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Dollywood Thrills in the Hills 5/22-5/23 2009

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Since we had such a blast last year at Thrills in the Hills, Scott (coasterfreak80) and I decided that we were definitely going again in 2009.


Don't miss the onride photos at the end of this report! Must see!


We drove up early on Friday morning and got several rides in before registration at 4PM. After a brief reception at Lumber Camp, we began our 90 minutes of ERT on Thunderhead, Timber Tower and Mystery Mine. The weather held out for us this year and we weren't stuck inside riding Blazing Fury.


Saturday morning, we arrived early to participate in the walk-back tour on Thunderhead. We did both tours for Mystery Mine and Thunderhead last year so we only did the Thunderhead tour this year since it was our favorite. After the pre-op tour, we had ERT on Tennessee Tornado until the park opened.


We were provided with special seating at the new show Sha-Kon-O-Hey! and then had a group photo up on the stage for the show. We were then treated to an always amazing lunch and coaster auction for the Roller Coaster Museum.


After the auction, we rode the train for the first time. Just a forewarning, ash in your eyes is not fun! The ride itself was nice but the ash in our eyes and our clothes was not.


With 6 hours of free-time in the park, we decided to hit all the water rides this year. Slidewinder was great and the flume and rapids were both pretty impressive. We then had after hours ERT on Thunderhead, Mystery Mine and Tennessee Tornado.


We would like to thank Dollywood for the great gifts we received during this event: food, drinks, mugs, shirts, pins, patches, free onride photo for every coaster and the best customer service ever! For anyone who has not been to Dollywood or participated in this event, we strongly recommend that you check it out!


Enjoy the photos!

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Great report! That looks like a really fun event.


One thing I noticed while at the park Friday (and again in your photos) is how dirty Thunderhead's lap bars have gotten. It's pretty disgusting. Why does Dollywood not scrub those things every once in a while?

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Love the onride photos. Reminds me of one time when I went on Diamondback and just took a nap the whole ride. I almost wish I bought that photo, since I was all "this ride doesnt phase me in the least so I'll take a nap now, kthxbai"

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Awesome TR! I am so jealous as I wasn't able to go with you guys! I am REALLY REALLY jealous!


But I guess I can mention that I have decided to hit up CP on my Ohio trip. Oh and I leave a week from tomorrow! :0)

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Cool trip report guys, I just went to SFOG last weekend. Was a really nice experience, probably the best since I've been to that park. I sure miss Dollywood though.


OH yea:


I guess I can mention that I have decided to hit up CP on my Ohio trip. Oh and I leave a week from tomorrow! :0)


Also hitting these two parks this summer. My sis has digs 10 min from Kings Island!!! Probably gonna get a "deluxe season pass" for Carowinds so I can go to the other parks for free! I'm so excited! Hope u are too

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Wow REALLY nice shots! Me and my friend Gerrid were looking at your pics from last year before we left for thrills in the hills and we said to each other "We gotta do something for our on ride pics" and we tried and got some good ones but you guys are more "pro" at doing that lol keep up the good work!

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