" in Danish (not sure about Swedish).


What a great tour--the Scandi parks were great, and you can't go wrong with Robb and Elissa leading the way.



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Heh. Greate to see an update of the park I was closest to. I've moved to the neighbouring town to Skara. But for some reason I found it easier to meet you at Liseberg rather than Skara Sommarland (simply because I haven't been there and most of my friends are in Gothenburg (took your advice on bringing a friend)).

Bit of a shame I only got to see you twice and for short periods; once as I was having lunch and spotted you as of the 25th picture, and again as you were about to have your night time ERT on Balder, but I shouldn't be too disapointed. Was very accepted in the Big Mike group (or was it just Big Mike). I should just try harder to get my money to grow, flurish, and be spendable on a nice "cheap" trip with you guys (I think one of the things that makes it look expensive is that the flight to and from the meeting place isn't included in the price).


Oh, just a note, this "Naked, pregnant, Pope" thing is actually a story about an Emperor's new Style. No, not the Emperors New Groove as in that... llama? (never watched it) The Story Castle contains things from classical stories, some of Swedish classic stories. Not sure where this story originates from, but it had to do with a new "invisible" look.


Oh, and I'm guessing you are all home now, I suppose I can find a spot so you can download the photos I took. Here's a nice contained package: http://edward.leuf.org/x/20090615.zip

Beware of the size: 325MB

Please pick it up quickly and tell me when you've got it. The server is a little iffy, plus there is limited space.



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Was very accepted in the Big Mike group (or was it just Big Mike)



As always



Big Mike welcomes everybody who wants to come out and say hello while on The Road Show!



Glad you felt comfortable and had fun!



Peace, Big Mike

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I do have to say one thing though -




Yes, it's true - Theme Park Review officially says "Balder is the #1 wood coaster in the world!"


I guess people who "speak" for TPR on wikipedia need to do an update! LOL!!!


T Express is a wooden roller coaster at Everland in Yongin, South Korea. It is South Korea's first wooden coaster, Intamin AG's fourth wooden coaster with prefabricated track, the first ride of this type in Asia, and the first to utilize three trains. It is currently the world's steepest wooden coaster, breaking El Toro's record by one degree. It is also the world's ninth fastest, third tallest, and sixth longest wooden coaster.


T Express was ranked as the world's #1 best, most thrilling roller coaster in the world by the Themepark Review (themeparkreview.com).


The biggest change brought by T Express was an increase in the number of customers, especially teenagers and college students. The number of college students increased by 14%, and teenagers by 73% according to Everland statistics.



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^ Well, the wiki does actually read correctly...


T Express WAS ranked as the world's #1 best, most thrilling roller coaster in the world by the Theme Park Review (themeparkreview.com).




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Here's a writeup I found, all about Norse Gods and of course that wonderful one we call BALDER...






And (edit here) he was known as the God of Truth and Light! Not thunder, as so many of us would like to believe, lol.

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I just love reading TPR updates from AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME European theme parks that we normally can't afford to go to but would LOVE to do so. It makes me really want to go on a TPR trip sometime soon. I really hope you get a Pacific Northwest Trip sometime soon. It's about time you visit the rainy state, the potato capital of the US, and whatever else is here to see.


But yes, as always, keep up with the fantastic updates, Robb and Elissa!

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^ Isn't Idaho the potato capital of the world???


Any who... Great TR's as always. I copy the sentiments of being able to enjoy sights and sounds from different parts of planet Earth with all the zaniness TPR does. I might not be able to afford one of these awesome trips anytime soon (maybe buying a house, and marriage) but I hope to meet up with you cool cats again when the West Coast trip comes rolling into town.

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The swedish article on Wikipedia has this to say:


" The rollercoaster is named after 'Balder's paddock', a former paddock which was on the location of this rollercoaster. In 'Balder's paddock', the football team and sports club 'ÖIS' have formed, in 1887. This is why the trains are colored red and blue, the colors of 'ÖIS'.


'Balder's Paddock' is in turn namegiven after the scandinavian god 'Balder', the god of light and beaty."


Any questions?

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Hey! Great photos from Liseberg! I agree that Liseberg is a fantastic park . I visit the park 1-3 times every year (Perhaps on Monday). Very cool that you had to go behind the scenes at "Spökhotellet Gasten". I hope you have more photos from there! Last time I went it was in May, and I had to go at the front. It was actually very fun!

