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SFMM & DLR June 3rd TR

Guest Papas

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I went to SFMM today to ride Terminator and finished the day off going to Disneyland to see the new firework show Magical, which hasnt opened yet but they were doing a full show test run tonight before its opening night which is sometime next week I believe.





These first pics are from DLR yesterday, SFMMs/fireworks are from today.


D23 con banners posted along Harbor Blvd


This construction wall is now up, so both sides of the path are walled off (left for World of Color and right for Little Mermaid)


Further visual aid


The Corn Dog Castle is now closed




Gift shop closed


Also closed to be rethemed over the next few years this entire area will be getting well needed spruce ups


Mullholand Madness still open .....for now (or at least until around the time Silly Symphony Swings opens up)



Typical line for Toy Story Midway Mania


Thought this was an appropriate time for this picture

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I was pretty excieted to ride another GCI, especially one with an onboard soundtrack



I found some of the "theming" in the queue quite hilarious



The theming in the main queue isnt anything mindblowing. There were some cool props but they were surrounded by big open spaces of concrete or cheap looking walls.


But regardless its still above average and certainly better than nothing.







Found it kindve funny they just took what worked from Batmans line and used it for Terminator. BTR the ride flies above the police car crashed into a fire hydrant, Terminator is a semi truck buried in dirt


Time: now Seat: yes Smoking: no







It stopped on the lift before we got to the preshow, and sent test cycles around for a good half hour before opening back up


This security lady walked around the line telling people not to sit on the handrails


Last prop before the preshow, theming is starting to get more intense


Me in front of the preshow building


Suddenly the ride goes Universal Studios on you and the theming becomes amazing. The preshow areas are very immersive and really well done.



The next preshow room





Audio speaker on the seatback in front of you


Yes this is a very unorthodox ride, but it works. Terminator kicks major a**, the preshows leading up to the ride are top notch, its way faster and wilder than Evel Knievel, the onboard audio and tunnells make the ride much more enjoyable and put it over Renegade IMO. Its up there almost as good as Thunderhead.

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Viper was running 1 train with a line, we did ride it later though






Rode in the back row and was tracking smooth and intense, my best Scream! yet


The themed SFTV programming in X2's line was replaced with general commercials



After X2 we left to go see the preview for the new firework show at Disneyland




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Haha those are some cool updates, it's also great to see that SFMM updated the front of Terminator's train to fit the theme, not sure how long it's said transfer train on the front or whatever, but it sure does beat the Magic Mountain logo!

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