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^ (translated to:) Hotel Gasten was great to go through - actually, twice for myself. Once, after the attraction had just opened for the day, and later on, when a few of us thought the Hotel's Staff would be more.... um... "warmed up" for our arrival?



And before that, an informative and great "backstage tour" for us, with a couple of looks at what was waiting for us... but with Lower Lighting, heh heh.


And we who dared enter it's cobwebbed hallways and byways the second time, felt it was better than our first time, but that's okay! Both times were awesome enough, lol!


Here's a Tack to the management and deadly-serious staff at the Hotel Gasten! It's a must see-and-experience at Liseberg.



(EDIT to say V Thanks.)

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Next stop - Skara Sommarland!


I have to say this park was a total 'surprise hit' of the trip! Not just because the new wacky S&S swinging bizarr-o coaster was great but the whole park was just really nice and "charming."


We all felt it was a perfect "camping" destination or a nice place to spend a day with the family that had both a good collection of rides and a relaxing atmosphere.


Let's talk about Tranan for a moment. I have to be honest, from the first time I saw the concept video of this ride I went "WTF???" but having now ridden it...it's a load of fun!


I almost feels like they wanted a cross between "re-inventing" the suspended coaster and doing something a little different with some of that "4D R&D."


The coaster itself may be a bit short, but honestly that's fine. It's meant to be more of a family coaster with a bit of thrill and I think that's exactly what it delivered. Although I think it a bit more thrilling than in looks, mostly due to the ride vehicle being so exposed.


The restraint is very similar to the original belts used on the first generation Thrill Shots. The seats are very low and they give you a lot of room to ...well... flap your wings! No, seriously there is something about this ride that makes grown adults want to "flat their wings!"


What the ride does is very strange also. The "bird" (or the train) turns upside down based on the layout of the track, but the chassis holding the seats rotate around staying upright and swinging the entire time.


It's a very "odd" feeling, but overall the ride was totally a hit with our group!


On to some photos...


But first Big Mike grabs a quick snack for the road!


Thanks again to Skara Sommarland for a great day! Thanks to Hanno for so many of your photos!


Well, we must say goodbye to Tranan and head on to our next park...


Still weird!




Really...we didn't know what to make of this ride before we got here and I'm really glad it turned out to be great!


Gotta love those mad birds!


Future A380 pilot!


"I'm driving a truck...drivin' a big 'ol truck..."


Random buildings and other such nonsense...


Poor Tom...


"Give me your coke or I'll slam this door on your penis!"


This food is mine... ALL MINE!!!!


Um, what exactly is going on here?


Dude makes the chick do all the work! Priceless!


Go karts and stuff...


Yay for toilet bowl slides!


The water park section looked cool.


This is probably the coolest bumper cars building ever.


As for the rest of the park, it really was a nice relaxing place.


Seriously, just look at how screwed up that thing looks! It really was freaking awesome!


And my favorite part of the ride... CHOCOLATE DONUTS!!!


Hellllooooo Mr. Station!


I like buttons...I. Like. Buttons.


Wait for it...wait for it....wait for it... BOX!!!!


Constipated bird.


Company logo.


Content bird.


Apparently Tranan got excited!!!


Wheels and blue stripes....YUM!


Haven't we seen you somewhere before?


And now! Some super uber nerdy coaster geeky shots.


Here's what the whole ride looks like. It's not giant by any means, but it really doesn't need to be. It was quite the surprise hit for the entire group!




Now that is one PISSED OFF bird!


Awww, Patrick! Who pooped in your Cheerios?


Flappy, Flap, Flap, Flap...Flap.


As one bird heads to the lift hill another one flies over. Watch out for poop!


You can see how the seats are very low leaving the riders very exposed. This adds to the fun!


Ok, ok, so not all of them are grown men!


And for whatever reason the effect that Tranan has on people makes grown men want to flap their wings!


The ride is REALLY bizarre. As your bird spins around the track your seats rotate around the bird making them "stay in place" but while swinging just a little bit.


No, no, no... it's Tranan...possibly one of the most screwed up, but awesome roller coasters ever!


OMG! It's one of the "Brit Group" after pulling an all nighter!


Now what is that I see through the trees over there?


"If you count this as a credit, raise your hands!"


"The Force is strong with him. The son of Skywalker must not become a Jedi. "


This has to be one of the most themed mine trains out there! (at least the queue)


First off...let's get our powered coaster credit! Yay!!!


Just in case you weren't paying attention, the name of the park is Skara Sommarland.

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